Ayers Says You Can Take His 40 Time And Shove It

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Akeem Ayers

Ayers' speed is the primary reason for concern.

You’ve probably heard the name of UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers by now.

We’ve talked about him as a possibility for the Green Bay Packers at No. 32.

Well, Ayers would probably be gone well before the Packers choose in the first round of the NFL Draft if his 40 times were a little better. Ayers ran a 4.8 40 at the Combine and a 4.69 at UCLA’s pro day.

For some reason, those numbers aren’t good enough for a lot of teams and Ayers would like to tell those teams to shove his 40 times up their collective ass.

“That really doesn’t mean anything,” Ayers told the New York Daily News. “I’m not a sprinter. I don’t run track. I play football. I don’t think it matters, because when I’m on the field, I’m not running a 4.8. I’m catching people down and running with running backs and rushing the QB. That’s pretty obvious and clear if you watch the film.”

Ayers played outside linebacker in UCLA’s 4-3 defense, but would be better suited to the 3-4, which is what the Packers play. Ayers may not make it to the Packers, though.

The San Diego Chargers, who choose at No. 18, and New York Jets, who choose at No. 30, are reportedly considering Ayers.

Some scouts believe Ayers would be a bargain at the end of the first round.

“The tape doesn’t lie,” one AFC Scout said. “He’s not perfect. There’s room for growth with his pass rushing, but he’s going to make some team very happy this week. He’s a steal late in the first round.”

Ayers still has room for improvement. If you watch the tape (included with the link at the top) from last season’s UCLA losses to Oregon, which relies heavily on speed, and Cal, which runs a pro-style offense, you’ll probably be just as concerned as the guys who are questioning Ayers speed.

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6 Comments on "Ayers Says You Can Take His 40 Time And Shove It"

  1. jeremy

    Ayers combine numbers including the 10 yard split are comparable to Elvis Dumervils. I’m more worried about false stepping and bad reads than anything else. He doesn’t have the instincts Matthews has. But I think Greene cold coach him up. I remember Greene playing very stiff at times too. If the Packers want an OLB who is more fluid in the hips, chases down plays, and plays big in big games the way Matthews does maybe Mason Foster is someone they would look at in a middle round.

  2. Vijay

    I was not as high on him before, but I am coming around and I made the mistake of calling out one of the writers from Packers.com or whatever on picking him a week back when I thought he’d never make it that far down the board…however, on my latest Mock Draft board he is still available to pick at #32. I’d like him or Stephen Paea…but the latter is a bit of a reach and the former may be…yes, a steal.

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