Listen, Broads…

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If you come to a Super Bowl party with a sign, you will not be getting laid.

The other day I did a little interview with Betty Confidential, which is a site for broads that talks about things only broads are interested in.

The topic — how to pick up a guy at a Super Bowl party. A good topic, I thought.

Most seasons, I’m really only going to a Super Bowl party to troll for women and get drunk while watching two teams play a game I have no interest in. This, of course, is not most seasons.

With the Green Bay Packers playing, women will be completely non-existent to me… at least until the game is over.

You know how most people set their priorities as God, family, country, work or whatever? Well, mine are family, Green Bay Packers, women. Whiskey is a close fourth, but that’s not the point.

The point is, any woman in my life is either a Packers fan, sits quietly during the game offering occasional support, or isn’t present when the Packers are playing and has the good sense not to call until the game is over. These rules are in effect x10 this Sunday.

I’m getting way off topic here, though.

Women and football are sometimes hard to mix.

However, it’s not impossible. So, ladies, if you’re looking to score on Super Bowl Sunday, then read the Betty Confidential article. It’s pretty spot on.

And guys, you’ll probably get a kick out of the article too. We’ve all dealt with the type of women they’re advising women not to be during the Super Bowl and, as an added bonus, I channeled the 2007 NFC Championship game.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

19 Comments on "Listen, Broads…"

  1. Christina

    Putrid article. Gee, football, what’s that? It’s been so long since I’ve been out of the kitchen! Come on, I live in Wisconsin, where the women are just as rabid about football as the men. And ‘broads?’ Nice to know you’re still stuck in the 1950s–I’m sure you’re a big hit with the ladies.

      • Jeff.A

        Wife showed me this article. I don’t think it belongs on this website. I read the other article on Betty confidential or whatever it’s called, and what’s so bad about it? Granted, it’s silly, but at least it wasn’t demeaning to men like your article is to women. Besides, don’t we want chicks to pick up on us? I don’t care when it happens, even during a SB, if a woman shows interest in me, GREAT!

        • iltarion

          Ah, the first word in your reply is “wife”; therefore, a woman showing interest in you is NOT a good thing, actually. Secondly, I would ask my wife for my nuts back before posting on this site.

          • Jeff.A

            I am very secure with myself and my life. I do not need to act like a chauvinistic caveman to assert my confidence. You should try it sometime.

          • Jeff.A

            Oh, and your conditional sanctimonious moral drivel is laughable, coming from someone who apparently prefers women to keep their mouths shut and “look pretty.” Yes, I am married. Ask any married man or woman that occasionally getting hit on doesn’t feel nice and they’d laugh in your face.

            I’m wondering where this defensiveness is coming from. Here, I’m a guy who just happens to stick up for women and you seem to have a problem with that. Hmm.

          • iltarion

            I did not write the article; therefore it is impossible for me to have been defensive.

            Men who think women need men to defend them entertain me. I would say that is chauvinistic caveman behavior, but I don’t think men are allowed to use those words consecutively. I’m afraid John Wayne and Frank Sinatra would rise up from the grave and revoke my man’s card.

            This article is not demeaning to women; it is demeaning to whiskey.

            Haha… I stand by my advice 100%. The truth sux sometimes, I know.

            Your posts are hilarious though, so keep it up. A more direct personal attack would evoke a more visceral response. Just trying to help.

          • Steph

            Whoa, Jeff A.–too bad you’re married cuz I’d ask you out on a date pronto! :-)

            iltarion, not so much.

  2. iltarion

    How to pick up a guy at a Super Bowl party? Fricking pretty much the same as always- look hot and keep your mouth shut. Its a very simple equation!

  3. packerbroad

    funny, I just asked my bf where he was watching the super bowl… told him to stay away from my spot b/c he talks during the game, blocks the TV and doesn’t think I NEED to watch the game from my “lucky” chair,
    Dudes… only allowed around if they are grilling my brat and pouring my beer or ripped like CM3, if not, screw em’ (but only after the game)

    • DevilDon

      Does your bf respond to “Hey Bitch”?
      It doesn’t take a real stretch of the imagination to see who wears the pants here. Hey Packerbroad, strap one on, you can try for a backin position, I mean you can backin to your guy at halftime.
      Real broads can be fun otherwise, I love the “leave him alone” when defenses attack A-Rod or “why do they keep pulling him down, they’re so mean”
      That’s it for me, pull for my team with all the fervor you can muster and rejoice with me, boobies bouncing in a victory dance. Yep, it’s all mental with me! I love a girl who loves football for me, not for the game. Who wants to argue stats with a pair of titties?

    • professorAR

      I heard that!

      It’s amazing how defensive and immature most men get when they come across a woman that doesn’t need them, as evidenced by the nice lad below:

  4. CMT

    What the hell is this crap. I see I stumbled onto Maxim magazine here…and to think, I wrongfully thought was a legit sports news site.

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