Win Packers Gloves And Ear Warmers From 180s

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Okay, so we just got a box full of Green Bay Packers gear from 180s and guess what?

We’re going to give it all away to thank you for reading.

First, this is the swag you can win.

Green Bay Packers ear warmers:

These are the kind of ear warmers that wrap around the back of your head, so you don’t look like a tool wearing ear warmers. They’re adjustable and they retail for $35. We have the adult size, which will fit any normal-sized adult head, but will probably not fit your kid’s head.

Green Bay Packers gloves:

These are fleece gloves, but what’s really cool is they have Tec Touch fabric pods on the inside, so you can operate your iPod, phone, etc., without taking your gloves off. I imagine that will come in handy in Wisconsin. The other cool thing they have is Exhale technology, which allows you blow into your gloves to warm your hands or cool them if they get too warm without taking the gloves off. These also retail for $35. We have size large, so make sure your hands are big or you know someone who has big hands.

Here’s what you need to do to win.

Simply tell us, in the comments, what you want for Christmas. We’ll choose the best answers and let you choose what you want.

That’s right, I said answers. We have four pairs of ear warmers and two pairs of gloves, so there will be multiple winners. Here’s how we’ll dole things out.

The person who submits the best answer will get their choice of what they want. They can choose both things if they want. The person who submits the second-best answer will get to choose next. We’ll go on until there’s nothing left.

Please make sure you include your email address when you comment, so we can contact you.

Finally, your best shot to win is to be creative and say something more than “for the Packers to make the playoffs.” Humor is appreciated.

We’ll close the contest on Christmas day at some point, depending on how drunk we get.

Good luck.

About The Author

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

54 Comments on "Win Packers Gloves And Ear Warmers From 180s"

  1. Jason george

    All I want for Xmas is for my friends and family to live a long happy and healthy life, Plus a playoff spot for the packers, if not that then a O-linemen in the 2011 NFL draft I prefer Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin

  2. Brad

    This year I want Jay Cutler and all of those mouth breathers in Chicago to choke during the playoffs (as they usually do.)
    I want Brett Favre to recover from his concussion only to get suspended for his picture peep show.
    I want the Lions to win out. (I’m sick of them getting all the good draft picks.)
    I want Tom Brady’s hair to get pulled out on a sack.
    I want Clay Matthews’ to return to how he played earlier in the season.
    I want Aaron Rodgers to learn how to slide.
    I want someone to help Mike McCarthy learn how to wisely use his timeouts.
    Most of all, I want the Packers to put two decent games together and finish the season 10-6.

  3. jeremy

    All I want for Christmas is this…

    I want Mike McCarthy to look deep into his asshole and to locate his head, wipe the shit off of it, put it back were it belongs and then realize that while he’s really good a some aspects of being a head coach he needs help with others. IE, clock and game management, teaching the rules of the game to the players, and evaluating his assistants. After that Clay and Aaron will make all of our Christmas’s and New Year’s Holy Fucking Jolly.

  4. ARapp

    All I want for Christmas is;

    1- The Packers to win their last two games, and make the playoffs.
    2- Once in the playoffs, We play the Eagles and a stray dog gets loose, runs on the field, and rips Vick’s arm off…and we win.
    3- Brett Favre to admit he’s a cocksucker, screwed Packer fans over, and admit that he wouldn’t be anywhere without us.
    4- Once hearing this…I want Packer fans to laugh at him, and say…”I’m sorry…I was too busy watching Aaron Rodgers play circles around you to listen to your stupid ass apology.”
    5- A Superbowl would be nice too.
    6- And a puppy.

    The End.

  5. Tyler

    All I want for Christmas is some respect for Ted Thompson. Sure, the dude is borderline albino pasty white. True, he is awkward. I agree the guy is quiet, kind of weird, shy, and looks a bit like an evil Muppet. Yes, he does have a sexual orientation that would be more at home in the Castro District of San Francisco than incredibly conservative Green Bay. And yes, he drafted Justin Harrell and passed on Randy Moss. Sure, he ran old #4 out of town. We all know about his absolute refusal to dip into the free agency market.

