Matthews Is NOT Defensive Player Of The Year

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Clay Matthews

Matthews fell to Troy Polamalu.

Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews finished second to Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu in the NFL Defensive Player of the Year vote.

The award, voted on by the Associated Press, is the NFL’s official award.

Early reports from Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Bob Glauber of Newsday and your own Green Bay Press Gazette said Matthews had won the award.

Matthews picked up The Sporting News Defensive Player of the Year award, the defensive MVP award voted on by the Professional Football Writers of America and Pro Football Weekly, the third annual professional version of the Butkus Award, and was named first-team All Pro.

Polamalu got two more votes than Matthews in Defensive Player of the Year voting, finishing with 17 votes to Matthews’ 15, just as our statistical analysis predicted.

Polamalu finished the season with 63 tackles, a sack, a forced fumble, seven interceptions and a touchdown. Matthews finished the season with 60 tackles, 13.5 sacks, two forced fumbles and an interception, which he returned for a touchdown.

Only two pair of teammates in history have won the award in back-to-back seasons, which is what Matthews and Charles Woodson would have done if Matthews had taken home the award this season.

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14 Comments on "Matthews Is NOT Defensive Player Of The Year"

  1. Chuck Cole

    What a joke. POLAMORON never even played a full season, wiffed on 4 tackles in that ravens game too. Ed Reed had better stats & played half a season. Award should go to a player who plays a full 16 games. He can have his little trophy. Matthews will shove his superbowl ring right up his ass. Joke.

  2. Packerfan2008

    It’s bs and everyone knows it. Matthews was way more deserving of the award. It’s ok though because he is gonna lead the packers defense in the annihilation of the steelers come Sunday. They may have won the battle but the packers will win the war!!!

  3. Buddy

    Poundamanooh has pubes for hair, besides it seems it was a popularity contest. That fuck face is in those head and shoulders commercials where his hair gets huge. Maybe his head will get big as well with his award and be the biggest choke artist of the Superbowl.

  4. iltarion

    Great result for the Packers. Players who get snubbed for individual awards have a habit of playing big the next game.

  5. Rymetyme

    This is GREAT news for the Packers, putting a lil more fire in CM3’s belly for the SB.. especially when we’re playing against Poodlemalu. Sorry for Clay, but a SB ring is way better than DPOY – ask Woodson. GO GET EM PACK!

  6. AZPack

    I guess CM3 has to take a few more games off next year in order to get this award. Total BS! Oh well, guess he’ll just have to get the Superbowl MVP and rip Rapensberger’s head off.

    Go Caveman!

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