Thank You, Matt Flynn

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Big numbers from this guy Sunday night

Matt Flynn is my new favorite Packer.

The third-year quarterback more than held his own in his first start on the road against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Sunday night.  He dominated the first half, not making a mistake until a pick-six early in the second half that was wideout James Jones’ fault, and finished with 251 yards, three touchdowns and one interception.

He played like a winner, and set the tone for an underdog Packers’ offense that was expected to flounder after starter Aaron Rodgers suffered his second concussion of the season and couldn’t play. He gave the Packers confidence and, yes, even leadership when they needed it.

“I’m speechless,” Jones told the Journal Sentinel. “He came in and took control of this team. He played flawlessly, besides the turnover, which was my fault. He came in and stepped up. He’s a great quarterback and he’s got a bright future in this game.”

Mike McCarthy sang Flynn’s praises after the game, and even the world’s grumpiest old man, Patriots coach Bill Belichick, had to give it up for the kid.

“He does a good job managing the game,” Belichick said. “He’s a good quarterback.”

Flynn did have some clock management issues at the end of the game that could have cost the Packers the upset win, but I blame that more on McCarthy & Co. than an inexperienced backup making his first career start on a huge national stage.

“He was being really smart tonight,” Patriots safety James Sanders told the Journal Sentinel. “He didn’t force anything. When things were covered and nothing was open downfield, he used his check-downs. He made us work for 60 minutes, running the boots (bootlegs), a couple scrambles here and there.”

The 25-year-old was terrific most of the night, showing poise and accuracy that shut the Patriots-loving mouth of analyst Cris Collinsworth from time to time.

And, as Matt Bowen points out, Flynn may have made himself some money with the performance.

Whenever he hits free agency — or is in contract talks with the Packers — he can always turn on the tape from Sunday night’s game as proof of his ability.

I know I, for one, am sold.

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Sarah is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities, a lifelong Packers fan and an ardent supporter of all things anti-Vikings.

12 Comments on "Thank You, Matt Flynn"

  1. iltarion

    Great game by Flynn, but the difference between him and A-Rodge is obvious any time the pass is thrown more than 30 yards downfield. Flynn puts too much air under the ball and gives the safety time to get in on the play. He also doesn’t have A-Rodge’s feel for the pocket, but that would probably come with some experience.

    Something we knew coming in with Flynn is that he QB’d and won a BCS Title game. Therefore, we know he is never going to be intimidated by the situation. He has handled big time pressure before and performed.

    • nurseratchett

      You and me both, Madcity.

      I have to give a ton of credit to Jackson & Kuhn (pronounced KUUUUUUHN). The surprising appearance of a run game gave Flynn something Rodgers hasn’t had consistently these season-the possibility that a play action fake might be a run!

      A side note-could’ve sworn I heard the crowd yelling KUUUUUUHN in New England….was I hearing things?

  2. Great post. Flynn played one hell of a game, and I’m glad to see that James Jones took credit/blame for that interception.

    Really, could you have asked much more of him, having to make up for ST blunders and an inconsistent o-line?

  3. This post is pretty indicative of why I was so pissed off at Collinsworth railing on him at the end of the game.

    How much of that does anyone honestly think can be put on Flynn? Can’t be more than 10% his fault. How does McCarthy not have something prepared at that moment? How are you not calling 2-3 plays at a time? Sure, Flynn probably should have taken the reins and called SOMETHING, but why is the staff putting him in the position where he has to do that?

    Just poor management down the stretch that kills us again.

  4. Flyboy

    Interesting comments. Would Lombardi be patting anyone on the back after a loss???????? Get real folks. This is another game the Pack could have and should have won. Coming close to winning doesn’t count for anything.

  5. Johnny Appleseed

    According to Collinsworth, Brady had the best game in the history of the NFL last night, at least twice he said a Brady pass was the best pass he’s EVER seen. What a fucking joker.

    • nurseratchett

      Thanks, Buddy. I’ll never be able to eat clam chowder again without thinking of that TOOL Collinsworth. LOL

  6. ay hombre

    And as far as James Jones game comments,

    “I’m speechless,” Jones told the Journal Sentinel. “He came in and took control of this team. He played flawlessly, besides the turnover, which was my fault. He came in and stepped up. He’s a great quarterback and he’s got a bright future in this game.”


    Aaron has been high on him all year but he’s as average as average gets.

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