Favre Allegedly Tried To Bag A Masseuse While With The Vikings

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Brett Favre

Just keep your dick in your pants, alright?

Brett Favre likes to bang just about anything that isn’t his wife.

Or maybe his wife just doesn’t like to bang him.

Whatever the case, there’s another masseuse claiming Favre tried to get with her. Stephanie Dusenberry, who formerly worked for the Minnesota Vikings and now works independently with several Vikings’ players, claims Favre texted her inappropriate messages.

Where have I heard this story before? Oh yeah…

Favre was sued for sexual harassment earlier this month by two massage therapists who worked for the New York Jets when the quarterback was with the team. Dusenberry’s story is similar to theirs.

Dusenberry was a fan of Favre’s and eager to work with such a high-profile client. Unfortunately, the texts from Favre veered into the sort of creepy banter she’d gotten from other players. “I was crying, ” she says. “I was so disappointed.” Dusenberry points out that Favre’s texts were similar to the ones he allegedly sent the Jets’ massage therapists, asking her to stop by his home because his wife was away (“you don’t know what it’s like to not be touched by a woman in three weeks”).

Favre persisted, however, and she responded that the texts were making her uncomfortable and that she was going to contact the police. Favre, she says, began to apologize and insist “it’s not like that.” In early September, she contacted Jerrad Biggar of the Eden Prairie police department. As Dusenberry remembers it, she mentioned Favre specifically and asked for advice about what to do. Biggar, according to Dusenberry, told her that Favre wasn’t doing anything legally wrong and that the police couldn’t do anything beyond calling the quarterback and telling him to stop bothering her.

So what’s going to come out of this?

Probably nothing, as far as the NFL goes.

Favre is officially retired, so the league can’t take any action against him.

Dusenberry says she deleted the texts from Favre, but she’s trying to retrieve them from her provider and has retained some big-shot lawyers, so a lawsuit isn’t out of the question.

Perhaps the one interesting angle, is Dusenberry reported several incidents her superiors when she worked for the Vikings. That could put the team on the line for disciplinary action if the league decides to investigate.

As for Favre, really the only thing that surprises me is he didn’t have the good sense to go about his philandering in a more discreet way.

I mean, really? Text messages — no one will ever find those or use those against you, right?

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10 Comments on "Favre Allegedly Tried To Bag A Masseuse While With The Vikings"

    • Chris

      I think Stephanie Dusenberry cares, the two Jets Masseuses do too. Women who have had their claims of sexual harassment buried by corporate America do as well.

      If you have a short attention span and want to move on…that’s nice. I say let Brett (and the organizations that helped cover for him) fry in the court of public opinion.

  1. nathan

    um….why did he have her number and why can’t she get the text messages from her service carrier? If this were harrassment she had to object to it and giving out your number is a sign that she welcomed some sort of advancement.

    • Chris

      Wow… first, her number was given to Viking’s players by Vikings head trainer Eric Sugarman…if you’d even made the slightest effort to read the article that TP referenced here you would have seen that.

      Further, are you honestly saying that every businessperson who gives out a contact number in a professional capacity should expect sexual harassment. Does that apply to car salesmen, ad execs..etc?


  2. iltarion

    She worked for the team. It would be easy enough to get her number. All Brent had to do was ask someone for it. Hell, the way Chilly and Wulf were with Brent, they’d probably give him their wives’ numbers if he asked.

    Apparently you missed the part of the article where she objected to it. Its there.

    I’m not sure there is anything to gain for her by coming out with this. The way Jenn Sterger has been treated you’d think all the women would stay the hell away from this. Maybe she thinks she can throw in with the Jets’ masseuses for a class action. It does make their case stronger, even without further evidence. It shows a pattern.

    So, does this mean that the Packers don’t have no attractive masseuses working for them? What’s up with that?

    The water continues to get hotter for Brent… how humiliating…

    Does Tiger Woods strike you as a moron? See, when it comes to women, all guys are morons.

    • Abe Frohman

      makes me wonder how much the Packers covered up for Brett over the years. He was a pig before he got married. He was apparently a pig in New York. Now it appears he was a pig in Minnesota, too.

  3. Miva

    Meet Stephanie Dusenberry­, she is a sports massage therapist, well not any therapist, Brett Favre’s third massage therapist that has joined Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole in their alleged scandal with the retired football player. What does she have to say about her relationsh­ip with him? Is she giving away the names of other players? Is she suing him as well? Are the problems for him with these women ever going to end? Keep reading and you will discover details that will blow your mind, and you will for sure want to share your thoughts about it!
    Stephanie Dusenberry­: Brett Favre’s Other Massage Therapist http://spo­rts.rightp­undits.com­/?p=5756

  4. Buddy

    The hell with Favre and the Vikings they are not playing any more. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers indeed are still playing. Fuck yeah! Let’s forget about those losers and talk about our winners.
    Go Pack!

  5. LA

    I don’t get the segue from “you’re making me uncomfortable” to “I’m calling the police.” Jersey Shore makes me uncomfortable, but I’m not calling 911. Did she feel threatened? And if so, why? While I have no doubt that the texts made her feel uncomfortable, and since they worked together, were inappropriate, but hardly a 911 offense. Am I missing something?

  6. s

    I am sure this is not new behavior. Maybe when he was with the Packers that was part of the “perks”…he got to hit on everything in a skirt and it was flattering because he was a legend…or were told to zip it about his behavior because of who he was…then he moved on to teams where he wasn’t such hot shit and got called out on it. I would not be surprised if other people who were harassed start coming forward. Too bad. I feel bad for his wife. Its not like she was one of those NFL wives who jumped on the fame train and married a Pro Athlete knowing what she was getting into…she was there from the very beginning. Shitty situation.

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