Packers’ 2011 Opponents Set

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Drew Brees

The Packers will get Brees at home.

The Green Bay Packers’ 2011 opponents are set.

The Packers will play the AFC West and the NFC South teams in addition to their NFC North slate.

There are four playoff teams on the docket — Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta and Kansas City.

Here’s the full list.

Home: NFC North, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams.
Away: NFC North, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, New York Giants.

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15 Comments on "Packers’ 2011 Opponents Set"

  1. Cody

    Well I’d say 16-0 is pretty plausable with that joke of a schedule ha! And what’s up with making us play at Atlanta again?? Bullshit commish…I wanna see “Matty not-so-ice” play away from his little security blanket. Pussy.

    • Buddy

      Because the NFC North plays the NFC South. It’s a part of a rotation that changes systematically every year. Take a look at the schedules of years past, you will see the pattern.

      • Cody

        You’re a little slow bud, I was wondering why they wouldn’t make Atlanta play at Lambeau next year instead of having to play at the Georgia Dome again…not why we actually have to play the falcons again. C’mon man what do you take me for?? Ha.

        • alex

          Cody, I think you are more than a little slow. Buddy was trying to explain the pattern in layman’s’ terms… Sir you are no Layman. So now, i will provide the idiots guide, for men of your stature. every team plays 6 division games, 3 at home 3 away. each team also plays 2 inter-conference games, one home and one away. these game are determined by divisional placement and are against opponents of the two inter-conference divisions that are not played in full. home and away are determined by a formula. Next a team plays every team in a inter-conference division, 2 home 2 away. in 3 years the schedule repeats though the home teams become the away teams. It is the same situation for out of conference games, except it is every 4 years instead of 3. so the answer to why the packers have to play Atlanta at Atlanta: the packers are playing the entire NFC South this year. if the formula from above stands, then in three years, the packers will host Atlanta. The Packers played the Falcons at Atlanta this year because one they had the same divisional placement 2 years ago, and because of the away/home rotation. in 3 seasons from the current season, the Packers will play at home versus the team in the NFC South with the same divisional placement the preceding year. The packers will also play away to the team in the NFC West with the same divisional placement the preceding year. In another 3 years the pattern should return to the first arrangement, though the league could expand teams to include L.A. and is most likely to increase the length of the season to include 2 additional games to destroy this formula. The most likely act will be to increase the schedule to include 2 additional out of conference games, in which the formula would be preserved.

          • Cody

            Easy there tool bag, a simple answer of inner-conference games rotate would have sufficed. But way to act all macho in showing that you know the NFL rotation of games down to a T! Kudos…now go get a life faggot.

  2. iltarion

    The wife and I actually talked our way through what the schedule must be last night. This is a pretty tough schedule. I’m glad we have New Orleans and Tampan at home. At Kansas City will be a mad game. That is the fan base in the NFL that is closest to the Packers, and we have had some tough games there.

  3. I was in Kansass Shitty in 1996 (we went 13-3 that regular season and won the Superbowl) but we lost that day. Those fans were a buncha mean assholes, as we left Arrowhead we put a curse on that stupid place…the Chiefs have sucked ever since.

  4. Ryan

    Damn. I was hoping the Pack would play AT Tampa Bay, only so that (being a UF student) could go see the game. Oh well, I at least have my annual Lambeau trip to look forward to. (Which btw, it’d be really nice if the NFL & NFLPA could agree to a new CBA so that planning an expensive trip to Green Bay wouldn’t be so risky! Flying into “Austin Straubel International” isn’t exactly cheap.)

  5. big t

    Huge packers fan from kansas. I can’t wait for the kansas city game already…gb better kick some ass but i know the chiefs will give them a game…always have and so tough at home..been to arrowhead and lambeau this year and i would have to say arrowhead is louder even though i hate saying that.

  6. iltarion

    I would say Arrowhead probably is louder on average, but it might never have been as loud as Lambeau was this past week. Wow.

    • Killa

      At the Giants game was the loudest I ever heard Lambeau. Couldn’t talk to the person next to me, but I can only imagine how loud it got during the Bears/Packers contest.

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