Favre Sued For Sexual Harassment

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Goin' to court!

This one came out of left field.

Now-presumably-retired Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is being sued for sexual harassment, but not by Jenn Sterger.

Favre was hit with the lawsuit by Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole, who massage therapists who formerly worked for the New York Jets. The suit, which was filed in the New York state Supreme Court, also names the Jets and Lisa Ripi, a woman who hires massage therapists for the team.

The suit alleges Favre tried to solicit a threesome from Scavo and another woman and that he sent text messages, including “Brett here, you and Crissy want to get together, I’m all alone,” and “Kinda lonely tonight, I guess I have bad intentions.”

Scavo says she had her husband call Favre to demand an apology and subsequently, she and O’Toole were never offered work by the Jets again.

“I suspect that this case is only the tip of the iceberg with respect to the harassment and discrimination experienced by women working for NFL teams and their players as well as all of men’s professional sports. I hope that Ms. Scavo’s and Ms. O’Toole’s courage to bring this suit will empower other women to come forward without fear of retaliation and retribution in order to protect their livelihoods and self-respect,” Elizabeth Eilender, the plaintiffs’ attorney, said in a statement.

The allegations were first reported by Deadspin in October, but the women didn’t come forward at the time.

Favre was fined $50,000 for not cooperating with the NFL while the league was investigating the incident involving dick photos, the quarterback and Sterger, who was also a Jets employee during Favre’s tenure with the team.

You can view the lawsuit here.

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15 Comments on "Favre Sued For Sexual Harassment"

  1. Chris

    Nice. When the lady’s husband asked Favre for an apology for soliciting his wife for a threesome..

    “Favre responded in an inappropriate manner and refused”

  2. BB

    Now you can sue some one for hitting on your wife? This world we’re coming in to is turning in to a joke right? The woman’s husband must be a real insecure loser to be so shaken TWO FREAKING YEARS LATER no less.

    • jeremy

      You can if the advances are Repeated and Unwanted. If you can prove it you are entitled to damages. The Statue of Limitations for Sexual Harassment in New Jersey is 2 years. That’s the law, like it or not.

  3. iltarion

    And the hilarity continues to escalate.

    BB and others like him can blow smoke until they’re high, but the reality is, regardless of whether any of these claims go anywhere or how much trash is heaped on the women involved, this is unbelievably embarrassing to anyone associated with Brett, including him most of all, of course.

  4. iltarion

    Don’t doubt for a moment that the true target here is the New York Jets organization. It is standard in a civil suit to name everyone that might be liable.

    There is a difference between someone “hitting on your wife” as BB so mildly puts it and someone texting your wife to be in a threesome. One I would laugh at and the other I’d be looking for someone’s ass to beat.

  5. jeff ircink

    jeremy, isn’t the 2 year statute in NJ up though? (apparently not). regardless, where were these two cunts 2 years ago when they were getting “harassed”? hmmm? why now? waste of time and taxpayers’ money.

    by the way, congrats on your Pack for getting into the playoffs. good win against the Bears yesterday.

  6. Madcity Packer Fan

    Thank you Jeff and good points. Why did these bottom feeders wait so damn long to take any action against Favre? Why wouldn’t this case be heard in a circuit court first? These woman and there lawyers better be careful because the NFL and it’s teams have lawyers as well that can prove these bimbos are most likely full of shit. What’s next…ankle dresses for cheerleaders?

  7. nurseratchett

    I’m pissed that this is happening now…there was a little hope that Favre would FINALLY GO AWAY. Now, he’s going to be in the news the entire off season again….

  8. Jimminy glick

    I wonder if stories are going to start to surface from when Favre owned that resturant in Milwaukee that is now called Joey Buonos. When I was growing up you’d hear alot of stories about the happenings at Favre’s resturant on the corner of Water St. & Michigan…. right by the Bank One/Chase tower.

  9. GB'er

    I wonder how many girls will come out in Green Bay. I work with a girl and she has several stories about Bert and his doings with her friends after he was married. He’s left a long line of women who could all do serious damage to his legacy.

  10. Jimminy glick

    The even bigger kicker – was Favre at that party where Churma got busted with underage girls. It was kind of odd because Favre and Chewy were boys.

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