This Is Every Chicago Bears Fan I Know

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Chicago Bears fans are the bane of my existence, this week.

They’ve already started talking shit. They might as well have their fun now because they’re not going to have any after Sunday.

I’m just going to bide my time until then. On Sunday I’ll unleash the fucking fury and make them sorry they were ever born.

Still, here’s a good example of a Chicago Bears fan. This is from yesterday’s win over the Seattle Seahawks.

In fact, as far as I’m concerned, this is every Chicago Bears fan, this week — fat, dumb and drunk. When you open your stupid mouths and verbally vomit your recycled rhetoric, this is who I see in front of me.

I like how the other Bears fan who posted this describes the guy as “curvy.”

Women are curvy, asshole. This guy is a fat motherfucker.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

18 Comments on "This Is Every Chicago Bears Fan I Know"

  1. duG (Bears fan)

    As a Bears fan, I was surprised the author of this blog was one of the first people to smack talk me on Saturday… before the game even ended.

    When you write “They’ve already started talking shit” at least in my case it was merely a reply.

    • Monty

      Really? I haven’t said one thing about your team. I asked if you were enjoying the game, which I think was a valid question among friends.
      Rub some sand on your vagina and get back in there, Johnny!

  2. billyschwills

    Dug is a tool. Plain and simple. I have the misfortune of knowing this clown off of the internet, and i can say without doubt, that he is a chowder head.

    Dug’s recent online analysis included mentions about “the GB organization in general…. their history of dirty players and what have ye” and also referred to the Packers as a “CHEATING CORRUPT FRANCHISE” (yes all CAPS).

    The desperation of the bear fans is embarassing to watch. I wish the bears well…and hope they can bring their best. May the best team win!

  3. AZPack

    Fuck the Bears and their shitty ass field. Can’t wait until Starks is running out of control on them.

    Go Pack Go!

  4. Hank

    You sound like a child. It’s going to be a great football game. I hope you have a family and a good job to support them… you should channel your sophmoric venom towards productive things in life. Go Bears, grow up Monty.

    • Buddy

      He doesn’t need to grow up hardware hank. It’s tools like you that come on blog pages acting all adult like that need to grow a pair. This blog site is intended for talking trash and letting it all out. So man up and stop acting like some kind of college professor, those shut-ins don’t even watch sports. Oh and by the way;

      Fuck, Shit, Piss, Dick, Asshole, Fart, Queef, Pussy!

      I hope that didn’t offend you and your pussy attitude! MAN UP HANK!

  5. Andy

    haha. Yeah starks is gonna kill and put the bears out of existence this year! I hope you feel good about that dug! Cuz everyone else will laugh when it happens.

  6. nurseratchett

    Nasty. I just ate lunch. Now I’ve gotta to try to keep it down..

    Take off anything you want, bears fans…we plan to leave your house with the NFC Championship. Get frost bite on your nads while we nurse our happiness incurred hangovers Monday morning.

    GO PACK GO!!!

  7. Madcity Packer Fan

    Classless Bears fans cry me a river when your stupid team loses. Your lucky to have this chance.

  8. dj

    What a fat ass, and classy too. Reminds me of the hogs I used to bang in my days at UWSP. I can’t wait for the thrashing the Pack is going to put on the Bears Sunday. 18 penalties the first game and they only beat us by 3!! Of course our O Line got half those penalties, but in their defense, I am sure they all had brown undies by the end of the game from having to line up across from Julius Peppers. Holy Cow he looks mean!! I hope Starks keeps it up, but I am worried Briggs might snap him in half. Come to think of it, I am pretty concerned about the game… maybe a little cheese will calm my nerves



    What do you call a Bear fan South of the border a DITKA HEAD they had a add on Chicago Fox they need more dumptruck’s for after the game to help clean all the Bear shit off the field . GO PACK


    Cutler can’t pass on his _ss 54 need’s to retire his locker stink’s remember the Bear’s still suk

  11. Mike

    All you Packers fans are going home crying Sunday. Everyone that thinks AAron Rodgers is a superstar. I dont want him hurt, but I’d love to get some new wallpaper with Rodgers on the ground and the Bears looking down at him. I have one now with your Hero Brett knocked out cold, Bears abound. I Love It!

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