You Stay Classy, Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Eagles fan

Making Minnesota Vikings fans look good since 1960.

No one has ever accused Philadelphia Eagles fans as being a classy bunch.

In fact, everyone pretty much thinks they’re a bunch of fucking assholes, which is absolutely the case. This is the group that cheered when Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin lay motionless on the turf after suffering a neck injury in Philadelphia in 1999, after all.

Maybe it’s because their team has never won a Super Bowl, but Philly fans lived up to their reputation when the Green Bay Packers showed up and beat their team on Sunday.

The cars of at least two Packers fans were trashed after the game.

Craig Coenen told the Allenton Morning Call he and his father had “a nice day” watching the Packers defeat the Eagles in a thriller at Lincoln Financial Field, only to find his Toyota Camry stomped on, kicked and beaten in the parking lot. Fans had ripped out the windshield wipers and used them to scratch the paint, and also broke off the side mirrors.

“It was just drunk, obnoxious Eagles fans,” Coenen told the paper after getting a repair estimate of $2,163.

Coenen told the paper another Packer fan’s car nearby met a similar fate. They agreed the likely culprits were a group of six men parked between them in a truck before the game. That truck was long gone, but Coenen said they found “an empty case of Busch Light” in its space.

At least they were able to afford good beer to fuel their brilliance.

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

12 Comments on "You Stay Classy, Philadelphia"

  1. Buddy

    The City of brotherly fuck you over. I hope Queen and Bear fans see that and shut thier cake holes about us Packer fans badgering them

  2. Matt

    hey eagles, how’d you do against the packers this year? oh, you lost? oh….twice? at home? both times????? but what about ur dynamic quarterback….or ur veteran coach….or ur dangerous receivers???? well….at least you still have good cheesesteaks

  3. nurseratchett

    What a bunch of idiots. Gives all of us happy drunks a bad name! Of course, they were drinking Busch Light, so I guess good taste is out of the question all the way around.

  4. StarrZeke

    I’m the guy who had his car vandalized. Stinks. I must say 99% of the fans were fine, great. My dad and I never felt in any physical danger. We sat in a row with 12 Packer fans and had good conversations with Eagle fans in front and behind us. After the game, a bunch of Eagle fans congratulated the Packer fans and wished the team well. Then…the parking lot. Just a few drunks…Yesterday’s snow in my area finally washed away the spit and foot prints on my car. The Lambeau experience is 100% better. Go Packers!

  5. craig

    What I conveniently left out so that I could further yet another Philly fans suck story is that I called the Eagles fans (what they are) classless assholes and I was trading insults back and forth with them.

    Oh, well, at least Allstate is protecting me from their mayhem!

  6. marcel

    After Hockey’s winter classic on 1/2/12 in Philadelphia, a New york rangers fan, who happened to be an off duty police officer and PURPLE HEART decorated marine of the gulf wars was brutally beaten by a group of Flyers fans. All joking aside, these bunch of degenerates are the scum of this country. And the pride they take in being assholes are propegated by their teams which are also famous or being full of the dredge of whatever sport you can think of. They need to stop awarding ANY meaningful all star games to this dump of a city!

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