NFL Will Pay For Part Of Vikings Stadium

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What? You don't want to play here anymore?

NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell has agreed to contribute money to the construction of a new [intlink id=”35″ type=”category”]Minnesota Vikings[/intlink] stadium after meeting with Gov. Mark Dayton, Tuesday.

The amount the league will pitch in hasn’t been disclosed, but it should help ensure the Vikings will both get a new stadium and stay in the Minneapolis area.

“I think the commitment here is to get something done and I think that will ensure the success of the Vikings,” said Goodell, after he was asked if he could envision a scenario where the team would leave Minnesota.

The Vikings have a partnership with Ramsey County to build a $1.1 billion facility in Arden Hills. In addition to the team pitching in $407 million, the state is expected to pitch in another $300 million for the project. The state legislature, which will adjourn next week, is trying to determine the cost of improving roads in the area where the facility will be built.

An answer could come as soon as Wednesday and the NFL’s contribution could be revealed shortly thereafter.

The cost of improving the roads will greatly affect the costs that the league and/or Vikings have to make up for. The state has said all road-improvement costs will come out of their pledged $300 million. If the roads are a huge cost, the amount left over for the Vikings and NFL to actually build the facility could be even greater than expected.

As it stands right now, the NFL’s chunk of building this beast looks to be greater than $300 million and could easily top $400 million if road-improvement costs are substantial.

Is this what’s called an NFL bailout?

It only seems appropriate for a P.O.S. franchise like the Minnesota Vikings.

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10 Comments on "NFL Will Pay For Part Of Vikings Stadium"

  1. American Football

    Wow what a pathetic person is who wrote this. The NFC North is an amazing division with all its history as well success. This ensure the black and blue division remains intact. The Vikings need a new stadium more than any other franchise and that is a FACT. So but you BS back into your rear end and quite being such an idiot

    • Abe Frohman

      What success have the Vikings contributed to the NFC North? Last I checked, they were 0-4 in Superbowl games.

  2. GreenAndYellow

    man, you think this is bad?? you should read some of his other stuff haha….and to american football, grammar please. i got a headache just trying to make sense of that gibberish

  3. Phillthy Phill

    The Rams play harder ball then Viqueens. TotalPackers security needs to beef up keep trollers off the website, Viqueen fans go read the court docket for your up to the minute NFL news.

  4. Mike R

    This appears to be a tough one for the queens fans to deal with. I would also call this a NFL bailout. Has the NFL ever had to do this for any other team? Sorry that your city/state doesn’t give a shit about your team, but its only fitting for an organization that has a history of losing when it matters. Stop being so fucking sensitive you pussies.

  5. ri

    I still think the LA Vikings sounds better and would love to see an A Rodj vs. Bradford match up twice per year. Vikings suck and it really won’t be exciting to watch the Packers murder them for years to come…

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