Cowherd Gives It Up To Rodgers, But Not Before Rodgers Makes Him Squirm

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was on Colin Cowherd’s radio show on Monday.

If you’ve listened to Cowherd at all, you know he’s been extremely critical of Rodgers in the past couple years, continually saying Rodgers isn’t an elite quarterback.

Cowherd based this opinion on the fact Rodgers had never won a playoff game prior to this season. Even after Rodgers won his first playoff game earlier this month, Cowherd was still critical of Rodgers.

Now that Rodgers has led the Packers to a Super Bowl win, Cowherd had no choice but to grant Rodgers access to his super-special elite quarterback club. He did it Monday, but not before Rodgers made him squirm.

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11 Comments on "Cowherd Gives It Up To Rodgers, But Not Before Rodgers Makes Him Squirm"

  1. Doug

    Yeah, he used a n of 1 to say he wasn’t elite. And in that one game he put up ungodly numbers and 45 points. And while he continually allows the “supporting cast” excuse for other teams and players, apparently that wasn’t an option for the Packers and Aaron. It was a ridiculous stance that other ESPN personalities called him out for (Scott Van Pelt among them).

    According to Cowherd, Barry Sanders must not have been an elite running back since he had a terrible playoff record.

  2. nurseratchett

    I wish Aaron had refused to go on cowshit’s show, but then again, he is one classy guy. At least Rodgers gave him some shit.

    Screw you, cowherd. I’d bet the only team sport he ever played was debate team, and he was second string.

  3. bogmon

    Coward just needs to be provocative in order to maintain some ratings…he’s not as harsh as Rome or as funny and witty as Dan Patrick…so his niche is being a cynical west-coast prick.
    He’s all about the proven winners…Lakers…USC….etc…
    Colin Coward will now celebrate Aaron Rodgers as the best thing to ever come out of Cal…and deny the whole midwest focus of the Packers story…he’s such an elitist douche…I can’t even stand it.

    btw…he always hates on Big Ten football too!

  4. ben

    so sick of cowherd. he thinks he’s this elite sportscaster who relates to business types and the upper class. he has one theme for his entire show and if you tune in for the first 15 minutes or 2 hours in he’s usually repeating the same manufactured claim just to get ratings.

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