    But how about this: 14 players on IR, 8 of whom were week one starters and still The Packers are in charge of their own Playoff destiny. Thompson has created a phenomenally deep roster that keeps our playoff hopes not only alive but bright. How about Matt Flynn? What was that everyone was saying about NEEDING a veteran backup QB? Passing on overrated Lynch? Check. Locking up the main pieces of an all star roster for the long run? Check. How about trading up for the Claymaker? How about bringing in Woodson? Finding gems like Tramon, Bishop, Lang, Shields, Jolly, Finley all in late rounds? Smartly cutting ties with Al Harris, bringing in Dom Capers? Not bringing in Haynesworth when every Packer blogger in the world wanted to? Refusing to pay Javon Walker? Showing McKenzie the door? Basically eliminating the “rebuilding years” we were all expecting when Brett left? Wait, he’s done that. ALL of that.

    What’s a guy gotta do to get some respect around here? My patience for McCarthy is thinning, but you can’t say that Ted hasn’t done more than enough to keep the Packers competitive and in a position to make a run. The fact that Flynn and a rag tag crew of second and third stringers with a sprinkling of practice-squadders held their own and were one mistake away from beating the best team in the league says a lot about the roster he’s built. We were one Emilio Estevez away from being D9 from Mighty Ducks.

    That’s what I want for Christmas. Now I’m getting off Santa’s lap because I think he’s got a candy cane in his pocket that’s sticking into my thigh.

  6. Doug

    I live in Chicago, so for Christmas I want a first round playoff game against the Bears. That way I’ll be able to revel in the misery of these idiots who think

    1) That J Cuts is more than a redux of Sexy Rexy, just with more pouting

    2) That an “anniversary” of the last time you won the big game is something to be celebrated

    3) That their piece of shit stadium is more than a tiny NFL sideshow with the same amount of character as Lindsay Lohan after 12 drinks and six lines

    4) That saying “da Bears” and wearing a molestache is funny and original

    These bastards are so obnoxious and brutish that Minnesota fans are vowing to pull for us from here out. It’s that bad. Kicking their asses in the playoffs would be a sweet gift and I want to be able to taste their tears.

  7. Ryan Beckner

    All I want for Christmas is my Floridian girlfriend to become a Packers fan so I don’t have to dump her for New Years’.

  8. Cody

    All I want for Christmas is…
    1) Jay Cutler to forget his insulin shot before the Packers game, only to pass out mid dropback and literally get beheaded by CM3.
    2) Have a night on the town with A-Rodge, drinking our socks off and end up banging Erin Andrews and Jenn Sterger together while continually high-fiving each other.
    3) Andrew Quarless to catch a pass thrown to him.
    4) Attend the annual love boat celebration (we all know it happens), later convincing AP to come sign with the Pack and end up lighting the houseboat on fire as we ride to the shore on my jetski laughing at the sexual assault accusations that have been brought upon Childress.
    5) Kick Eric Connelly in the nutsack as hard as my size 10 foot will allow.
    6) Buzz the shit out of Tom Brady’s hair like they used to do in Jackass while giving him a face-full of slap with my hand full of talcum powder.
    7) But lastly and certainly not least, I want the best muthafucking professional sports franchise to not only make the playoffs but win Super Bowl 45…and in Aaron Rodgers post game MVP speech, get to observe first-hand him literally taking a shit on Favre’s chest.
    Merry Christmas to all and GO PACK!

  9. Buddy

    All I want for Christmas is Eli Mannings dumb fuck look on his face wiped off after Clay Mathews smears it into Lambeau field so deep that it breaks open the heating pipes underneath and melts it off while Charles Woodson runs in the pick six for the winning touchdown. A piar of those sweet Packer gloves would be nice as well.

    • Monty

      I could have told you that about the local tourism in Suring. There used to be more bars per capita than anywhere in Wisconsin, though.

