Rodgers Is Offensive Player Of The Week

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Nah, this guy shouldn't have made the Pro Bowl.

Everything’s comin’ up Milhouse for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

First, he gets to bang Jessica Szohr and now he’s been named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against the New York Giants.

Rodgers was 25-of-37 for 404 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions in the Packers’ 45-17 win over the Giants. All of that was good for a 139.9 rating.

Rodgers also earned the nod for his performance against the San Francisco 49ers and if it weren’t for the concussion he suffered against Detroit, which caused him to miss a game and a half, he’d probably be looking at a player of the month honor.

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4 Comments on "Rodgers Is Offensive Player Of The Week"

  1. Buddy

    As much as he’s talked about on sports radio he should be in the Pro-bowl, but I’d rather see him not waste his time with that piddley little game and be in the Superbowl, there is potential if we win on Sunday.

  2. nurseratchett

    A-Rodge has won Fedex Air player of the week twice on, and is up for it again this week.

    Have any other NFC QB’s won this particular honor twice this season? I dunno but doubt it. I agree with Buddy that the probowl is a waste of time, but still….pisses me off.

  3. Buddy

    Listen to this delusional son of a bitch I read about on a bears blog:

    on December 29th, 2010 at 9:55 am

    Even though the Bears get the first round bye, it would be helpful to the NY Giants if they played a regular game against greenbay and not give them an easy win. The Giants need the playoffs this year

  4. Buddy

    Here’s the response:

    Does GiantsFan96 honestly think that the New York Giants didn’t play a REGULAR game against the Green Bay Packers and gave them an EASY win, really? That means he also thinks that the NYG did not want to control thier own destiny into the last game of the season. I think GiantsFan96 has mistaken “not playing a regular game” with not being able to match up with the GBP, at all. The NYG just didn’t have what it takes to win, that’s the fact of the matter, and frankly excuses don’t make the reality of it change one bit. I just hope Rex Grossman and DeAngelo Hall take it easy on the NYG so that GiantsFan96 doesn’t think that his team played another REGULAR game and gave the Washington Redskins an EASY win. The Giants need the playoffs, but the Packers wanted it more last week.

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