Mass Bird Death In Atlanta

360 49
Jordy Nelson

Jordy hits paydirt.

Okay, let’s move past the obvious har-har headline and just get to the point.

This is Aaron Rodgers. Suck on my fucking nuts, Colin Cowherd!


The Green Bay Packers rolled into Atlanta with all the expectations and in a game you’d think they’d lay an egg because they believed their own hype, they flat-out thrashed the NFC’s No. 1 seed, Atlanta Falcons, 48-21.

After the Packers Achilles’ heal, their special teams, broke down early, allowing a 102-yard kickoff return to Pro Bowler Eric Weems, the Packers took complete control of the game.

Rodgers dissected the Falcons defense to the tune of 31-of-36 for 366 yards and three touchdowns and no interceptions. He ran for another score.

The always inconsistent James Jones had a monster game, coming up with big catch after big catch and tallying four receptions for 75 yards and a touchdown.

In fact, the Packers’ receiving corp was solid all around. Jordy Nelson (79 yards, one touchdown) and Donald Driver (76 yards) both had several big first-down receptions. Despite an early fumble, Greg Jennings recovered for a solid game, recording eight receptions for 101 yards.

The Packers had just enough of a running game from rookie James Starks to keep Atlanta honest. Starks finished with 25 carries for 66 yards, but the most impressive thing about Starks is his ability to get the extra yard after contact, which is something the Packers have lacked since losing Ryan Grant.

Mr. Matty Ice, Matt Ryan, nearly unbeatable at home, was pedestrian. That’s right — pedestrian.

Ryan threw two picks, both to Tramon Williams, and fumbled in the fourth quarter. Matty fuckin’ Ice…

Williams, meanwhile, has served notice on the remaining playoff teams.

I guess they’ll have to try and throw on Charles Woodson.

Speaking of, Woodson created havoc as a blitzer, and in addition to recording a sack of his own, helped Clay Matthews record two.

The bottom line is this.

The better team won, Saturday.

The Packers dominated the time of possession, which is usually the Falcons dominion. The Packers held the ball for 38:19, more than 15 minutes longer than the Falcons. They also amassed 442 yards to Atlanta’s 194, while rolling up a team-record postseason point total.

The Packers offense was so dominant, punter Tim Masthay didn’t even make an appearance.

Although their special teams are still a weakness, the Packers defense is playing at a championship level. And next to Tom Brady, there’s not a quarterback left in the playoffs who can dissect a defense as precisely as Rodgers.

I’d hate to be the Chicago Bears, right now.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

49 Comments on "Mass Bird Death In Atlanta"

  1. jeremy

    “Mr. Matty Ice, Matt Ryan, nearly unbeatable at home, was pedestrian.”

    I’d say that’s generous. Matty Ice is 0-2 in the playoffs and Aaron Rodgers has set two post season scoring records for a team with one off the greatest playoff histories in the NFL.

    I can’t wait to watch the Packers take the Halas trophy from the Bears in the Mistake on the Lake.

    • Lumpy Gravy

      Speaking of playoff history, I read somewhere earlier (I think the NFC North blog on ESPN, that, with the Steelers win along with ours this past evening, the Packers now have the best playoff win percentage in NFL history.

  2. Joe

    this worked really well last week… so why change it;

    Fuck analysis

    Fuck theories

    Fuck opinions of reporters “no offense TP :)”

    Fuck it all..

    The Packers won, we play Chicago next week, and lets go get their ass!!! Peace!

  3. Jerry- L.A."s #1 PK FN

    When the Bears win. Aaron Rodgers will rape their wives, kill their children and burn their fucking houses down, I saved Monty a review. Take the week off Monty. Gooooooooooooooooo PACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Steelers vs. Packers SUPER BOWL.

  4. Maxtheguy

    Y’all seriously think y’all are against the world? I laugh at that
    1. Evry1 but Terry during the fox pick picked Green bay
    2. A poll showed most people favored the pack over Atlanta

    But this won’t change anything. I hate the pack bcuz of peopl like this biased idiot. It will be wonderful to see you guys get creamed by the patriots in the super bowl. They already got another o-lineman ready to return a kick against yall’s sloppy ass special (education) team.

    Finally dude shut up about Colin. Jeez. Atleast he has a job on ESPN

  5. Maxtheguy

    I guess y’all r forgeting that the bears won yall’s divsion, beat y’all, and barely lost to y’all in the finale

    • Killa

      Ya’ll can at least show an affiliation, bitch. We root for y’alls best team in the NFL y’all. Green Bay Mutha fucking Packers Y’ALL!!! Fuck Y’ALL southern bitches!!!

