Everyone Is Rejecting The NFLPA Ad, So We’ll Play It

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At least two networks have rejected the NFLPA’s ‘Let Us Play’ ad, which essentially features players and fans uttering the line “let us play” or “let them play.”

I’m sure no one wants to piss off the behemouth that is the NFL, but there’s nothing particularly controversial about the ad as far as I can see. Of course, everyone’s a little touchy right now.

Once the Super Bowl is over, things start to get a little dicey. The current collective bargaining agreement expires on March 3 and it seems unlikely the owners and players will reach a new agreement before then.

That means a lockout, which isn’t a very attractive option for anyone.

The biggest sticking points are a rookie wage scale, the league’s proposed 18-game schedule, benefits for retired players and rising player salaries vs. decreasing revenue.

Personally, I don’t have a horse in this race. I just want to see some damn football.

Anyway, we can get into all of that tedious BS after the season. For now, here’s the ad that keeps getting rejected.

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6 Comments on "Everyone Is Rejecting The NFLPA Ad, So We’ll Play It"

  1. Chris

    If they want to play so badly, they could just roll over and accept management’s offer…

    …OK, so maybe they don’t want to play THAT badly.

  2. Brad

    Cudos Chris – I’m quite sure there a quite a few million people that would gladly play under what management is offering!

  3. iltarion

    The rookie wage scale and the benefits for retirees are not sticking points. Veteran players and owners largely agree on these issues. The 18 game schedule is not a big sticking point either. The players are simply using it as something to barter with. There is one deal breaker issue and one deal breaker issue only: the players get 60% of the pie. That is higher than in any other sports league. The owners won’t tolerate it any longer. The owners have floated out numbers like 53%, which the players would never agree to.

  4. Randy R

    I remember back, when Chubby Smith bellowed these words about 5 weeks ago, I knew they were gonna make the saying a battle cry. But it also made me believe, that this was going to court. I dont think chubby had any intention of agreeing to, or negotiating in good faith for a new CBA. And now, people are starting to get that. They walk away from the table, and they want to say “Let us Play”? How about, sit down, shut the F up, and actually negotiate a deal? I have no time for Smith, and why did they hire a litigator?, and not a negotiator?

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