Jermichael Finley Is Back!

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Jermichael Finley

Just about ready to roll.

Okay, maybe we’re jumping the gun a little bit.

Green Bay Packers tight end [intlink id=”209″ type=”category”]Jermichael Finley[/intlink] is back in one sense, though. Finley started running routes and catching passes for the first time on Friday, since injuring his knee in October.

Finley tweeted the following modest announcement.

Today was the first time since Week 5 that I caught a ball & ran routes. An my my my I look good.

After tearing his meniscus, Finley spent six weeks attached to an IV when the injury got infected.

It looks like he’ll be ready to start terrorizing defenses whenever players are allowed to do their jobs again.

In celebration, here’s some Dre.

Guess who’s back?

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7 Comments on "Jermichael Finley Is Back!"

  1. martinez

    Scary! the champs just got better without a trade or draft pick. lookout suckas, like snoop says at the end…. right back up in this motha fuckin ass, right back on top of things haha

  2. Nick

    So long as Rodgers doesn’t throw 80% of passes to him (like the first couple games were), it’s going to be fun seeing him back.

  3. nurseratchett

    As long as he lays off the tweets if he has a grievance until after he’s at least talked to the team, WELCOME BACK!

    I believe Rodgers, by being forced to find new receivers, realizes the depth at his disposal. Although he will likely make JF his favorite target, I don’t think he will be seeing the kind of action he had before.

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