Woodson: Favre Had Numerous Opportunities To Reach Out

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Green Bay Packers cornerback [intlink id=”143″ type=”category”]Charles Woodson[/intlink] was on Jim Rome’s show today and, of course, [intlink id=”41″ type=”category”]Brett Favre[/intlink] somehow managed to work his way into the conversation.

Rome asked Woodson about Favre’s relationship with [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]Aaron Rodgers[/intlink] — Rodgers reportedly still harbors some bitterness toward Favre — and about the possibility of Favre reaching out to his former understudy.

“This deal with Brett, I’m not sure what that’s all about,” Woodson said. “I know he’s had numerous opportunities to reach out. Why now? I don’t know. But for A-Rod, he doesn’t have to do anything. He’s a champion, he needs to enjoy this moment and not even worry about all that.”

As initially reported, Favre is afraid reaching out to Rodgers will make him look manipulative or like he’s grandstanding. There’s a question as to whether Rodgers would even take Favre’s call.

I’m sure the conversation will happen eventually, but Woodson makes a good point. Favre has had plenty of time to reach out to Rodgers, but he hasn’t done it, just like he hasn’t bothered to reach out to Packers fans.

If Favre were a man, he would have done both already, but knowing the Brett Favre we all grew to hate over the past three years, he’ll probably just sit back, pretend there’s no animosity and hope time takes care of things for him.

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24 Comments on "Woodson: Favre Had Numerous Opportunities To Reach Out"

    • jeremy

      Maybe he could start by publicly congratulating Rodgers and the Packers on their championship. Make a simple statement and leave it at that.

    • During opening game Brett walks to center of the field and kisses ted thompsons bare ass…after the game he attends the renaming of brett favre pass to Aaron Rodgers Road..then they would name the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District to Brett Favre Sewerage District in honor of his accomplishments in minnesota and new york. After that one lucky fan would get the “Jarred Allen” special..don’t worry Jeff total packers.com has connections and it would be rigged for you. You would receive a one night stay at the onieda casino where you would meet brett favre and be sodomized until your hearts content (sure thats going to be more then one night but wisconsin has budget cuts to deal with)..finishing with favre semen spilling all over your face!

      Favre Jersey would be in living retirement as it would be assigned to who ever the current QB is on the practice squad so our current defense could beat on the poor sole who wears it.

      We would then take favre to the Minnesota border and cast him off to his new home..if they pick him up..who gives a shit..he a motherfucking viking..just like you!

  1. Madcity PAcker Fan

    How about no one reaches out and we move on with our lives! Rodgers doesn’t care about sharing any feelings with Favre and I am sure it is the same with Favre to Rodgers. I am so sick of hear about this in sports media.

  2. The best thing Favre can do is stay put and keep his mouth shut. Start his 5 yr stretch and maybe mention something when he gets inducted to the hall of fame.

  3. Gary

    I think Farve should start mending this relationship by sending a text picture of his B-Rod to A-Rod. Oh wait, that didn’t work last time.

  4. Randy R

    I wasn’t there, BUT, obviously there’s some ill will, and i’m guessing it came from Favre,aka: God. I’m with Woodson, A Rods a Champ and MVP, what does he need with Favre. Before Favre attempts reconciliation If in fact he even wants to. Maybe he should fix his relationship at home. THEN, Got to Mike, Ted, Mark, and apoligize for bein a jag, then maybe Rodgers, untill then, we have another S B to achieve.

  5. BuddyXLV

    They should change the “Brett Favre Steak house” to the ” Aaron Rodgers Burger Shack” it would still be a classier restaurant. Anything with the name “Favre” attached to it loses value. Aaron Rodgers could make White Castle classy.

  6. Boston

    What an unbelievably classy and true statement by Woodson. He said literally the PERFECT thing. Didn’t say anything offensive but made a great point.

    Woodson is the man, he honestly might be my favorite Packer. Between him and Driver, for sure.

  7. Adam R

    When Al Harris was traded to Miami, he took out a full page in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel thanking the Packer Fans. That’s class. I don’t remember Favre doing that, does anyone else?

  8. Wayne

    I’m just amazed at all the stupid attention paid to this. Favre was a great QB – perhaps not perfect, but still one of the most entertaining players ever in the NFL. Regardless of a couple stupid personal decisions, he still was a joy to watch and as a Packer fan going back to the Lombardi era he still ranks up there as a great Packer player. Why is it that fans and the media always are so eager to attack anyone over anything with so much vituperation? Too bad the sports writers and emailers are held to the same insane scrutiny and public humiliation over every public and personal action or expressed emotion. Who knows, Rodgers may end up as the greatest Packer QB or he may stump his toe some where along the way. I’m sure if it is the latter then there’ll be an army of currently adoring fans and sports writers all ready to crucify him.

    Who cares if Favre and Rodgers like each other. They both were/are paid nearly 33 times more than the average family income earner and, because they were blessed with excellent athletic skills, are paid these high figures because they entertain many of us and, unfortunately, serve as some type of representation of a distorted sense of team identity. Let’s just give all this a break. Favre isn’t perfect, but let’s give him his due and let him go away in peace. And, also remember, Rodgers probably isn’t perfect either and let’s just enjoy his success while he still is a 28 year old with age and diminishing skills not breathing down his back – yet.

  9. Chuck Cole

    Maybe A-Rod will do his own texting to BRENT. A pic of his superbowl XLV ring flippin that hillbilly in kiln the bone.

  10. PackerBacker

    I think the whole thing is media driven. I doubt Brett Favre wants to talk to Aaron Rodgers? They obviously are not friends and Brett has his own SB ring and memories, why would he feel the need to reach out to anyone? I think it is just a made up story trying to stir up trouble in the fan base.

  11. Randy R

    Wayne, put down the Favre kool-aid, and pay attention. I’ll TRY to make this short, Favre 1 SB, 2 1/2 MVP’s GREAT. Lets look at the other side. Blew 2 NFC championship games with 6 picks against the Rams, Late pick against the Giants, remember the 4th and 26???..yea u do, Brett Favre pick late in game, to give the Eagles the ball, or there wouldnt be a 4th and 26th. lets see, lied to Packers, thought he called the shots, Ted told him otherwise…Goes to Jets, NfC Championship game, late pick, lied to Jets about retiring (nice guy), goes to Vikes, has great 09 season, Nfc championship game…you guessed it (pick late in game, lost) came back in 2010…16 million dollars and a QB Rating of 69.7 11TD”S, 19 picks..Career..377-picks, 177 fumbles…yea he could win 1 year, but he lost more than he won, alot more, Thanks for the memorys Brent

  12. jeff ircink

    and…jeremy, madcity, eltigre at least answered my question. cactus jackoff and Regina….i expected as much. two embarassments to the Packer fan base.

  13. Jeff go fix your slow ass blog…fact most users only wait 8 seconds for a page to load…remove that music and your website would be fast..but your to stubborn and idiotic to listen to anyone as you believe “the entire blog is loaded at every page refresh)”…you fucking idiot

  14. jeff ircink

    you really think no music will speed the blog up? i don’t think 20 seconds is long to wait for a blog to load…

  15. Randy R

    Thats enough boys, if you keep this up i’m gonna retire, or go to the jets, and then maybe the Vikes, where i can be appreciated, and have all new people tell me how great i am, and stroke my ego.

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