Clifton Will Be Back

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Chad Clifton

The 11-year vet says he isn't going anywhere.

Green Bay Packers left tackle Chad Clifton confirmed he plans on returning next season, earlier this week.

There was some thought the 11-year veteran would ride off into the sunset if the Packers win the Super Bowl, but Clifton didn’t hesitate to say no when asked if he might retire.

Although he’s been bothered by two balky knees over the past few seasons, Clifton held is own as a pass blocker and made the Pro Bowl, this season. At this point in his career, he’ll never be confused with an adequate run blocker, but Clifton does have two years left on his contract.

Clifton signed a three-year, $20 million deal with the Packers prior to the 2010 season. Of that, $7.5 million was guaranteed, so if the Packers decide Clifton’s time is up and want to part ways with him, the option is available.

The team will certainly want to get a look at Bryan Bulaga at left tackle sometime soon.

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5 Comments on "Clifton Will Be Back"

  1. iltarion

    Tough call. Clifton is still a good pass blocking left tackle, and I’d hate to waive a guy that is an all time Packer. On the other hand, we drafted Bulaga to play left tackle. So, unless we’ve decided that Bulaga is going to make a better right tackle, I could see a problem here.

    Really, TJ Lang held his own against Peppers after a rough start. So, if Clifton stays, and we’re happy with Bulaga at RT, then this practically takes a draft need off the board for us.

  2. I have never been the biggest Clifton fan…but he is nails this seson (cause hes healthy and experienced) You could make the arguement that he is the 2nd most important person on our offense. Cliffy is the man.

      • TyKo in Steamboat CO

        Dude stopped Julius Peppers, Jerrod Allen (overrated douche-bag) and many other pass rushers dead in their tracks. He protects Rodgers’ blind-side. We all saw what happened the season before when he went down week 2 vs. Cinci…we fell apart week 4 vs. the ‘Queens on a Monday night.
        Dude is a pro-bowler and he’s prolly the 2nd most important person on our offense.

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