We Hardly Knew Ye, TJack

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Tarvaris Jackson

Jackson was at least decent at this.

Over in Minnesota, things continue to get worse for the Vikings, which normally would be great.

That’s not the case, at the moment, however.

In addition to the giant hole in the roof of their shitty stadium and concerns surrounding the availability of TCF Bank Stadium, where the Vikings are trying to host their Monday night game, this week, the Vikings have lost quarterback Tarvaris Jackson to injured reserve.

TJack got shelved with a turf toe after making his first start of the season, on Monday. The Vikings normal shitty quarterback, Brett Favre, continues to be sidelined with a shoulder injury, meaning those losers may have to turn to rookie Joe Webb, this week.

The Vikings also signed Patrick Ramsey, who didn’t play a down of football this season during stints in Jacksonville and Miami and has never passed for more than 2,200 yards in an NFL season.

Under normal circumstances, I’d be perfectly happy if the Vikings went 0-16 and their entire roster ended up on injured reserve or in prison, but this isn’t the typical week.

The Vikings host the Chicago Bears, this week.

If the Green Bay Packers have any shot of winning the NFC North, they’re going to need the Vikings to beat the Bears.

While Jackson has played like his usual shitty self this season — a 63.9 rating, three touchdowns vs. four interceptions — he still gives the Vikings a better shot against the Bears than Ramsey or Webb.

Unfortunately, he’s probably played his last snap for the Vikings. Jackson is in a contract year and if the Vikings loved him that much, they wouldn’t have begged Favre and his hairy balls to come back for the 2010 season.

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8 Comments on "We Hardly Knew Ye, TJack"

  1. Vijay

    The Bears will win this division…going into the season, who would’ve guessed? the good news is that against elite competition, the Bears still suck and will fail to win the ultimate prize at the end. GO PACK IN 2012 (post strike)!!

  2. Richard

    Congrats to the Bears. It must be nice to have ownership that seriously tries for playoff success instead of that cheap, garbage-picking underachieving GM the Packers have.

  3. iltarion

    The Bears GM traded all their draft picks away for Jay Cutler and hired Lovie Smith. The Bears are horseshit. They should have lost twice to D-troi. They beat the Packers on a last second FG at home after the Pack got saddled with 18 effin penalties. The Bears are as deserving of being in the playoffs as the winner of the NFC West. Oh, wait, the Bears lost to Seattle at home. The Bears will be there by default only and promptly get their asses kicked.

  4. Richard

    Technically, if they make the playoffs and lose their first game, they’ve accomplished as much as the Packers have the last 3 seasons. More, if you give extra credit to winning the division.

  5. Buddy

    Hey Dick “Richard. You smell like a Queen fan. Duh Bears are winning as of late largely because they played teams with key players injured, such as Miami without 1st or second string, Philly without star corner, Detroi without 1st and 2nd string. Without key starters you’re team might as well be in the CFL. So blow it out your butthole Dicky you stinky rat!

  6. Richard

    No need to get upset and take it out on me. I didn’t coach these August Super Bowl Contenders into a potential 2011 top 15 draft pick, that was Coach McCarthy and his overrated, underqualified coaching staff. The Bears have had an easy schedule this season, but its still not as easy as GBs was last season.

  7. iltarion

    Bears suck. I don’t even have any ill will towards them. I save that for the effin Vikings. I’m just keeping it real. The Packers should roll them the last game of the season. Fortunately for the Bears, that isn’t going to matter now.

    There is no correlation between spending money as a GM and winning games. In fact, as said by Andrew Brandt, who knows a little about it, the saying around the league is- “Those who play in March don’t play in January.”

    New England, Pittsburgh and the Colts are all great examples of this. They consistently win, and they do shit in free agency. In fact, New England was a player in free agency a couple years ago, and has backed away from it, returning to their old style of building with the draft and finding largely unwanted free agents who they then turn into stars.

  8. Richard

    I’m sorry, but comparing what Ted Thompson has done the last 3 years to the Colts, Steelers, and Patriots and their Super Bowl titles is complete insanity.

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