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Who gives away the best stuff?

That’s right. We do.

Today, we’re going to start up a contest where you can win an officially-licensed Aaron Rodgers t-shirt from MogoTXT. We’ve got two to give away, so there will be two big winners for this contest.

First, here’s what you can win.

Officially-licensed Aaron Rodgers t-shirt:

Aaron Rodgers t-shirt

The shirt is one of six Rodgers designs MogoTXT carries. They come in a range of colors (green, white, gray) and light and heavyweight styles. The shirts retail for $19.50 or $22.50 based on the style. They come in both men’s and women’s.

Now, here’s what you need to do to win.

In the comments, leave your suggestion for a Green Bay Packers Super Bowl champions t-shirt slogan, i.e. when the Packers beat Pittsburgh, what would you like to see on a t-shirt? Commenting is fine, but if you want to get really creative, you can make up a design and email it to me and I’ll post it in this thread.

Usually, we let these contests be a free-for-all, but we have some additional stipulations this time because — get this — the best slogan will actually end up on a MogoTXT t-shirt.

So, here are the caveats — 1. no profanity, 2. you cannot use the words “Super Bowl” in the slogan.

You know we appreciate humor and creativity, so use them.

Again, we will be giving away two Rodgers t-shirts, so this contest will have a first and second place.

The contest will run until Friday, Feb. 4.

The NFLPA will have final approval over slogans and designs. MogoTXT works with the NFLPA in their Block The Lockout campaign.

Now, get to work!

MogoTXT has released several new Green Bay Packers designs, including one inspired by this contest. Click the link to check them out.


From Chad Toporski

Trophies Go Better With Cheese

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

45 Comments on "Win An Aaron Rodgers T-shirt From MogoTXT"

  1. Vijay


  2. Cody

    1. From Winning the Halas to Bringing Down Dallas
    2. Blondes Are Better in the Sack…Department (Picture of CM3’s hair)
    3. Rodgers Does Dallas (Picture of him doing “the championship belt” celebration)
    4. Lock Yer Bathroom Stalls Errbody!

    Joke: (Picture of Favre and Chilly 69’ing) Yeah…That Makes Sense.

  3. Doug

    Another notch on the belt

    (Image of Rodgers wearing the championship belt, with the Packer G as the large “buckle”..and the logos/trophies from Super Bowls 1, 2, 31, and 45 next to it…two on either side)

  4. Mat MN Cheesehead Paulson

    “Packer in the Sky, Bringing Destiny Home!”

    A picture of Vince handing his trophy to the Pack!

  5. Jason

    “THE CHAMP’S ARE HEEEEEEERE” with a title belt around the lower part of the shirt with the middle of the belt, the Lombardi trophy.

  6. Dennis

    “A-Rod of cheese beats a burger of steel any day”

    “Some Shields, a Driver, a handful of Clay plus A-Rod = glory”

    “Just another caper pulled off by the master (Dom)”

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