  10. Andy

    For Christmas, I’d love
    1. For the Packers to pay back Eli Manning for being a bitch and winning the NFC championship at Lambeau field by having Clay Matthews III snap his neck and run his body into the endzone, giving the Packers 45 points and an automatic playoff berth.
    2. For that cunt Brett Favre to finally stop ruining the NFL with his shitty waffling and retarded, child like play, and for his punishment for sexting to be that no sports show ever mentions anything about him again.
    3. For the Packers to embarrass the Bears in the last game of the season and again in the playoffs, taking us to the Super Bowl where we get revenge for last week’s game against the Patriots by ending Tom Brady’s career with a knee injury, executing Dan Connolly, and scoring 300 points while allowing nothing, with every Packers player being the MVP
    4. Sex with Jenn Sterger. Lots and Lots of sex with Jenn Sterger.

  11. Jesse Ruth

    All I want for Christmas is a flux capacitor for my Hyundai. Then I can go back to training camp and, using a bullhorn or air horn (maybe a Viking horn), create a small disturbance. Hopefully, I will be able to cause enough of a butterfly effect to alter the future slightly (i.e. avoiding Grant’s injury, special teams failures, Rodgers’ concussions, McCarthy’s clock management errors, Connolly’s runback, etc.).

  12. For Christmas i woul like to see the PACK win their last two games to become a playoff team…an embarrassment of the sChitcago bears on Jan 2nd. would be lovely…(i’ve also noticed going to Ace Hardware today the abundance of d-bags with new bears hats on…I would also like to see Finley, Grant, Barnett, Jones, Jenkins and Zombo come back healthy and fresh for the PACK’s 1st wildcard game and make individual impacts…i’d like to see the PACK heat-up, win 6 games in a row…win the LOMBARDI trophy and restore order to title town…and also to see the ViQueens move to Los Angeles…side note: the Bears are an over-rated paper tiger with a poor offensive line that will be exposed in Lambeau. They mafiaed the Lions in week 1 and the Pack also got homered in week 3. At least the ViQueens suck very, very badly. GPG

  13. Max Wersland

    What I want for Christmas is for Aaron Rodgers to have more rushing yards than Brandon Jackson at the end of the season, and for Josh Sitton to have a 72 yard kick off return just to beat Dan Connoly’s record

  14. ay hombre

    All I want for Christmas is a new Head Coach!

    One like Holmgren not McCarthy or Sherman. Speaking of which… and why the hell are all of our head coaches named Mike lately?

    Shit! That’s it! That has to be how Mike McCarthy got the job in the first place…his name is Mike, it all makes sense now! It certainly couldn’t have been based on his past history of success…and you know why? He hasn’t had any success! Not at any level! Ok so the Saints won a division or 2 when he was there but that’s not a huge deal. He convinced the Saints to trade for Aaron Brooks…yeah a lot of good that did them!

    All I want for Christmas is a new Head Coach.

  15. Buddy

    All I wan’t for Christmas is a pair of those sweet gloves so I can give them to Clay Mathews to bitch slap the shit out of Jay Cuntler the last game of the year. Then I would like one of those ear warmers to give to Cuntler after they lose in the playoffs to muffle the boo’s, and soften the blow of the barrage of snowballs.

  16. WhatUSaid

    All WhatUSaid’s wants for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and New Years is for TotalPackers.Com to get rid of the fucking pop up ads…………(pushed down slide)……. AND an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!


  17. nurseratchett

    All I want for Christmas is
    1) for the beotch at work who sticks her head in my office at least twice a day to say “da Bears” to be stricken with a horrible swelling disease that makes her fake ta-ta’s explode, blowing silicone all over the guy down the hall who is a ViQueens fan.
    2) to win out, make the play-offs, bitch slap all of the NFC, face the Patsies again in the super bowl and make Tom Brady weep like the little fluffy haired bitch he is.
    3) for my husband to attend the “Football 101” seminar at Lambeau next year so I don’t have to keep explaining what just happened while I’m either cheering my ass off or cussing at Mikey for play calling/clock management/looking like Fred Flinstone. (Hope he doesn’t read this…LOVE YOU B!)
    4) those ear warmers because the big G knit headband I currently wear pushes my bangs up over the top of it & makes me look like I’m waiting for the small bus to take me to a Bears game.
    and finally….
    5) to win the gloves too to give to my big brother who taught me all about football and insured I was a Pack Fan from the age of 2.
    GO PACK GO!!!

