Johnny Jolly Gets Probation

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Johnny Jolly

Not going to the pen!

Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly will get probation after pleading guilty to his 2008 drug possession charge as part of a plea deal.

Jolly was accused of possessing more than 200 grams of codeine, which is used in the popular drink purple drank, a combination of cough syrup, Jolly Ranchers and soda.

A second count, stemming from Jolly’s arrest earlier this year for the same thing, was dropped.

Officially, Jolly was sentenced to five years of deferred adjudication, which will allow the conviction to be struck from his record if he stays out of trouble.

Jolly will enter a drug treatment program for 90 days as part of his sentence. Judge Denise Bradley also forbid Jolly from going into bars or nightclubs and ordered him not to drink alcohol or do drugs while he’s on probation.

If he violates any of the terms, he’ll do prison time.

All in all, Jolly is pretty lucky. He could have gotten up to 20 years in prison.

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8 Comments on "Johnny Jolly Gets Probation"

  1. iltarion

    Wow. Nice judge. Packer fan or what? He gets a light sentence even AFTER being busted a second time. Not sure how that adds up. Anyway, I agree with the notion that drug addicts don’t belong in our jails. All that does is get them more connections to more drugs.

  2. nurseratchett

    Probation doesn’t mean his suspension will go away. I still don’t expect to see him in the green & gold this season.

  3. Phish

    Seeing that they dropped the new charges, there is nothing official to punish him for. And the NFL was out of session at the time.

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