An Uprising Of Support From Broncos Country

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Jay Cutler

I breathe through my mouth!!!

Face it. No one likes the Chicago Bears except for FIBs and maybe two people in Iowa.

The point was once again reinforced when Steffen, the other mastermind behind this venerable institution known as Total Packers, asked one of our friends, and one of biggest Denver Broncos fans on the planet, to ask his brethren to support your Green Bay Packers.

To say the outpouring has been a little bit more than any of us expected would be an understatement.

It’s true, many Broncos fans are driven by a dislike for a certain mouth-breathing Chicago Bears quarterback, but quite of few of them genuinely like the Packers — as a secondary team to the Broncos, of course.

While it’s true that the Broncos beat the Packers in one of the most gut-wrenching defeats in Packers’ history, it’s also true that Broncos fans are nothing short of good, solid football fans. They’re passionate, knowledgeable, and unlike Vikings and Bears fans, aren’t driven by an inferiority complex.

So, here’s to you Broncos Country.

Packers Nation thanks you for your support.

You can check out the thread at Mile High Report.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

15 Comments on "An Uprising Of Support From Broncos Country"

  1. Broncoes fans need to apologize for cheating in Super Bowl XXXII before I’ll take them seriously.

    BTW, the Charles Martin “Body Slam” on Jim McMahon was a Belly to Back Suplex, not a Body Slam, in response to the Chicago Bears competing against the WWE Superstars in an NFL vs WWE Battle Royal at WrestleMania 2.

    — The Rated Republican Superstar
    The Anonymous General Manager of Political Entertainment

  2. Slyfoxorigama

    Broncos fans are big babies where is their team now huh? wow another post showing dislike to the Chicago bears you guys are such whiners and crybabies you should worry about the mass suicide your cheddar state will have when the fudgepackers get murdered this sunday.

    • Fitting you call Broncos fans big babies when your QB is the biggest crybaby of them all. I sincerely hope that Clay Matthews shatters both of his femurs and, to quote the bretheren on my blog, “hit him right in the diabetes” which I believe is that small area underneath his nutsack where you’re sure to find traces of Brian Urlacher’s lipstick and crusted on remains of Mike Martz’s man batter. Go pack.

    • Buddy

      I don’t think that anybody is going to get murdered or bludgeoned or mamed this weekend, well maybe in the south side of Chi-town. Either way that’s besides the point. The fact of the matter is that this Sly Fox person has such a trite sense of trash talking. “Cry Babies” that is so basic. I would reference the Bear fans as “Starved for a signature win” Who have they dominated this year to get thier proverbial NFC North title. The Panthers, The Vikings at TCF stadium. Green Bay has put down two coaches and won 4 must win games to keep playing.

      Hold your toungue Fox, let’s see how this plays out before we get too hasty.

  3. Slyfoxvagina

    Fudge packers…so original. Thanks for proving this article’s point about Bear fans’ inferiority complex. Obviously you’ve never spent time west of your shithole so I will clue you in as to what you are missing. Broncos fans happen to be passionate and knowledgeable football fans. Their team is rebuilding so they choose to throw their weight behind THE MOST passionate and knowledgeable fan base in the NFL. That and they also realize Cutler is a mouth breathing Fucktard. Fitting that he plays for Chicago. Have fun watching the Pack hoist the Halas trophy in your house this week. Maybe the Cubs will be good this year…

  4. Kiyoshi


    I see you met the 5th grade minimum in chicagos school system congrats.

    I heard how hard that can be. But you did it buddy!

    and I know someone in chicago who passed the 7th grade. Equal to college there.

    You guys are so awesome.

  5. Slyfoxorigama

    HAHA very amazing comparison of school systems. Question. Do you guys have dentists over there it seems like everytime I go to Wisconsin there are hordes of toothless hillbillies there. Maybe there isn’t a dentist college over there? Who knows but Mr. Vagina over there seems to love Broncos if they were so passionate they would’ve never let that clown mcdaniels over there and therefore wouldnt need to be rebuilding.

    We don’t need to rebuild we have the best football team and I forgot to mention…CHICAGO BEARS ARE NFC NORTH CHAMPS!!! So who’s inferior now? =D

    • Abe Frohman

      Feel free to rip the Broncos on a Packer’s site. That’s very big of you.

      In the schools in Wisconsin, questions end with a question mark. They also teach us what a run on sentence is.

      As for being hillbillies, Illinois so fucking flat that yes, I can appreciate why you’d say that. (and if you’ve ever ventured outside of Chicago to say Springfield – your state capital in case you were not aware – you might know that) Way to go super fan Bill Swerski!

    • DevilDon

      Hey Slyfoxorgasmicoverdoublechins:
      Is that your best material? Dentists? Shoot, you should write for David Letterman hey?
      Let’s try another okay? How about your mother smokes a corn cob pipe, or better yet, let’s get creative:
      Your sister is made of cotton fiber woven into a loose whore.
      Dentists? lmfao. Tell me why you can’t keep your fucking cars on the other side of the state line every single weekend. Oh yea, because there’s NOTHING there to look at. Nothing beautiful, nothing peaceful, nothing civil.
      Fukkin funny shit, huge midwest city with an inferiority complex.
      Get prepared to be really, really sad azzpipe.

  6. Slyfoxvagina

    NFC North champs pales in comparison to NFC champs. Or Super Bowl champs. We shall see if your constant diarrea of the mouth continues Sunday afternoon…

  7. Yeah stupid Broncos god why do you even care your team sucked there not even in the playoffs hahahaha, and you knowwhat another thing is we’re glad to have cutler. why dont you slob on tewbows nob some more.

  8. Wisconsin is in the top ten academic states in the US. Fact, not fiction. Illinois probably does well, too in the top 20. However, Chicago Bears fans are delusional, they are all super confident that the Bears are going to win!? As a Packers fan (the team with much more upside than the Bears) I am guarded about this intense division rival battle. I think it comes down to a few big plays. Because of this belief, I’m not going to go to the chicago tribune and spat shit-talk all over the comments section. If a Bears fan is really that confident, and knows something I don’t know, than I guess power to you. But your cradle will fall and down will come cradle, baby and all. Hope you’re man enough to stick around when your cradle breaks.

  9. Buddy

    These Bear fans are clearly unemployed baby daddies. Let them be drains on thier own trashy Chicago urban society. If you would rather dwell in the confines of a large overpopulated area then so be it. It seems to make more sense to be proud, independant and have room to move in the wonderful clean air state of Wisconsin. Let them cherish the smell of thier own stench and believe the bullshit that runs freely from thier mouths. We are strong and have good roots in our state from which the Green Bay Packers hail from. I love being a Packer fan! Go Pack Go!

  10. hey look, Elway is impressed with Rodgers. His opinion means a lot, he played the game with skill and grace, and was one of the best. Unfortunately, he had to be unimpressed with Cutler, when the 22-year-old Cutler watched tv rather than Elway in a dinner setting. Unbelievable.

    When you step into a Hall of Famer’s shoes like Aaron’s had to in Green Bay and then perform as well as he’s performed, it just goes to show what he’s made of,” Hall of Fame quarterback and two-time Super Bowl winner John Elway said.

    “I’ve played golf with Aaron, a class kid with that demeanor that he’s able to handle all the different things that have come at him. He’s just moving into his prime. We saw how good he can be the other night.”

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