  6. Maxthegay

    Dude get the fuck out.
    1st learn to spell
    2nd If you don’t like what anyone on here writes about dont pay attention to it!

    • Lumpy Gravy

      Funny that you’re free to take exception to whatever you like, but anyone who doesn’t like what YOU have to write should simply turn the other way. You’re a trolling moron; poke and prod all you want, you’re only wasting time.

  7. Daaaave

    Maxtheguy–bring it–the Pack almost beat the Pats with Matt Flynn. Also, U know UR on a packer homer site right?
    Dantheman–you are right MM didn’t fuck up tonight. He owes Tramon W. a lapdance for the 14 point swing he personally provided that allowed him to call whatever he wanted in the second half.

  8. ay hombre

    I give MM props for again reading my pregame prediction and following it to the letter. Well done coach!

  9. iltarion

    FIRST OF ALL, I want to thank the 29 NFL GMs who passed on A-Rodge. (29 because every GM had the opportunity to trade up and get him after the Let’s-Usher-In-10-Years-Of-Shit 49ers passed on him. That means that unless you already had Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, you fucked up.)

    Secondly, I want to thank Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy who had the BALLS and the foresight to trade away arguably the greatest Packer ever and let A-Rodge play. They could have easily made the safer, more popular move of giving Brett his job back and putting A-Rodge back on the bench. Surely, if they would have done that, Brett would have played two more years. At the end of which, A-Rodge would have got the fuck out of here and would be currently making some horseshit team like the Vikings into a contender while we sucked the fat one and got depressed-uncle drunk instead of joyful-elf drunk. TT and MM would be out of jobs right now if A-Rodge had sunk. Instead they put their NUTS on the line and come out smelling like roses.

    So anyone wanting to knock TT or MM or this team can KISS MY ASS! NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, BABY!!! THAT’S WHAT I’M EFFIN TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!

    • Killa

      I wany to knock tt and mm. 39yrds rushing by Turner was definitely due to tt and mm tackling at the line. That int for a TD by MM was awesome, and TT’s 3 passing TD’s were crutial.
      Dude your an idiot. No one has said the Packers would be better if we still had Favre. But if that would have got those two idiots fired then I would have been all for that situation, lol. Fuck TT. Fuck MM and Fuck you. The players win the games not the management, except Dom Capers

      • iltarion

        I do believe Dom Capers was the DC when the Packers gave up 51 points in the playoffs last year. OH, but I thought it was all him?

        YOU are the one that looks like the idiot right now. If you don’t get that, then there is nothing to say.

        Maybe if you say FUCK one more time you’ll sound like you graduated middle school. What are you 12?

  10. Sheegan

    Does this mean we can finally stop hearing about how amazing ‘Matty Ice’ is? and about how Rodgers can’t win a playoff game?

    Suck it Cowherd!!!

  11. Killa

    Honestly I think that kickoff return for a TD was a fucking slap in the face. The Pack played their hearts out after that. Matty Rice didn’t even seem like he wanted to be there. He Is not the player I thought he was. They go t away from the run early in the second half, and that cost them. It was just an overall dominate showing on deffense.
    Matty Ice= melted

  12. Nick

    All I can say is that this is an amazing season. To go from almost not making it into the playoffs, to the NFC Champ. game is crazy.

    Had we lost to the bears TT and MM would be on the hot seat. Now they look like Ron Wolff and Holmgren. But I guess that is just the NFL. Crazy.

    I have to give AR credit for this one. I have knocked him in the past for not performing in the clutch. This was one of the single most dominant performances I have seen from a QB in a playoff game. He is a “great” QB.

  13. Billyschwills

    I had a slight buzz generated, can any if you help me name the asshole falcon LB who mocked rodgers’ “belt” celebrationmove? What a cunt. Down 14 and mocking the better QB

    Fuck The falcons. Go pack go!

  14. TimL

    Anyone notice this?
    2 years: 2007 & 2010
    2 teams: Seahawks & Falcons (both birds)
    2 divisional play off games
    2 early point deficits
    2 dominating blowouts

  15. Scott

    Posted to twitter by Trey Wingo (@wingoz) of ESPN’s NFL Live… “I for one cannot wait to hear what Colin has to say about Rodgers this week: he doesn’t like his moustache? ”

    Suck it Colin! Even your fellow ESPNers know you’re full of shit!

  16. ay hombre

    I’m still not a fan of MM because I thoroughly believe, injuries or not, that we have more talent than any team in the league and this level of success is expected.

