Apparently Everyone Needs To Be Told: Asomugha Is A Long Shot

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Nnamdi Asomugha

A nice thought, but...

Personally, I thought we made it pretty clear. Soon-to-be-former Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha isn’t likely to sign with the Green Bay Packers, even though he’s expressed an interest in rejoining former teammate [intlink id=”143″ type=”category”]Charles Woodson[/intlink].

Sure, it’s a wonderful thought, pairing Asomugha with [intlink id=”82″ type=”category”]Tramon Williams[/intlink] and moving Woodson to free safety. Asomugha, Williams, Woodson and [intlink id=”162″ type=”category”]Nick Collins[/intlink] — three All Pros and one in the making.

It could be perhaps the most formidable secondary in the history of the NFL. It makes me hard just thinking about it.

The thought of adding Asomugha has spurred a lot of discussion, and rightfully so, but we all know it isn’t going to happen. When Asomugha expressed interest in joining Woodson, we had this to say.

Now, before your panties get too wet, let’s remember who the Packers general manager is. A move like this is completely out of character for Ted Thompson.

Asomugha is going to command a large sum of money and he plays a premium position. Even if he takes a pay cut and begs the Packers to sign him, Thompson won’t do anything about it.

Now, we know you’re intelligent and you get it. You read this blog.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on the other hand, thinks you’re an idiot. There’s no other way to explain this story: Addressing the Asomugha rumors.

Here’s a sample of Tom Silverstein explaining the obvious.

Asomugha has hinted about wanting to play with former teammate Charles Woodson and Woodson has said he has had contact with Asomugha, but let’s face it, GM Ted Thompson is not going to deliver what could be $30 million in guaranteed money (that’s based on the four-year, $46 million deal Darrelle Revis signed with the Jets, and he still had two years left; Asomugha is a free agent) for a position that’s in good shape.

Here’s the thing that most fans are forgetting regarding this issue: there will be a salary cap again. If Thompson signs Asomugha, he would paying something like a quarter of his cap for his top three corners (including Woodson).

Oh, wait. Maybe that’s an example of Tom Silverstein saying exactly what we said over a month ago.

Either way, it’s a waste of space.

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3 Comments on "Apparently Everyone Needs To Be Told: Asomugha Is A Long Shot"

  1. jeremy

    I say develop as many young cb’s as we can while Whitt is here. The Packers didn’t win the Superbowl by overpaying guys.

  2. Boston

    It is a nice thought. We would be basically impossible to pass on. Hell of a defense that the best strategy against it would be running at Raji & friends. Can you imagine how many coverage sacks Matthews would have? He’d end with like 30 on the year, haha.

    But yeah, obviously not going to happen. Nor should it. The JS brings up good points about future cap obligations we need to be ready for.

  3. RodgerDat

    Ted’s philosophy has proven to work, so he’s not going to do shit unless Asomugha takes a MONSTER pay cut.

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