Packers Have Looked Into Atlanta Replay Situation

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Gonzales' "catch" helped the Falcons on their way to a touchdown.

If you remember the first time the Green Bay Packers played the Atlanta Falcons this season, you’ll remember coach Mike McCarthy not challenging a fourth-and-3 catch by Falcons tight end Tony Gonzales.

The replay showed Gonzales didn’t make the catch, but the televisions in the Georgia Dome were delayed at least 15 seconds and the Packers coaches weren’t able to see the replay before the next play took place. Hence, the Packers didn’t have the proper information and no challenge occurred.

The Falcons went on to score a touchdown on the drive and win the game 20-17.

On Monday, McCarthy revealed the Packers brought the issue to the attention of the league office.

“Whether it’s the direct TV feed, or if it’s the direct feed from the network, or exactly what it is, I don’t know if it’s by stadium. I know Ted Thompson and Russ Ball, our vice president of football operations, have looked into that specific situation after what occurred in Atlanta,” McCarthy said. “But we’re worried about lining up and playing. The technical part of it really in our view is not going to affect the outcome of this game.”

If the NFL is aware of the problem you can bet they’ve made Atlanta straighten their shit out.

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4 Comments on "Packers Have Looked Into Atlanta Replay Situation"

  1. ay hombre

    MM actually stated that they should have called a time out the last time.

    Hopefully they will use a time out to review an important play if that time out is considered expendable at that moment. That is exactly what the situation was when Gonzalez dropped that ball…a time out would not have cost us in the least, but it could have changed the entire complexion of the game in our favor too. The moment they realized the replays were running behind, there was absolutely no excuse for them to NOT call time out given the situation.

    In order to be successful situationally, one must consider things in advance.

  2. nurseratchett

    Nicely put, hombre. Let’s hope MM is thinking progressively & aggressively this week.

    Interesting to hear MM brought it up to the league-in the post game PC, he talked mostly about it just being home field advantage, yada yada yada, if I remember that particular post game PC correctly.

    Regardless–we can beat this team. Hell, Vegas is only giving them 2 points, and this in their home stadium where they are supposed to be so tuff.

    GO PACK GO!!!

  3. billyschwills

    Let’s just whip these Real Housewives of Atlanta and be done with this BS…i want the bears again.

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