Win A Set Of Vince Lombardi Books From McGraw-Hill

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That’s right. We have more swag to give away to you, wonderful reader.

This time, we have two prize packages featuring three books from McGraw-Hill, all focused on legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi.

The books are as follows.

What It Takes To Be Number 1: Lombardi on Leadership

Lombardi on Leadership

The Essential Vince Lombardi: Words & Wisdom to Motivate, Inspire, and Win

Essential Vince Lombardi

The Lombardi Rules: 26 Lessons from Vince Lombardi

The Lombardi Rules

All three books are written by Vince Lombardi Jr.

Now, I said two prize packages — one winner will get a set of all three books, the second will get their choice of one of the three books.

Here’s what you need to do to win.

In the comments of this post, and in honor of the Super Bowl, tell us your favorite Green Bay Packers memory.

It can be a game, a play, a season or it can be about the time you bumped into James Lofton in ShopKo.

The best/coolest/most awesome answer will win all three Lombardi books. The second best/coolest/most awesome answer will get to choose one of the books.

Please make sure you include your email address when you comment, so we can contact you.

We’ll close the contest Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

Good luck.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

26 Comments on "Win A Set Of Vince Lombardi Books From McGraw-Hill"

  1. packerfan2008

    my fondest,or soon to be fondest, is when the packers defense shuts out the Steelers to win Super Bowl 45, and then listening to Colin Cowherd the next day trying to explain why the packers suck and shouldn’t have won.

  2. PackersPrincess

    Favorite Packers memory = Brett Favre’s MNF game vs. Raiders after his dad died. Runner up =Yancee Thigpen’s dropped touchdown, 1995. Sent Packers to playoffs w/ home field advantage. Still remember that play like it was yesterday!

  3. Paul E Zika

    My most vivid Packers memory: Watching Favre lead the Packers over the Raiders a day after his father died, With my Dad, tears in my eyes I couldnt imagine the pain he was going thru, and looking at my Dad, not wanting to think about what life would be like without that man sitting beside me. As much of a douche bag as Favre may be now, that night he made a nation cheer, cry and apprieciate their fathers, and feel for him in a way we as sports fans have never felt for an athlete before.

  4. aspoe093

    My favorite Packer moment is when I was a little kid. I got to meet my “heroes” at the time. It was Sean Jones and George Koonce, and Craig Newsome. This was in 1996 before the Super Bowl. I got my pictures taken with all of them and got their autographs. They were very very nice down to earth guys with me. I then later wrote Craig Newsome a letter that year about the experience and he sent me a signed photo and a hand written letter! It was one of the best experiences of my life and just shows that the Packers are a home town team and do anything for their fans

  5. Clayton Entrican

    My favorite memory is from this season, the game at Minnesota. Anytime you beat the Vikings its a good day, but to beat Benedict Brett, to blow both him and the Vikings out of the water, and to get the coach fired all while showing our dominance. Well that is one damn good day for me my friends.

  6. Nick

    My favorite memory is when I went to visit my father at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He lost his leg in an accident and was near finishing his treatment there. We surprised my father with tickets to the Packer game at the Metrodome.
    So, we take my die-hard Packer fan, who is doped up on painkillers, into the heart of the one thing he truely hates, Vikings.
    This was during 2003 season, and the thing that burns in my memory was my dads Viking hatred. We sat about 5 rows behind the Vikings bench, and he literally got their attention with the nonsense he was spewing:


    After that game, seeing my dad piss off Viking players, fans, and the smile on his face after a victory, was the best Packer memory I have. Until we win on sunday, of course.

  7. Ben

    My first lesson on facial hair came from Brett Favre

    My dad invited me to a “surprise” photo shoot. He was a photographer, but he never did photos of individuals.

    When we got to the studio, out came Brett Favre for a poster photo shoot. Brett had a lot of enthusiasm to meet my friend and I. He signed an autograph for each of us.

    Then, he talked about how baby-faced my friend and I were (we were 8 at the time). He said that the world was a tough place and we needed to look tough by growing facial hair. He used our sharpies to paint a goatee on me and a mustache on my friend. We had a blast hanging out with him. We didn’t wash off the facial hair for school the next day.

    I will always remember that my first facial hair came from Brett Favre.

    Go Pack Go!!!

  8. Buddy

    In 97′ I went to a preseason game at Camp Randall. From what I can remember a guy named Brett Conway missed 3 easy field goals. Anyway my cousin and I were standing by the tunnel towards the end of half time. All of a sudden Favre shows up right next to us in the tunnel. As he ran out my cousin smack his shoulder pads. I was in high school at the time so it was quite awesome. Later on in the game I went down by the track (where people went to get from thier seats to the bathrooms etc.) I looked toward the sidelines and saw Reggie White. I guy came up and stood beside me saying something to Reggie. All of a sudden Reggie smiled and walked right over to him as he stood right next to me. All I could do was stare up at the skyscraper of a man. I then grabbed my disposable camera and non shelantly took a pic. My uncle developed the photo and had it blown up larger. I know not the most epic story but I was quite young at the time.

