Rush Limbaugh Could Move Vikings To L.A.?

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Limbaugh, center, has no connections to Minnesota.

It’s only speculation at this point, but conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh could be a viable candidate to buy the [intlink id=”35″ type=”category”]Minnesota Vikings[/intlink].

The catch is Limbaugh would probably relocate the team to Los Angeles.

The Vikings are trying to get the state of Minnesota to cough up money for a new stadium and haven’t had much luck yet. The state is facing an $5 billion budget deficit and the public is overwhelmingly against ponying up state funds for a new home for the team. When the legislative session ended Monday night, a stadium was the last thing on most politicians minds, since the budget still hasn’t been ironed out.

A special session will be required to handle that task and it’s unclear whether the Vikings will be anything more than an afterthought at that time.

Enter Limbaugh, who interviewed former Minnesota Gov. and current presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, earlier this week. Limbaugh asked Pawlenty about the possibility of the Vikings moving if a new stadium isn’t built.

“The rumor is you’re gonna buy ’em and move ’em. Is that true?” Pawlenty asked.

(laughing) “Well, uh, this interview is about you,” Limbaugh said. (laughing)

Limbaugh was part of a group that tried to buy the [intlink id=”554″ type=”category”]St. Louis Rams[/intlink] in 2009 and was eventually dropped because of negative publicity.

A Limbaugh-Vikings marriage isn’t entirely far-fetched. Current Vikings owner Zygi Wilf has pledged not to move the team, but if he doesn’t get a new stadium, he’ll probably sell. What the new owners do with the franchise is up to them.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles is a football city waiting to happen. AEG, which owns the Lakers’ and Clippers’ home — the Staples Center, has pledged to build a stadium downtown with private funds once the city lands a team. They’ve already sold the naming rights to Farmers Insurance.

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14 Comments on "Rush Limbaugh Could Move Vikings To L.A.?"

  1. Shmoseph

    Is it kind of weird that I could actually “miss” them?? or maybe I’d miss the satisfaction we collectively feel when give them a good butt whooping! I kind of feel like beating the viqueens is one of our main reasons for playing. They are our nemesis. It would be like captin kirk w/ no kahn, super man and no lex luther, etc, etc.

  2. Steve

    No one in LA likes Limbaugh. There must be many other ways to attract a decent football team to the city.

  3. Jerry- L.A."s #1 PK FN

    If they do move to L.A. would they be NFC NORTH? I sure hope so. I can then see my PACK once a year. Cant wait until G.B. comes to San Diego later this year.. Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!!

    • Kyouya

      Don’t think so, more like the Vikings will be relocated to NFC West and probably the Rams to the NFC North.

      Anyways i prefeer the Rams than the Vikings.

  4. Ryan

    I love Rush and I hope he can get his fingers on the Vikings! I would be sad that our rival was gone…. although it would be offset by the joy i would get by seeing the anguish in the Viking fans eyes! This is what they deserve for being such shitty bandwagon fans.

  5. Jeff

    People in LA would love Limbaugh if he brought them a team. I personally think this move is a win for everyone except the Vikings. Which is awesome.

  6. Rob

    I hate the Vikings but they don’t deserve to be bought by a douche bag like Limbaugh. Hope that fat slobbering gas bag never realizes his dream of owning an NFL team.

  7. iltarion

    I won’t believe the Vikings are going anywhere until the moving vans are gone.

    The idea of Limbaugh owning them is hilarious.

    What happened to that rich windbag they had- Zygi effin Wulf, or whatever the eff his name was? He gave all his money to Brent or what? Best case scenario would be that joker in charge of the organization for as long as possible.

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