Packers Want Favre Back In The Family

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Brett Favre

Favre will be back... eventually.

I’m not really sure how this sits with me, but we all knew it was inevitable.

Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy said the organization is saving a spot for Brett Favre.

Although it isn’t likely to happen tomorrow, the Packers are going to kiss and make up with Favre eventually.

“Yeah, at the appropriate time, we’ll reach out to him,” Murphy said. “And I envision he’ll come back into the fold.”

“Yeah we want to make sure it’s the right time for him,” said Murphy, who added the team had not yet officially reached out to Favre.

I don’t need to tell you what we think of Favre and the way the end of his career played out, but the Packers have to retire his number at some point.

Favre is one of the greatest Green Bay Packers of all time.

He’s also a Minnesota Viking and, outside of retiring No. 4, I don’t think it’s necessary to do anything else for someone who played for that despicable organization.

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19 Comments on "Packers Want Favre Back In The Family"

  1. Pablo

    Indeed, the Vikings organization is despicable. So I agree completely…retire his number, but you’ll never fully be able to wash the filth off Favre.

  2. Boston

    once he’s in the HOF I can live with a nice little ceremony for him. Like it or not, he is the greatest Packer of all time and did a lot for this organization.

  3. jeremy

    Eventually we’ll have to welcome Favre and all of the wayward Favre fans back into the Packers Fold. But, for now they have to watch the Packers play in the the SuperBowl with Aaron Rodgers at QB.

  4. Glen

    I have a real simple solution here. Let’s retire his number but invite Deanna for the ceremony. She deserves a little love fest from the fans for all she has put up with from Brett and we really dont need him pulling out his junk at the ceremony so that he can text a picture of it.

  5. CHuck Cole

    Screw that. His old pathetic, dick taking, INT throwing turncoat ass can stay in Kiln. He is a damn joke.

  6. VersusTheMoose

    It will happen at some point, the majority will forgive. I know I have been hating him less lately. That’s something.

  7. PackerBaker

    Favre was one of the greatest Packers of all time without question but he did spit in this organizations face multiple times and was happy to do so. He let it be known that he was perfectly happy going out as a Viking and in the end it seemed he had no respect for the fans or the heritage of the Green Bay Packers.

    He didn’t mentor Aaron Rodgers in fact he was a dick to him and then he goes to the most hated team in Packers history and loved the idea of getting back at the team that gave him his roots.

    Yeah Brett, you were a great Packer but the way you gave the fans the “fuck you” by going to the Vikings and the way you handled the situation in 2007 was an absolute embarrassment.

    Personally, I couldn’t give a shit if they retired his number and I could care less if they ever even mentioned his name again except when Rodgers passes him in the record books. He spit in the fans face (whether you think he did or not…he did) your not a real Packer fan if you don’t have some hate for Brett.

    Fuck him. Let his terrible demise of a person die with the Vikings, we don’t need that dick-texting trash back at Lambeau

  8. iltarion

    Amazingly, a large part of me agrees with PackerBaker. However, I also don’t have a problem with the organization taking the high road on this. In a way, by doing so, we make him look like the vindictive child while we look like the patient parent.

    • eyehearta2


      Exactly what I posted on on the Strib. Also, glad to see one option on the poll I totally agreed with. A true cheese dick.

  9. Buddy

    He told Julius Peppers to “Go beat the Packers in two weeks” after they got thier twats beat in against the bears. Make it a vanilla Jersey retirement and send him packing. Nobody will want to wear that number anyway. He’s done a lot in the past but what has he done for us lately. I’m a fan of Packers that are playing right now. If you go to play for the Vikings then fuck ya.

  10. Vijay

    It’s a business first and foremost…It’s all about the benjamins baby. Back in that day, it was about the team & the town. While Green Bay has never changed, times have and like all good things…well, they come to an end. Favre is still the greatest QB the Packers have ever had but Starr is close behind and Rodgers has a chance to supplant them both. I’m hoping it happens for A-Rod mostly because I like how he handled everything, like a professional and I really think he learned a lot from Brett though I know for some that’s tough to hear. Yeah, Brett’s an enigma…love em or leave em. I recall the feeling of confidence he gave us each and every week that we could go out and win the football game. I feel Rodgers does the same thing and I hope that he ultimately becomes the better post season QB…Favre was great (in the regular season) and very suspect otherwise. He will have his name retired and in time people will learn to forgive but not forget his ‘near the end of career drama’

  11. phillthyphill

    He needs attention, especially when Deanna leaves his ass. Retire his # but he will stick around, carrying his fork and humble pie around becoming the patsy he has always been (drunk driving, vikodin addiction, putting team in jeopardy, being a pre Madonna) just watch this organization will CONTINUE to prove were bigger then any one player, Ringo, Robinson, Walker, or Favre.

  12. DevilDon

    I didn’t even read anybody’s post before saying this: The Bears are our international and all time hated team, younger fans like to think a rivalry exists greater than good and evil with Minnesota.
    Look, the Bears win Super Bowls, the Vikings don’t. I can forgive Minnesota because Brett is such a positive for this football team, but I would forever and completely written him off as a Bear.
    I guess it’s an age thing. Younger players don’t know what a rivalry is unless they’ve lived Packers/Bears.

  13. BLFavreGirl4

    For me, there were a lot of lean years of being a Packer fan. (I was born in 69) I and I can’t forget all that he did for the team. If he hadn’t been the player he was, then A LOT of other players would never have wanted to come play for the team (Reggie White comes to mind.)

    For me, it isn’t black and white – I can understand his frustration of retiring and then wanting to play. Do I believe he played for the Jets to get to the Vikings, for a “Gotcha!” to TT and MM? Hell yes. But also, I think he genuinely loved the game and it was a huge part of his life for so many years. It’s not like he can go out and get that adrenaline rush from mowing his lawn.

    So, I’d love nothing more than for the Packers to make him an offer, let him sign for a day and retire a Packer. I won’t forget the way it felt when they won the Super Bowl in 1998 and played in it again in 1999. He belongs with the Packers and I’m happy for him he got to play another 3 years.

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