  9. Buddy

    I ran into Robert Smith (Former Viking) in downtown Minneapolis. I asked “Aren’t you Robert Smith” he gave a nod. Then one of my buddies comes running over and yells “Hey, the Packers kicked your ass!” It was quite humorous as he quickly slinked away. I kind of felt bad for him but then again that’s what he gets for being a Viking.

  10. Whatusaid

    Matt Hasselbeck’s “we want the ball and we’re gonna score” OT coin flip call. Al Harris, AKA 31 the dirty one pick 6 FTW!

  11. Rymetyme

    My favorite Packer moment was in 2000, when I moved to St Paul to attend college. Another hometown buddy went to college down the street, and we befriended another Freshman from Green Bay. Anyways, the Packers swept the Vikings that year, if I recall there was this awesome play by Antonio Freeman where a live ball was spinning on his shoulder pad as he lay on the ground. Meanwhile, Chris Dishman was celebrating what he thought was an incompletion. Freeman coolly grabbed the ball, got up and ran into the endzone while Dishman looked for a hole to crawl in. After the Packers sweep of the Vikequeens was complete, we took our extremely jubilant and intoxicated trio outside into the bitter St Paul weather adorning our Packers gear and yelling at any poor soul who happened to be walking the St Paul streets of Grand or Summit. “Go Pack Go” and “Vikings fricking suck!” “Sweep Baby” “Such it Governor Ventura” No one was spared from our celebratory debauchery. A little old lady looked like she was going to keel over and die, she thought we were hoodlums about to jump her. Everyone heard us coming down the busy streets and tried to avoid us, but if you were in shouting distance you were getting an earful. We eventually had to return to the dorms because we felt our buzz slipping away and we were too young to be served, but that moment lives on.

  12. Pack27

    My favorite Packer moment was when I was at Lambeau for the NFC Championship against Carolina-Jan 11, 1996. It was like -23 that day and my beer kept freezing over faster than I could drink it.
    The day was complete with a win and a trip to the SB!

  13. A-Rodg

    Ray Nitschke once threw a putter at his golf caddy, lacerating his shin with no remorse. That caddy was me, and Ray was no pussy so take that, Bill Murray.


  14. Bogmon

    Winter of 2003: I was living in Oregon at the time and every Christmas I would fly back to Appleton to be with my family.
    This year had been especially difficult with my Dad having some serious mental health issues; getting fired from his mill job of 20 plus years; going thru a divorce; and essentially having to start his life over from scratch at 53 years old.
    My two brothers; my Dad and myself were finally able to get together for the first time since all this horrible stuff had gone down.
    We assembled to watch the Packers play the Raiders on Monday night just two days before Christmas..just the 4 of us.

    Well,most know the story. Brett’s Dad died the day before and he went on to play one of the most inspired games in any sport I think I have ever seen. It was a truly special moment.
    It brought special significance to my Dad;brothers; and I…here we were a bunch of grown men trying to hide the tears in our eyes as we saw Brett celebrate his father’s memory while we ourselves were mending Father/Son relationships of our own that very day.
    It is something I will never forget. It will always be a part of us.

    Packers fan for LIFE!

    Here’s to another title!!
    Go Pack!

  15. Dan C.

    My fondest Green & Gold memory is when my Dad and I, the same dad who went to Super Bowl I and II, went to the 1997 divisional playoff round vs the 49ers, the NFC championship game vs Carolina, and then we traveled down to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. Not only was spending time with my dad and watching the Pack win the Super bowl special, but just being there, meeting news fans and friends, and just feeling like you were a Packer. Meeting Coach Holgrem was my fondest memory, when he and my dad talked about Harleys for about 10 minutes. My dad died 3 years ago, two days after the pats lost to the giants (shouldve been the Pack), and I dearly miss him, but I know he traveled with me when I went to Philly, Atlanta, and Chicago, and now am in Dallas. He said Vince Lombardi always inspired him and his friends to do better. I love Lombardi and I love books, so I hope in honor and memory of my dad, you pick me. Either way, I’m glad I got to share one, of my many fond memories of my dad and my beloved Green Bay Packers.
    Go Pack Go!!!!

  16. Laura

    December 2000, Packers v. Vikings MNF at Suburban World theater in Uptown Minneapolis. Antonio Freeman made his amazing overtime, game winning, off-the-defender, off-his-back catch and TD. Best catch ever, beat the Vikings, deep in Vikings territory. As a Packers fan in MN, it really couldn’t get much better.

