Redskins Interested In Cullen Jenkins

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Cullen Jenkins

Jenkins is going to cash in.

The [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]Chicago Bears[/intlink] aren’t the only team aiming to sign Green Bay Packers defensive end Cullen Jenkins.

The Washington Redskins are reportedly interested as well.

Jenkins will be a free agent when the NFL’s offseason finally begins. The Packers have expressed no interest in re-signing the veteran, even though he’s coming off a season where he recorded a career-high seven sacks.

Jenkins, for some unknown reason, is also open to joining the Redskins, according to the Washington Post.

One of the top 3-4 ends on the market is Green Bay’s Cullen Jenkins, a free agent who recorded seven sacks for the Packers last season. League insiders say that the Redskins are high on the seven-year veteran, and that he also has interest in playing in Washington.

Why the hell anyone would want to play for the Redskins is beyond me, but what’s clear is Jenkins will be in demand once free agency begins.

He’s demonstrated the ability to play the defensive end position in the 3-4 defense and still get after the passer. He’s also attractive to teams that run the 4-3 because he’s a great inside rusher.

Unfortunately, Jenkins is an injury risk. He’s missed 17 games over the past three seasons, including five in 2010 with a calf injury, which is one of the reasons the Packers aren’t interested in re-signing him.

Jenkins will likely be replaced in the starting lineup by second-year man [intlink id=”1033″ type=”category”]Mike Neal[/intlink], who spent most of the 2010 season on injured reserve.

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6 Comments on "Redskins Interested In Cullen Jenkins"

  1. CHuck Cole

    To give Jenkins big money would be a very foolish mistake, that’s why it makes sense the SKins are interested.

  2. Dirty Sanchez

    Redskins are involved in every potential FA signing. I’ll bet Jenkins will go there simply because Chicago is too cheap.

  3. iltarion

    This would be great. If Haynesworth is “worth” $100 million, then Cullen must be worth about $200 million.

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