NFL Season Could Be Eight Games

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Roger Goodell

"Full season? We don't need a full season!"

I really hate the NFL right now.

Hate everything about it.

A week after players and owners entered into settlement talks and there was finally a hint of optimism, there’s news the league is preparing for a season as short as eight games.

An eight-game season would begin in late November, with a whopping five weeks allowed for free agency, training camps, and maybe a single preseason game.  This would require a deal to be reached in October.

Presumably, anything less than eight games would result in the season being cancelled entirely.

This season’s Super Bowl date is flexible. The game can be held as late as Feb. 12, which would put the conference championship games on Feb. 5 and the end of the regular season Jan. 15.

A shortened season isn’t unprecedented.

The 1982 strike-shortened regular season was only nine games. The postseason consisted of a 16-team tournament and one 4-5 team made the playoffs in each conference.

I’ve got an idea that’s better than this though.

It’s revolutionary.

Are you ready for it?

Get back to the fucking negotiating table and finish this you stupid fucking assholes!

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5 Comments on "NFL Season Could Be Eight Games"

  1. iltarion

    Haha… yeah, I would say that is a revolutionary idea. I still don’t think there will be any actual games missed.

  2. Daniel Smith

    Monty, Monty, Monty calm down. It’s a negotiating tool. The NFL is telling the players “We may cut your pay in half this year and still reap the benifits of the playoffs. It will never happen. by July 22nd, all of this will be in the rearview mirror and we’ll be waiting for New Orleans to come up and see us Sept 8th

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