Tramon Williams Cost Himself A Bunch Of Money

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Tramon Williams

Tramon would have been in demand in free agency.

Signing cornerback Tramon Williams to a contract extension was a great move by the Green Bay Packers, but probably not such a great move by Williams.

The Packers locked Williams up with a four-year extension averaging $8.25 million per season, in late November. With Williams’ recent performance, that looks like a bargain.

Not only did Tramon develop into the Packers’ top coverage corner this season, but he’s played lights out in the team’s biggest games.

Williams ended the Philadelphia threat in the Packers wild card victory by picking off Michael Vick in the end zone with time winding down in the fourth quarter. He did himself one better by intercepting the Falcons Matt Ryan twice last week — once in the end zone to snuff an Atlanta drive and once just before the half, which he returned for a touchdown to give the Packers a two-touchdown lead going into the break.

All of that’s great for the Packers and it’s great for Tramon, too, but the guy might be kicking himself come the offseason.

It isn’t a stretch to think Williams would have gotten $10 million per season had he reached free agency, especially when you consider the Falcons forked over a six-year, $57 million deal to Dunta Robinson last year.

In fact, there’s talk Williams could have gotten more.

“He’s a bargain at anything under $10 million a year. If he had gotten anywhere near free agency, even as a restricted guy, I know five teams that would have paid $11 or $12 million a year, easy … and they would have given up the draft picks too,” one NFC general manager said.

“He’s 100 percent legitimate. Sure, it helps having [Charles] Woodson on the other side – that was kind of the case when they had Al Harris. Now I think it’s the other way. Because Williams is so good, Woodson is the one who has more freedom than ever because you can do so many things.”

That’s high praise for a guy who wasn’t even drafted, but Tramon has earned it by steadily improving his game. Although not a lot of people are saying it, I will — Tramon Williams is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL.


The Packers were wise to extend his contract and general manager Ted Thompson should be commended for getting him at what’s looking like a bargain-basement price.

It’s that type of foresight that — dare I say it? — makes Thompson a pretty damn good general manager.

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18 Comments on "Tramon Williams Cost Himself A Bunch Of Money"

  1. Bargain basement price but Tramon and his agent aren’t dummies. They took the sure thing with true Champions rather than pprioritizing money and “what ifs”. Just like Cliff Lee did in turning down the yankees.

    All other franchises pale in comparison to suiting up in the Green and Gold each week.

  2. Gary

    It’s a total sham that he wasn’t voted to the pro bowl. That shows you how ridiculous that vote is. I guess he and A-Rod will just have to make it to the Super Bowl

  3. iltarion

    I don’t think anyone including Tramon should be crying over $8 million a year after 1.5 years of starting at the position. I imagine he can take care of his family with that, and his best chance at a Super Bowl is right here. Sure, he could have signed a 6 year contract elsewhere worth maybe double, but then he could only expect to collect on the first 4 years or so of that contract before it was renegotiated. This way, he’ll probably collect the entire contract, and then he can get a whole new one with a new signing bonus after just 4 years.

  4. Abe Frohman

    don’t forget the game saving INT against Chicago in week 17.

    Tramon will make up for any difference when his next deal comes around.

  5. but can he keep it up year after year… then we know we got a deal… we could have paid more and he could turn out to be a 1 hit wonder… then it would have been a waste of money…

  6. Jeremy

    I hope Tramon took Joe Whitt out for a really nice dinner after he signed that extension. That guy is an excellent coach.

    • Lumpy Gravy

      Woodson mentioned that when talking to the press yesterday, I think (about Whitt’s skills as a coach). Speaking of C-Wood, you’d have to think he’s had some influence on Tramon’s insane work ethic and film study.

  7. lebowski

    I’m wondering when we’re going to have to pay Shields a little somethin’ extra. He can’t be making much at all as an undrafted free agent, and he’s become one of the better nickel backs in the league.

  8. Bogmon

    Playing in a Green Bay uniform is like tacking on another 5 Million a year in Lendary Awesome!

    ….anyway…how much money is enuff? I’m pretty sure Tramon likes where he is at and doesn’t want to to scrap over the extra jing. He likely will hit pay escalators for future ProBowl appearances etc.

  9. iltarion

    It was announced today that Tramon will be in the Pro Bowl if he wants to go. Asante Samuel has bowed out. Of course, it is highly unlikely he’ll be going since the Packers are still playing.

  10. Buddy

    They get paid a bit high. Our military bros. get peanuts for getting shot at overseas. The NFL could dail it back a little on the salaries. Apparently the pay is higher for catching a football than a piece of shrapnel. Just some food for thought. Iv’e seen plenty of my Army bros. come back in a blackhawk with a large red cross on it in Afghanistan. They apparenly were willing to risk it for 40G’s or less a year.

  11. Tramon made 3 routine plays in the playoffs that any well-paid corner should make. Seriously, which one of the three was a good throw? Zero. All underthrown and all that should have been picked. The hype machine is out of fucking control…he’s played well all year. Everyone needs to get a grip.

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