Favre Is A Meth Head

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Brandi Favre

Meth: It's cheaper than coke!

Yeah, I sucked you right in with that one, didn’t I?

While we all know Brett Favre has some kind of problem… scratch that… all kinds of problems, we didn’t know it extended to the rest of his family.

No, Brett Favre is not a meth head, but it looks like his younger sister Brandi is.

Brandi Favre was one of five people arrested at the site of a meth lab in Diamondhead, Miss., Wednesday. It isn’t known what charges will be filed, if any, but things went down something like this.

Hancock County narcotics agents uncovered the active meth lab at a condo complex off Golf Club Drive. Seven of the units were evacuated.

Investigators said they spotted a drug buy in progress at a gas station at the front of Diamondhead. Those suspects then led deputies back to the meth lab location.

If you know anything about meth labs, you know only three kinds of people hang out in them — meth heads, people making meth and Hazmat teams. Brandi wasn’t on the Hazmat team, so I’ll let you figure the rest out.

Maybe if her big brother would have paid some attention to her, she wouldn’t be hanging out in meth labs.

Then, maybe if he paid some attention to his daughter, she wouldn’t have gotten knocked up.

And maybe if he paid some attention to his wife, she wouldn’t be ready to divorce him.

Shit, maybe Brett should just play football until he dies. He’s fucked everything else up.

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  1. Brad

    Wow, I guess I really never thought about how screwed up the rest of his life is. Well, at least he has a lot of money to kill his sorrows.

  2. brando

    Favre sucks… he won one Suprbowl. Ok. What did he do between ’98 and 2010? 12 years of mediocrity that’s what. Lots of medoicrity and lots of numbers and statsthat look good on paper. I feel bad for Rodgers. He had to live in the shadows because of Selfish Favre.

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