Bruschi: Packers Priorities Not In Order

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Tedy Bruschi

Probably knows a little about winning Super Bowls.

We’re not the only ones who think the Green Bay Packers might have a Super Bowl hangover.

Former New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi, a three-time Super Bowl champion, called out the team’s leaders after receiver [intlink id=”76″ type=”category”]Donald Driver[/intlink] said players have no plans to hold organized workouts. After making the statement, Driver went on to say, “we’re just enjoying the atmosphere of winning the Super Bowl because we haven’t had the opportunity to celebrate the way we want to.”

Bruschi was surprised the team doesn’t have plans to work out together and perhaps more interestingly, that some guys are still celebrating.

“I’m very surprised at the leadership that they have on this team, that they’re not going to get together,” Bruschi said. “Being the Super Bowl champions, you’d think they’d want to repeat. We’re into June. It’s June now. You’ve had your little celebration the week after the Super Bowl. It’s time to move on. I think that they’re still worried about celebrating and basking in the glory of being a Super Bowl champion is a little bit worrisome if I were a Green Bay Packers fan.”

The notion isn’t anything new around these parts.

We’ve suggested the lack of a traditional offseason program could be what ultimately hurts the Packers in their quest to repeat. While most Super Bowl champions are forced to focus on the coming season when OTAs and minicamps roll around in May, those activities have been cancelled by the lockout this year.

At least some members of the Packers appear to still be reveling in last season’s glory.

That doesn’t bode well for a repeat.

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8 Comments on "Bruschi: Packers Priorities Not In Order"

  1. chris k

    OMG!!! Its June 8th and the Packers are officially going to stink now b/c they haven’t scrimmaged in nike shorts……..
    What else does the media have totalk about?–I personally enjoyed that royal wedding crap stuff more….. ESPN sucks

  2. seekr

    Player workouts are over rated. Besides, this is a unique situation for everyone not just the Pack. What do they really accomplish by “working out together” anyway?

  3. VersusTheMoose

    This is the same website that claimed the 2010-2011 Packer’s season would end because of piss poor coaching. STFU.

  4. Nick

    As long as they’re staying in shape, I am not too concerned.

    The two teams I have heard of that have organized large workouts are: the Carolina Panthers(worst team last year) and the Saints(lost to the Seahawks in the wild card round…)

    Many of those teams are having these organized workouts because they either have a new system, new players to immediately plug in, or….they need a lot of improvements.

    Luckily for the Packers…they don’t have much of those worries.

    As I said, so long as they are keeping in shape, I have no worries.

  5. Derek

    i remember Brewski getting burned by Ahman Green and Bubba Franks in Foxboro a few years ago. he should be more worried about the effect of all those concussions on his brain.

  6. Randy R

    I agree with Nick, as long as the players are in great shape, i dont care, its not like their implementing any new systems, like other teams, and without coaches being there, who cares. They will get together soon after the Ring ceromony…WATCH

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