Fuzzy Thurston In Trouble; Packers Fans To The Rescue?

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Fuzzy Thurston

Can't escape the long arm of the law.

Former Green Bay Packers guard Fuzzy Thurston has some money problems.

They’re the stupid kind of money problems, too. Fuzzy thought he could beat the taxman.

Fuzzy, not surprisingly, was mistaken.

The Fuzz owes $1.7 million in back taxes and he’s apparently been battling the government for 28 years. So, the government seized Thurston’s Super Bowl II ring, along with some other memorabilia to help settle the debt. The items will be auctioned in August.

Of course, Packers fans were quick to spring to action when they heard Thurston was in trouble. And no, they didn’t do the logical thing — try to raise money.

Instead, you get the Save Fuzzy Thurston Facebook page, which is asking people to petition president Barack Obama to pardon Thurston.



First of all, that pud is a [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]Chicago Bears[/intlink] fan. Second of all… well, you’re not that stupid, so I don’t need to get into the probability of a presidential pardon being granted to a tax cheat.

Fans should be happy Thurston somehow managed to hide his Super Bowl I ring, as well as his 1958, 1961, 1962 and 1965 NFL Championship rings from authorities.

A court order called for the sale of all the rings.

The items that will be auctioned will hardly put a dent in Thurston’s tax debt and it looks like he may be able to keep the rings authorities couldn’t find (providing, as we assume, he knows where they are).

Frankly, that doesn’t seem fair to me regardless of what I think about him as a football player.

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7 Comments on "Fuzzy Thurston In Trouble; Packers Fans To The Rescue?"

  1. iltarion

    As someone who has frequented his bar, this is very disappointing. I always find tax cheats mind-boggling. There are crimes you MIGHT be able to get away with, but rest assured, if you fail to pay your taxes, the GOVT will find you and they WILL get their money.

    Now I understand that maybe you don’t like the Fed and that maybe you want the Fed out of your business and maybe you HATE the idea of the Fed getting even a cent of your presumably hard-earned money. Unfortunately, none of that changes the fact that you live in the US and you are a citizen of the US and as such, you by law must give these cents to the Fed or the Fed is entitled to come and TAKE it from you.

    You see, I may hate the idea that if I am underwater too long, I’ll drown. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the facts as they are.

    In other words, even an extreme hatred of the GOVT doesn’t allow you to get away with not paying taxes. In fact, it is just the opposite. The more you hate the GOVT and want them out of your business, the more it behooves you to pay them their money in a prompt fashion.

  2. adam

    Hopefully a Packer fan buys his ring and other memorabilia and gives it back to him! If I had the money I would pay off the back taxes for him

  3. Dan Riders

    If you think B.O. will pardon him don’t believe it, what he will do is appoint Fuzzy to a Cabinet position…LOL

  4. John

    This is just too bad, I love Fuzzy and how he represents the Packers, he’s solid green and gold…but you do have to pay your tax’s. Bummer!

  5. CanadianPackFan

    I bet the Feds have some jackass running Fuzzy’s file. How can a guy that, during most of his career, played for 35 grand a year owe $1.7M in taxes? What’s he been doing since? Robbing banks? He’s on the banquet circuit for heaven’s sakes. That’s poverty money for those guys.

  6. Eliza Albertson

    I know where at least one of the missing rings is…not tellin’, tho! He’s a nice guy, but if I have to pay taxes, so does he! Maybe his kids should get jobs and quit living off daddy’s fame and slightly ill-gotten fortune! And, CanadianPackFan…while don’t you research what Fuzzy’s been doing since. He’s far from poverty. Sorry, maybe the Internet is 40 years behind in Canada.

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