The ‘Genius’ Of Brett Favre

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Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers

Time to kiss some ass, huh Brett?

In case you didn’t know it already, Brett Favre is a walking contradiction.

Hours after filing his retirement papers with the NFL, Old Man Favre is already trying to make amends with the Green Bay Packers, telling ESPN’s Ed Werder in an e-mail he thinks Aaron Rodgers is the league’s best quarterback and the Packers’ receiving corps may be the best ever. He also made a Super Bowl prediction.

“I think they will win it all! I hope they do, if you are wondering,” Favre said.

Um, actually no, Brett. We weren’t wondering. And we really don’t care. At least not yet.

I’ve always felt like the child of divorced parents in the whole Favre debacle. Who to believe? Who do you love more?? Who can get me the shiniest present or make me feel the best?

This is giving me flashbacks, when I want to focus on this awesome Packers team, and how badly they’re going to kick the Chicago Bears’ ass this weekend.

And oh yeah. Remember when Favre told Julius Peppers to beat the Packers after the Vikings-Bears game on Dec. 20? I do.

So stay out of it for now, Brett. Your ass-kissing can start post-Super Bowl.

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Sarah is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities, a lifelong Packers fan and an ardent supporter of all things anti-Vikings.

15 Comments on "The ‘Genius’ Of Brett Favre"

    • VersusTheMoose

      Yeah true, but it really isn’t going to be much harder either. By the time he takes the stage for his HoF speech he will be forgiven by the majority of Packer fans in my opinion.

  1. Jimminy glick

    I hope there can be a reconnection between the Packers and Favre.
    I completely get what you’re saying Sarah.
    And I’m just as annoyed with the guy..
    But for me it would be so cool to see them together again.

  2. BB

    I hate that fucking piece of shit Brett Favre. DIE! I was also raped in the ass by my father as a child and have gained 300-pounds from constant espn and fantasy football. Hatred gets me through the day. Go Pack!

  3. Buddy

    When Favre is no longer a Viking I will think about forgiving him. For now I cannot like a player for a divisional opponent.

  4. emilyr

    he sure didn’t think the Packers were going to win when he went back to Minny,
    the blinders are off on Brent-he didn’t need the 16mil that bad, did he?
    go hide under a croc until the playoffs are over

  5. DevilDon

    Who cares about his fickle demeanor. I’ll always remember he was all about “teaching” the Packers organization. Look fuck turd. We were there for you, all those miserable years you fucking choked. We were there for you when you lead the league in interceptions. We were there for you when you admitted you were a doped-out fuck.
    So now you wanna praise the organization and their potential (which is pretty obvious)?
    I might never forgive, once you think you’re above the fans and the team I really have a hard time forgiving. You work in a job that puts you in the media spotlight, you’re not better than your fans you asspipe.
    Fuck you Brett Favre!

  6. jeff ircink

    fuck all of you. you all sit around and savor the day Favre “comes begging” and than when he makes a gesture, you rip him a new one. he was asked about the Pack in the SB by Ed Werder from ESPN, so he gave his opinion. none of you have any clue as to what’s in Brett’s mind – whether he’s ass kissing or not.

    you all hate him. he can do no right. so why bother even talking about him on your site?

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