    But Ted Thompson built this roster and anyone who has anything bad to say about Ted Thompson right now is an uneducated, complete FUCKING TOOLBOX. Yeah I’m looking right at you, Killa. Douchebag. Learn to spell and type.

  17. Andy

    Hey who ever is not a fan of the packers, get off of here! This is a packers fan site and people like to see positive things about the packers. So leave.

  18. nurseratchett

    What a game…here we come Chicago!!!!!! The offense was unstoppable, the defense was crazy hot, and Mathesay didn’t even make an appearance!! Gone is the 3rd down issue after the last 2 weeks.

    MM even got a little bit o’ Belachick in him & ran the score up!!

    GO PACK GO!!!

  19. Dan the man

    Hey Killa,

    If it’s the players that win games -“not the management”- why aren’t the Cowboys in the championship game. How about the Vikings? -Two of the most talented teams in the NFL. Players are nothing without great coaching. Rodgers would be a nobody without the quarterback coaching expertise of MM to hone him into shape. Some of you haters out their get ideas into your head and can’t admit when you are wrong. TT is a genius not only for his ability to find hidden talent, but for having the kahoonas to stick to a steady, proven method for building great teams for the long haul. MM is a genius for putting together an A-team coaching staff AND for turning the raw talent into production. Superbowl or not, the Packers are now officially an elite team. And barring any major management changes (with the possible exception of special teams), this team will remain elite for many years to come. Thank-you TT and MM and keep on the path you have paved. Soon, the disbelievers will be revealed as fools.

  20. G-Mann


    Does this mean we can finally stop hearing about how amazing ‘Matty Ice’ is? and about how Rodgers can’t win a playoff game?
    Suck it Cowherd!!!

    Even Colin’s fellow ESPNers are tired of his crap (From Trey Wingo of NFL Live wtitter feed – @wingoz) “I for one cannot wait to hear what Colin has to say about Rodgers this week: he doesn’t like his moustache? “

  21. Brad

    Funny thing: Favres two ex-teams, Packer and Jets are in the Championship games. You can’t make this stuff up.

  22. Abe Frohman

    I want to change Matty Ice’s nickname to something like Matty Zima, or Matty Check Down. That was total domination – except our OLine could run block to save their lives. When the back is tackled for loss or for no gain more than 8 times, that’s not on Starks. It’s on the Line.

    The Steelers scare me more than the Jets – whom we’ve already beaten this year.

    I think if we don’t beat ourselves with penalties, turnovers, and special teams fubars, we win this game. This will be a low scoring game.

  23. Ryan

    How can anyone possibly question the coaching of Mike McCarthy after a game like this. What a performance! MM had his team ready to play, he didn’t allow them to get down after two early mistakes, and he has now successfully led them to 2 NFC Championships in his 5 years here.

    MM has been the subject of a lot of criticism on the blog. Specifically, he has been attacked for his poor clock management, his hesitancy to challenge plays (specifically our first meeting versus Atlanta) and finally his play calling, especially when playing with the league.

    1) Clock Management: The Pack didn’t endure a tight end of game situation this week (thankfully) but they did perfectly execute their 2 minute drive at the end of the half.
    2) Hesitancy to Challenge: McCarthy was lauded for not challenging a critical play in the Packers first meeting with Atlanta that led to a touchdown. This time, McCarthy wasn’t about to let that happen. Ryan had seemingly just completed on the Packers sideline which MM (with the help of his defensive unit) did not believe was an actual catch. MM immediately threw his red challenge flag and even (comically) went onto the field to point it out to the official on the sideline who somehow didn’t see it.
    3) Play Calling: This is definitely the most important aspect here… Many here have criticized MM’s play calling because it never gave the run game enough attempts and more recently he was too conservative when playing with a lead. All I can say is – see Saturday night. MM mixed in just enough runs to keep the Falcons D on their toes which allowed Rodgers to light it up, throughout the evening. Speaking of Rodgers and his amazing game, MM never relented. From the opening drive of the second half (when he was playing with a comfortable lead) he continued to call in aggressive plays until the game was safely out of Atlanta’s reach. You cannot possibly argue against MM’s play calling when GB had 4 successful drives of more than 80 yards. It was an outstanding offensive effort and certainly MM deserves credit for excellent play calling.

    Finally, I will just say this: When people (“Killa”) continue to criticize MM, especially after wins like this, it becomes almost comical. Was McCarthy on the field executing this amazing performance? No. However, he had his team ready to go. At this point it seems like you almost root for the Packers to lose just so that you can criticize MM more – to be honest, your constant negativity is just costing you credibility.

    Troy Aikman said it Saturday – “Mike McCarthy is the NFL Coach of the Year.”

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