Rodgers Won’t Get Madden Cover

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Aaron Rodgers

No curse.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will not be on the next Madden cover.

Rodgers lost in his matchup with Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hills. He lost 59 to 41 percent.

Apparently, some Packers fans voted for Hillis because they were afraid of the Madden curse, even though Rodgers said last week he didn’t believe in the curse and wanted to win.

The finalists for the cover are Hillis and Phildelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

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16 Comments on "Rodgers Won’t Get Madden Cover"

  1. Jerry- L.A."s #1 PK FN

    We’ll see who is a fuck when Hills goes out with a season ending injury at the beginning of the season and my boy A-Rod takes us back to repeat land.

  2. Phillthy Phill

    I hate to say I fell victim as well to the Madden curse phobia, however, treating my starting quarterback is a habit, having seen previous Packer quarterbacks succumb to odd injuries. No sir I will let Rodgers sit this one out til next Super Bowl win.

  3. Xavier

    This could just save our season. And it will make Rodgers feel as though he hasnt accomplished everything.

    Drew Brees won MVP, Madden Cover and was on every advert ever!!!

    Its ‘the curse of me’

  4. rymetyme

    seriously if hillis is on the cover of madden it’s a f’in joke. he has one good season on an awful team. damn. they won’t be doing this voting thing again, FAIL

  5. ChrisL

    When someone gets on the cover of Madden, Sports Illustrated, or whatever, it’s because they had an exceptional season (or several).

    For an exceptional season to occur, the player has to play above his average play and that of everybody else. Not to mention a little luck is involved. This above average play is not easily maintained, hence “above” average.

    These so called curses are just players regressing to the mean. Returning to their average play. No one can maintain great play forever, but it’s the ones who have had great play that make it on these covers. The player will inevitably regress and most people will inevitably believe the more unlikely scenario; it’s a curse!

    And as far as the injuries, football is a violent sport and there’s only one Madden cover per year. The curse has been running since what, 1999?

    That’s a sample size of 12. Not what I would call a reliable dataset. But curses, astrology, voodoo, tarot cards, and religion have never been too big on large sample sizes.

  6. I happily voted for Rodgers and promoted him, but apparently I was out-voted by a crowd of ignorant fans that actually believe in a stupid curse on a video game cover athlete. How about football is a violent game and hundreds of players get injured every year? It’ll be a joke if Hillis wins, though I’d take him over a thug like Vick. We can let the Browns have this one… I mean, they’re the Browns… I suppose they should win SOMETHING.

    While they (Browns fans) bask in the glory of winning a vote for a Madden cover, we’ll win another Super Bowl, A-Rod will be MVP, and there will be no need for a vote next year… he’ll just be selected.

  7. Michael Akerfelt

    Who cares if Arods on the front or not, in the game that sucker will be a 99 rating, put the team on his back Dude!

  8. peter

    It’s a little strange to me that it comes down to the same 2 guys who promoted this originally on espn a month ago. how much do you want to bet it ends up 50/50 and they do a split cover or some stupid shit like that

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