Who Is The Greatest QB In Packers History?

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Bart Starr

I read Adam Rank’s article on the best quarterbacks in Green Bay Packers history with some interest.

I thought the list would be fairly predictable, with either Brett Favre or Bart Starr ending up at the top. My personal selection is Starr, simply because he won five championships.

Favre, of course, only won one, despite all his passing records. Another factor working against Favre is his predilection to take the Packers out games by forcing a balls into coverage, which often resulted in a game-killing interceptions.

Starr was at the top of Rank’s list.

What’s interesting is Favre came in third behind Arnie Herber.

Honestly, I don’t know a lot about Herber, but Rank points out he won four titles. Because of the rationale I used to put Starr at No. 1, I can’t really argue with Herber coming in second.

Aaron Rodgers finished fourth on the list and, I’d argue, if he wins Sunday, he inches closer to Favre. In my mind, he’ll either need to win another championship or put together a long, stellar career to pass him.

You can check out the full list by clicking the link above, but we’d like to hear from you.

Who do you consider the best quarterback in Green Bay Packers history?

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7 Comments on "Who Is The Greatest QB In Packers History?"

  1. nurseratchett

    Aaron needs at least a couple of more seasons before we’d be comparing apples to apples. Of course, a ring, a few more 4K yard seasons, and no idiotic scandals, he could easily move up my list above Favre.

    Starr is my number 1. For the championships, yes, but also for his ongoing relationship with the team & fans. Bart Starr knows what loyalty means…a big reason why Brett will NEVER be my number 1.

    GO PACK GO!!!!!

  2. iltarion

    I originally voted for Bart Starr, mostly because of Starr’s 5 championships and Brett’s jackassery. However, after looking at their careers more comprehensively, I have to say that I was way off with this one.

    Brett Favre is the best Packers QB, and it isn’t even close.

    First of all, as I have always said, teams win championships, not QBs. I won’t overlook rings altogether; it is a factor, but it is ridiculous to use it like a bottom line. Bart Starr won more championships because he played on better teams.

    The 1962 Packers are a prime example. This is arguably the greatest team in NFL history. It went 13-1 and won the 2nd NFL Championship for Vince Lombardi. That year Bart Starr threw 12 TDs against 9 INTs. In other words, that team didn’t need Bart Starr to be great to win.

    The most TDs Starr ever threw in a season was 16. Sure, QBs didn’t throw the ball as much back then, but even ranked against his peers, Starr went to 4 Pro Bowls and was All Pro once; Brett went to 11 Pro Bowls and was All Pro 3 times. Known for his completion percentage? It was 57% for his career. Brett’s was 62%. Known for his few interceptions? Starr threw an INT 4.4% of the time per attempt. Brett threw an INT 3.3% of the time. Bart’s career passer rating is 80.5. Brett’s career passer rating is 86.0.

    There just is no comparison. Bart was a great field general on truly great teams, including in 1961 and 1962 two of the best teams to ever put on cleats. When you include his coaching career with the Pack, I would call Bart Starr the second greatest Packer after Curly Lambeau. But when it comes to just the QB position, it is no contest. It is Brett Favre.

    The comparisons with Arnie Herber are even more laughable. Herber was great at handing it off to Clark Hinkle. He never threw for more than 12 TDs in a season and finished his career with 81 TDs and 106 INTS. His career passer rating is 50.3. Congrats to him for being on some great teams as well.

  3. Boston

    Those stats are completely invalid across eras, though. I do agree that Favre is the best Packers QB ever, but I’m not going to knock Bart Starr or Arnie Herber for not throwing 30 TDs every year.

    For comparison, as we all know the highest rated QB in NFL history is Aaron Rodgers. The guy is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but is he really better than Johnny Unitas?

  4. Ray

    It’s Starr by far. Playing for Lombardi wasn’t easy. Winning five NFL championships required a guy like Starr who was a leader. Great arm he didn’t have, but he was smart. Lombardi would have traded Favre, he made to many bone headed mistakes. And I question Favres’ leadership, he turned out to be a total schmuck.

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