  18. TKin Grove

    All I want for Christmas is for the Bear fans to SHUT UP!!! While I don’t hate the Bear bastards as much as any of the Vi-Queens, they are annoying as hell and think they have a team that go the distance. The sad truth is they have won with smoke and mirrors and will get spanked in the first round.

  19. Gary F

    It Doesn’t get much better than #35 Written by nurseratchett. I say give her both,and move on. I’m still laughing

  20. Joe

    All I want for X-Mas is for Rolle to eat his words, and my favorite writer Monte to appear on ESPN.

    And for a New Year’s resolution, I want the Packers to show who the Bears really are, a bunch of pricks, and then double that by beating them in the Playoffs.

  21. All I want for Christmas is six consecutive wins starting with Clay and A.J. closing the “Book of Eli” this Sunday at Lambeau. And beating duh-Bears would be an especially sweet stocking stuffer.
    Ho Ho Ho, Go Pack go!

  22. justin

    of course as a true packer fan, i bleed green and gold, and for xmas all i want is a gb pack super bowl ring. but besides that i would like to see a divorced and even more down-trodden brent farve. also i would like the address to that Farve is the Man commenter so i could promptly kick him in his vagina.

  23. 1. Masturbation video of Jenn Steger
    2. A win against the G(ay)-men
    3. Booth help on throwing the challenge flag
    4. Some beer, eh
    5. Todd Rungren Greatest Hits EP
    6. Autographed Chuck Cecil facemask
    7. Lindy memorabilia
    8. Brittany Favre real doll (and/or fleshlight)
    9. Playoff shutout against da Bears at their house
    10. 3 car fatal accident between Brian Billick, Chris Collingsworth and Jon Gruden
    11. Peace and love in 2011

  24. JerseyPackFan

    A few things I would like for Christmas. A cure for Crohn’s Disease for my wife and her twin sister. They are both suffering from a strain that is untreatable. Also, a new spinal fusion for my wife as well seeing the first one failed. not too much to ask right? Oh and for everyone else, world peace.

  25. Carleta Cates

    for xmas—-my son and his girlfriend are coming to the Jan 1 packer game—very excited for them. They need earmuffs and gloves!

  26. Dear Green and Gold Santa All I want for Xmas is :
    1.) Another Big Fat Superbowl ring for our hard working team,
    2.) Tickets to Lambeau for any home game…and if I’m especially GOOD….tickets to the Packers super bowl game this year :)
    3.) Good health and no injuries for our team…
    true focus….and victory for them all…
    Love to take my mom….she’s very old…and not sure how much longer she will be around…woud love to take her to see our team in action.

  27. Dear Green and Gold Santa All I want for Xmas is :
    1.) Another Big Fat Superbowl ring for our hard working team,
    2.) Tickets to Lambeau for any home game…and if I’m especially GOOD….tickets to the Packers super bowl game this year :)
    3.) Good health and no injuries for our team…
    true focus….and victory for them all…
    Love to take my mom….she’s very old…and not sure how much longer she will be around…woud love to take her to see our team in action….. Know she would look HOT in those ear muffs…lol
    GO PACK!!!

    Matt ;)

  28. Elaine

    All I want for Christmas is a peaceful world, no poverty, no hatred and another superbowl win by the Packers!!!!

    P.S. I also have a double for Aaron Rodgers, he looks exactly like him, where does he try out?

  29. Kris Jaastad

    All I want for Christmas is for the Packers to kick some Bear A**!!
    “There once was a team called the Packers,
    Who were certainly not known as hackers,
    When their game day came,
    They proved all their fame,
    By crumbling their opponents like crackers!!”

  30. you said you got a box full of Green Bay Packer gear and all you are giving away is 4 pair of earwarmers and 2 pairs of gloves…that’s only 6 winners! Really-good thing the Packers have a better record than you guys…All I want for Christmas is a pair of earwarmers…oh then there would be only 5 winners left. Merry Christmas you cheap skates!

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