  17. DevilDon

    I once rang the doorbell of Ray Nitschke to sell him some door to door steaks. He lived on the Oneida res and I had no idea it was his place. He had a huge ashtray shaped like an upside down artillery shell and a “No smoking” sign by the door into the house from the garage.
    It seems Ray and his buddies were relegated to the garage to smoke cigars.
    I was asking all the regular questions, you know: “You like steaks”? and he was staring me down and answering just “no” to every question.
    Later I told a neighbor “he sure looked like Ray Nitschke” and they said “that is Ray”.
    The point was, Ray was such an intimidating and legendary man on the field, but at home, he was just another guy who loved his wife enough to make his buddies smoke in the garage.
    It’s just only in Green Bay do you run into legends of the game and they are just like us.
    He was direct but not rude, not something you’d ever expect with an unannounced house call of a hall of fame player. Under the circumstances he was nicer than 50 percent of doors.

  18. DevilDon

    I was typesetting a “red herring” offer for a real estate prospective and Bob Long and Bart Starr walked in at 10:00 p.m. to see how production was going. I had to have it set for the camera department to make plates and it took 48 hours of continual work to have it ready by their due time for release.
    It seems these things are time sensitive.
    As they walked into the prepress department I was on the phone, I was winning tickets to a Jackson Browne concert on the radio. It was one of those 3rd or 100th callers and I took a break to do something for me. I was so blindsided I never asked for autographs, I’ll tell you this, I recognized Bart immediately because I knew who the job was for, but was so surprised that I was winning Browne tickets I didn’t ever ask for an autograph.
    It was a confusing moment for me, even though I’m not much of a Jackson Browne fan. I was just real surprised to see Bart Starr in our prepress department. But I did shake their hands and I got the job done in time. I think it was for a pizza joint but time confuses memory.

  19. GER

    No matter what memory I pick I’ll change my mind later, but as of right now I’d have to say it was watching the pick vs Atlanta right before half time in the playoffs this year. I have a very long records of watching the packers lose in person and that was the second game I’ve ever seen them win. After traveling to ATL to see them lose in the regular season knowing we where spanking such a good team by halftime was the best feeling ever.

  20. Cody

    In September 2007, a friend and I drove 6 hours to Minneapolis to see our first Packers game live and in person. After literally a lifetime of anticipation, this was the moment we had been waiting for: to see Favre and the Packers dominate the Vikings.
    Not only were we treated to exactly what we had hoped for, but we were also lucky enough to be in attendance when Favre threw his record breaking 421st TD pass. We were ecstatic. The energy we felt in that building as Jennings strolled into the endzone, albeit an away game, was breathtaking. Our childhood hero cemented into the record books right before our eyes.

    Remember when cheering for #4 wasn’t considered an act of treason?

    And that is my #1 most memorable moment as a Green Bay Packers fan …

    Although I have a feeling this Sunday might top that.

  21. mike

    When my family was on vacation when I was just a kid, we stopped in Green Bay to see the Packers practice during the preseason. We were early and walked around Lambeau. Us kids were looking through the gate to see inside, when this big guy walked up and started to talk to us. He asked us if we wanted to go in and see the field. It was like “Wow, are you kidding.” I had never got to see a game in Lambeau before. We got to go in down by the field for a few minutes. I didn’t realize it at the moment, but that big guy was Mike McCoy. I became a fan forever of #76.

    After many years of not missing the games on TV, I finally saw my first game in Lambeau this year. My wife and I took my daughter and her husband to a game, along with my future grandson. The greatest thing is we may have attended our first game the year they win the Super Bowl. We all will be watching Sunday, including the “Little Cheesehead”.

  22. Shad & Kevan Brand

    In 2008 my mother Evy Brand, Marcell MN was nominated to be Packer Fan of the year. She was 89 years old. She has a tile at Lambeau. She raised 4 sons, 3 are still life long Packer fans. 1 son went to the dark side and is a Vikings fan. Many grandchildren are avid Packer fans. She loved the Packers. She didn’t win fan of the year, but her memories from that were precious to her. Sadly, she passed away last year. How proud and excited she would be to see the Packers in the Super Bowl!!! They’re gonna win it for Evy!!!!

  23. K. Aguilar

    I never had the privilege of going to a game at Lambeau prior to my joining the military at 17. However, when I retired after serving 20 years, it was on my bucket list. The best I could do was the 2005 preseason game vs. NE. Of course, being the 3rd preseason game, the starters played about 2 series. Then the skies opened sometime during the 2nd quarter, and it rained for the rest of the game. We also lost 27-3. By the beginning of the 4th, most fans had left, but not me. While I would’ve loved to attend a regular-season game, and witness a win by our starters, the fact that I was in Lambeau, watching MY team, was absolutely priceless, despite the weather, roster, or the score. I think we were the last ones chased out by security that night!


    The one i remeber the most is when they were playing the vikings and farve threw the ball to freeman, and he fell on his face. The ball came down and hit him in the shoulder, her turnd around and cought the ball and ran in the the touchdown and the win!!!!!!!

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