Mike Florio Loves Aaron Rodgers!

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Aaron Rodgers

A terrible, terrible human being...

In case you haven’t heard, Pro Football Talk head honcho Mike Florio called out Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers earlier this week for not signing an autograph for a cancer survivor.

There was a video of Rodgers passing by the woman, Jan Cavanaugh, on his way through the airport without stopping.

Florio lit into Rodgers for not knowing “where his money comes from,” i.e. the fans. He was especially pissed because Cavanaugh had cancer.

Yes, I read the post and then decided to ignore it. My reasoning was two-fold.

First, I didn’t care. No celebrity has any duty to sign anything for anyone, just like I don’t have to be cordial towards Minnesota Vikings fans and you can pretend you’re working while you’re reading this blog. It’s a free fucking country.

Second, I thought Florio’s holier-than-thou approach was heavy-handed and out of line. It was based on a three-second video clip and nothing else. Those of us in the blogging world who’ve actually been what the mainstream media (and the Green Bay Packers PR department) would refer to as real journalists know that doesn’t make a story.

Frankly, I didn’t want to give such a piece of crap piece of work any notoriety or traffic.

After Florio’s initial post, the shitstorm started. Florio was called all kinds of things, accusations were made, and he responded by trashing Rodgers some more.

Awful Announcing has a fabulous summary of the whole thing, including some spot-on commentary, if you care to go more in-depth.

Anyway, this nugget came out next — Rodgers had signed some memorabilia for Cavanaugh the previous week. Cavanaugh even took the time to defend Rodgers and said she was tired of the attention.

Florio still wasn’t convinced, essentially belittling Rodgers again for walking by Cavanaugh at the airport.

Again, I didn’t care to pay it any attention.

Pretty simply, the whole thing was the work of a hack. It smelled like a traffic grab to me — knowing the passion of Green Bay Packers fans, why not write something to incense them so they come back repeatedly to comment?

Whatever it was, it ended with Florio apologizing to Rodgers, Packers fans and Cavanaugh.

I’ve had two nights to sleep on it and plenty of other time to think about it. Once my anger at being wrongfully accused of running a payola scheme subsided and my Italian nature to never give in wore off, I realized that I felt bad. And I realized that I’d only feel better if I apologized.

Now that these meaningful and important matters have been addressed, I’d like to get back to talking about Green Bay Packers football, if that’s alright with you?

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12 Comments on "Mike Florio Loves Aaron Rodgers!"

    • ri

      totally agree. he is a d-bag. i would maybe have accepted it if he appologized after the 1st article, but to then bash him again? just pandering to packer nation, realizing just now many fans of a rodg are out there…

  1. jeremy

    Mike Florio is the same kind of shock jock quasi-journalist that Colin Cowherd is. It’s Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus and Howard Stern’s MO with a news report delivery.

  2. Matt Belan

    Mike Florio is such a D-bag, honestly who reports something so stupid in the week of the NFC Championship Game! There was a reason NOBODY else was talking about this. Did anybody notice how quick WBAY was to drop the clip off of there website and stop talking about it. If I was a packer I would gather the team together and say fuck off to anything NBC for a while and tell them we refuse to do any interviews with them, along with WBAY!

  3. Tim Comer

    Just a question… This past summer or spring my step mom (a vikes fan through and through… we tease each other about favre lots) forwards me an article via email of a teacher or school in the GB area where AR and some other packers show up unannounced (to media at least) to a local classroom and they spend time with the kids in the class. Anybody have a lead to this article? Sorry, I don’t have any other info on it.

  4. Buddy

    Only a complete moran would believe that horse shit about Rodgers snubbing cancer patients. Whoever believes that shit or spreads it around should be labotomized.

  5. that guy

    Fire him, poor journalism and poor representative of individuals that are trying to get into that role. Fire him

  6. craig

    Fuck Rodgers. Fuck the Packers. Bears 35-10. We’ll be off to taste the agony of da feet once the Jets pussywhip Rapelisberger and the Shittsburgh Steelers.

  7. Craig

    Florio’s a clown, I had an email exchange with him a year and a half ago regarding some mis-reporting sensationalism on another subject, and he was a completely arrogant Jerk-off.

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