Driver Aiming For Hall Of Fame

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Donald Driver

Making a run toward the Hall of Fame?

[intlink id=”76″ type=”category”]Donald Driver[/intlink] will one day enter the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, but surprisingly, Driver has his eye on the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

“If I can play two to three more years and put a nice little stamp on it, those records will stand there forever, and when it’s all said and done, maybe one day I can stand up here in Canton, Ohio, saying, ‘I made it,’” Driver said.

Driver is referring to the Packers’ receiving records he already owns and the one he’s about to break. He has the team record for receptions and consecutive games with a reception. This season Driver will also pass James Lofton’s team record for yards, which stands at 9,656.

Driver is 40 yards shy of the mark.

Whether that will be enough to land Driver in the Hall of Fame is questionable. He’s a three-time Pro Bowler, but has never been an All Pro, which is a much greater honor than making the Pro Bowl.

However, it’s been suggested that winning the Super Bowl may be enough for some voters to consider Driver.

Driver said he spoke to receiver Tim Brown, a finalist for the Hall of Fame in his two years of eligibility, before the Super Bowl about that very subject.

“He sat down and said, ‘If you win a Super Bowl come Sunday, they will have to look at you as a candidate for the Hall of Fame,’” Driver said. “For him to say that, that was something that made me dream about it even more. … When Tim Brown tells you they have to look at me as being a candidate, I shook my head that night and said all I have to do is win the Super Bowl and maybe I’ll get the opportunity to maybe one day be there.”

In 12 NFL seasons, Driver has 698 receptions, 9,615 yards and 53 touchdowns. He has seven 1,000-yard seasons.

Currently Driver ranks 34th in receptions, 37th in yards and 86th in receiving touchdowns on the NFL’s all-time lists.

It will likely take two more Pro Bowl seasons for Driver to merit serious consideration for the Hall of Fame.

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8 Comments on "Driver Aiming For Hall Of Fame"

  1. Phillthy Phill

    I am a huge William Henderson fan, with that the only thing that saddens me is Green Bay lacks the media spotlight, plain and simple. Hines Ward could make it on grit and Steelers lore he put on the field, but in comparison to Driver nobody went over the middle, came from nothing and fought harder the Driver. That is Hall of Fame worthy period, if not Canton or Green Bay, then somewhere where outstanding individuals who have positively influenced humanity reside.

  2. Cinepost

    If DD wants to use the goal of Canton to fuel his fire, I’m good with that. Never being satisfied, always trying to prove doubters wrong has worked out pretty well for him and the Packers over the years.

  3. chris k

    love drivers mojo but dont see him making it unless he steps up for another 1,00 yeard season or two and maybe another SB. People will say he played with a gunslinger in Favre and another top QB in Aaron Rodgers. Not given enough credit—1 thing underrated about driver is his leadership.

    go pack go!

  4. iltarion

    If he has another year where he contributes and wins a 2nd Super Bowl, then he will get consideration, but it is nearly impossible to make it as a WR unless you win multiple SBs or put up ridiculous numbers. His numbers won’t get him anywhere near the Hall.

    DD is a Packer all time great. He will be in the Packer Hall of Fame, and unless something unusual happens, he will have to be content with that.

  5. AZ Pack

    Donald is one of the best Packers of all time. Great person who puts his all making the team successful. His challenges in life have assisted with his unbelievable determination to get the job done right. If nothing else, DD will go down and one of the greatest all around team players to ever put on a Packer jersey. He has captured the heart of all Wisconsin people and his character/ professionalism are what make him GREAT.

    Get ’em Donald. If anyone can do this, you can!

  6. Randy R

    I agree with iltarion, I think canton, maybe out of reach, with the current recievers, he’d have hard luck putting up #1 reciever #’s, I love DD, but, he’s not the hot shoe anymore, maybe 400-500 yards a season, that wouldnt push him into Canton, even with another S B. Enjoy what you have, and done, great career, great man.

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