Get It Straight: Jay Cutler Is Awesome!

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Jay Cutler

Elite, people! Elite!

Another day, another jerkoff defending Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

This time it’s Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

Martz is here to remind us Cutler is tough and tell us he’s going to be an elite quarterback. You know, the same Jay Cutler that decided not to play the second half of the NFC Championship game after his vagina knee got hurt.

“I don’t know why people want to dog pile this guy,” Martz said of Cutler. “I don’t get it. He’s a tough guy. He wants to do everything right.”

“We’re all going to have to learn to let it go. He’s a young player learning how to play. And he had never been in that environment before in his career, and he’ll deal with it right next time.”

Seems to me Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was in the same position and handled things just fine.

That doesn’t matter, though. In Chicago they know if they keep repeating the same refrain over and over, eventually everyone will believe it.

“He’s going to be in the very elite of this league,” Martz said. “He’s on his way. He’ll be fine.”

Jay Cutler is going to be very elite, folks.

Learn it. Know it. Love it.

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11 Comments on "Get It Straight: Jay Cutler Is Awesome!"

  1. Packerfan2008

    I personally think we should leave Cutler alone. I think he has been rideculed enough. The only reason I say this is because both Aaron and his brother are good friends with Cutler. So to show respect to our Super Bowl winning Qb, lets cut quitler some slack until he messes up next season.

  2. Rob

    “I don’t know why people want to dog pile this guy,” Martz said of Cutler. “I don’t get it…

    Because he’s considered douche bag in the media. I live in Colorado and got to watch the Culter / Bronco divorce. Trust me, there wasn’t a single Bronco fan cheering for Jay in the NFC Championship game.

    I’m sure he’s a really great guy to know in person (says Aaron Rogers). But from the stand point of the media he come across as a jerk. And when sports athletes act like jerks the fans will shit all over them.

    • Josh McDaniels

      Yeah brah, i totally agree with you! Cutler was such a pussy bitching about how I went after my boy Cassell, cut his best receiver, and wiped the Bronco’s future with my ass! In the words of my personal friend and spiritual mentor Tom Cruise(I’m a level 3 scientologist), what a jerk!!!

      Seriously though, Cutler is a great quarterback…not elite, but great. When thrown into the cesspool that is the Chicago Bears, of course he’s going to falter. He’s got no o-line and no WR’s, and if you think Knox is a legit No. 1 then I’ve got a mother fucking bridge made of gold to sell you.

      First and foremost, Cutler has failed to meet expectations because of his shitty environment, not his natural talent. Hey, if i was stuck at QB for the Bears, i probably wouldn’t give a shit, so how can i expect him to.

      • Rob

        Any player on a team can be traded. No one is above the team. Cutler wanted assurances that he wouldn’t get traded and McDaniels said no. And he’s such class act that he didn’t even return the owners calls. That’s why he got traded.

        Also, if by “best receiver” you mean Brandon Marshall, well, he was traded (not cut) after Culter left. Try getting your facts straight, brah.

  3. El Sleezarino

    Oh sure… Martz doesn’t know why people are piling on Jay… How soon he thinks we forget that as an analyst on NFL Network, Martz himself took a running start and lept all over this quitter del grande. It was because of his comments he ended up being the Bears last choice to OC.

    Keep defending him people! It will be all the better when he whips it out and proceeds to piss down his own leg.

    El S

  4. Randy R

    What i dont understand…Is why people “have” to defend him. Think about it, why cant he defend himself?. Did he suffer a “sprained” mouth. The bully will always pick on the weak chubby kid, untill that chubby kid defends hinself one day, Its the same deal. Why cant this guy strap on a set, and have HIM set the record straight? Untill that happens, people will dump on him, because as long as he doesnt defend himself, it will happen. Which makes me, and i’m sure millions of fans, think, well, he is a puss

  5. Randy R

    Josh McDaniels?…How can you expect him to give a shit?…are you kidding me????..I know of about 10 million reasons a year why he should give a shit. not to mention your team, coaches give a shit, you better give a shit. If he has any pride he should give a shit….But who’s so sure he has any pride

  6. nurseratchett

    I warned all the Bears fans I know when they were all excited to get Cutler that he seemed to be a crybaby drama queen & to check out what the Broncos fans & organization thought of him….DAMN I LOVE BEING RIGHT!!! I’d like to thank the Pack for making me right so often this season…..


  7. Grant

    I f_cking wanted to vomit in my mouth, when the network was trying to sell a “Jay-Rod” rivalry between the bears and the packers during the first matchup. Hopefully, no one will ever compare those two QB’s together ever again. One is good, the other is meh. One is a leader and the other is a dick. No more “Jay-Rod” please.

    • nurseratchett

      Jay-Rod? More like J-tool. yuck. Glad I missed all that shit or I would have vomited in my mouth!

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