Thompson: Analysts Are Idiots

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Ted Thompson

"That's right, you're an ass."

Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson thinks everyone trying to figure out who the team will choose in the NFL Draft is an idiot.

Thompson told Peter King he doesn’t think analysts know what they’re talking about.

“There’s a lot of interest in the draft. It’s great. But quite frankly, most of the people that are commenting on it don’t know anything about what they are talking about.”

The comment is clearly a shot at guys like ESPN’s Mel Kiper and Todd McShay.

Can’t really say I disagree.

Of course, Thompson has a right to say whatever he wants with the Packers selecting at No. 32 in this year’s draft. He just better not screw the pick up or those guys will be all over him.

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6 Comments on "Thompson: Analysts Are Idiots"

  1. Jarrett Bush

    Todd McShay: “Brian Brohm has more upside in two years from now than Aaron Rodgers.”

    ^ back in 2008, espn.

  2. Vijay

    I think they actually do know what they’re talking about these days. Perhaps before the advent of the internet and so many ways to get so many stories and updates on these prospects, it was tougher to make the call. Evidence? Look at the importance of the RB position these days. I can remember when RB’s were a high pick priority (Ricky Williams, Cedric Benson), now teams and analysts have morphed their draftable opinions and grades on RB positions to match watch the GM’s have been trending towards for awhile. I think Ted should have said that there’s a lot of speculation and interest in the draft and left it at that. To assume he is the ultimate authority is wrong. I would argue other execs still have drafted better than him and let’s not forgot gems like Justin Harrell and Brian Brohm to back that point up. Every analyst saw Brohm as a huge boom or bust potential…how’d that work out?

  3. Vijay is an idiot

    so your theroy is based on gems like justin Harrel and Brian Brohm huh..Brohm was picked to be a back up QB nothing more Harrell was a good pick but he had a bunch of injury problems after being drafted and please name the GM that has drafted better than him? please do you say Harrell and Brohm i say rodgers jennings jones nelson Finley Starks Bulaga Mathews Raji wynn montgomery N2M great F.A. moves like woodson williams shields oh i forgot he also drafted nick collings so ive named the 3rd best QB 2nd best NT a top 5 WR the 2nd best safty in the NFL mathews probably the best OLB in the NFL…so yea…..shuudup

  4. Randy R

    Dont know about Brohm, but i remember no one wanted to touch Harrell, and his injury problems, i remember 1 GM saying he wouldnt touch him with a 10 foot pole. Harrell stated before the draft his torn bicep injury was 100%. Would a player lie?…lol Well. guess what, it wasn’t 100%. I think he was drafted on size and potential, problem was, when he wasn’t injured(rare), when he played, he played poorly, Then he comes into training camp i think in 09, overweight, out of shape, was lifting weights, wrenched his back, headed to surgery, gone another year, he’s a complete WASTE. Hence the problem with giving players millions up front. With all that being said, TT slipped on that one, needs to “LET GO” and move on, but otherwise he’s done a fabulous job, not only on the draft, but dealing with Favre, Ted showed he had balls big enough to stand up to Favre and tell him that NO, he is NOT bigger than the Green Bay Packers. and end all his drama queen B S. Kudos Ted, you risked your reputation and your job and you WON……You are the MAN!!!!!

  5. iltarion

    Wow, TT actually said something controversial? Holy crap. The media should be ecstatic. Normally his press conferences are as exciting and enlightening as a Bill Belichick presser.

    Actually, I would say TT IS the best drafter. Present a draft record of any other GM and say it is better. Good luck. I could shoot the next person who brings up Justin Harrell. It was ONE FRICKING PICK. Get over it! I could name 10 guys just off the top of my head that Ron Wolf drafted in the high rounds and sucked. All I have to say is- A-Rodge, Greg Jennings, Nick Collins, Clay Matthews, BJ Raji, Josh Sitton, and even better, undrafted pick ups- Tramon Williams and Sam Shields!

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