Rodgers Hurt; Packers Offense Pathetic In Loss To Lions

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Greg Jennings and Amari Spievey

Greg Jennings: remove head from ass.

To say the Green Bay Packers 7-3 loss to the Detroit Lions was a defensive struggle wouldn’t be giving the offenses proper credit for how horribly they played.

The game was 0-0 at the half. The first touchdown of the day didn’t come until midway through the fourth quarter, when Lions tight end Will Heller took a screen pass 13 yards for a score.

The real story of the day was Aaron Rodgers getting knocked out with a concussion in the second quarter. Backup Matt Flynn was ineffective to say the least. The Packers scaled back their game plan for Flynn, but he still looked unsure of himself in the pocket.

Flynn’s longest drive of the game (81 yards) ended when he was picked off by linebacker DeAndre Levy in the end zone. That wasn’t the only offensive miscue by the Packers on the day, though.

On the Packers first drive, rookie tight end Andrew Quarless fumbled after being hit by linebacker Landon Johnson. Rodgers was intercepted as well, although, it wasn’t his fault.

On the interception, Rodgers delivered a perfect deep ball to Greg Jennings — a ball that hit Jennings on the hands, in stride. Jennings bobbled the ball, it went backwards directly into the hands of Lions safety Amari Spievey and Jennings kept running like nothing happened, while Spievey ran the other way.

Then there was the play calling, the biggest gaffe coming with under two minutes, with the Packers driving for the potential winning score. On fourth-and-1, Mike McCarthy called for a deep pass to Jennings.

Jennings was open on the play, but Flynn hadn’t thrown many accurate balls all day. Maybe McCarthy forgot Rodgers was on the sideline.

Meanwhile, when McCarthy wasn’t being a dumbfuck, the Packers offensive line was getting worked by Ndamukong Suh and the Lions defensive line. Not only couldn’t the Packers get anything going on the ground — Rodgers led the team with 25 yards rushing — but the Lions racked up four sacks and consistently collapsed the pocket.

Defensive end Turk McBride (who?) had two of the sacks.

The Lions offense wasn’t any better, but it was good enough on this day.

Quarterback Drew Stanton finished 10-of-22 for 117 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. He was more of a threat on the ground than he was through the air, running for 44 yards.

The Lions big-play receiver, Calvin Johnson, was held to only one catch for 44 yards by the tandem of Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson.

In addition to Williams and Woodson, defensive end Ryan Pickett had a big day, finishing with nine tackles and a sack. Desmond Bishop and A.J. Hawk were solid against the run and the pass. Clay Matthews notched a sack, in addition to five tackles and Charlie Peprah got his first interception of the season.

None of that was enough, though, since the Packers offense decided not to show up.

The Packers managed only 13 first downs to Detroit’s 15 and totaled only 258 yards of total offense.



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21 Comments on "Rodgers Hurt; Packers Offense Pathetic In Loss To Lions"

  1. Nick K

    Bring on the idiots that want to defend MM. The guy is worthless and so is Flynn. The screen pass was there all day and I pretty sure they only ran it twice. Flynn should have stepped up, slid foward and got the 1yd needed for the first on the last drive, seriously WTF?

  2. oldschool

    After twelve football games you would think the Packers coaching staff would have figured out how to generate some kind of an effective running attack by now. Hell, we lost Grant on what, the third play of the season? To have your franchise quarterback feel he has to press his scrambles into big running plays…….hell we’re lucky he hasn’t been seriously injured before today.

    Mike McCarthy is obviously not committed to developing a SOLID running game. Fourth and one with a backup QB and he throws deep? First and goal on the nine with a backup QB and we don’t try a single run? Methinks we don’t have a winning coach, good enough to develop QB talent like AR and matching wideouts perhaps, but for Chrissakes we can’t threaten anyone with a basic running game by this time of the season? Please.

    Hats off to the Lions who saw today’s bullshit coming. If it weren’t for Dom Capers this team would have a losing record and MM’s head would be on the block. Does anyone think Vince Lombardi gave a shit if the other team “knew we were going to run” the football?

  3. Daaaave

    As much as I hate it when some newbie coach steps in and steals the glory from the guy who helped build the team, I think that needs to happen here. I am now certain that the Pack is never going to be great under MM.
    He might be a decent O-coord as far as designing a playbook, but he is one sh!t-tastic game manager and no leader of men. The injuries will be his excuse, but are not the real problem as the backups have played well enough. If they miss postseason, he needs to go. Maybe Capers could try a season or two.

  4. big t

    where was starks today? 8 or 9 carries after a solid effort last week. I guess we think we can run play action every down and fool the defense when our quarterback who played 1 half was our leading rusher….pathetic!!!! Saw this shit coming though, becoming pretty consistent under mm. nice job challenging jennings td also you dumbass

  5. Flyboy

    Come on guys, you can’t blame Jennings for this loss. Hell he may have dropped an easy one but the CATCH in the endzone would have made up for it had lard ass challenged it. Why is MM so adverser to the run????? That call on 4th and 1 was disgracefull and just plain STUPID!!!!! Get the first down and keep your chances alive. At least the Jets had an excuse last weekend. They were playing the PATRIOTS!!!!!!!! And what is up with the OL???????

  6. Bogmon

    I’d take Gruden. He’d come to Green Bay if he had the opportunity.
    Gruden knows what it takes to win it all and this Packers team has all the tools to do it.

    I don’t think Capers is head coach material….he’s a D coordinator and should stay that way.

    The non-challenge on the Jennings “td” catch really irks me. I’ve seen him challenge dumber things, but he let’s that one go?
    Makes no sense to me. McCarthy gets way to flustered in pressure situations. His time is done.

  7. Pat

    While it was a bad performance by it seems like the entire offense (and I hate making excuses) but it seems like injuries are finally catching up to the packers. Lets face it. Most teams would be a LOT worse with 12+ significant players on IR.

  8. iltarion

    Perhaps MM’s worst-coached game. It wasn’t his fault that Jennings turned a TD into an INT or that Quarless turned a drive into Lions’ territory into a fumble. However, the non-challenge of Jennings’ TD was a disaster that ended up being the difference in the game. That was a TD. The ball never touched the ground. Of course, that also makes you wonder why the ref standing literally 3 feet away can’t make the right call in the first place.

    Of course, if that play is correctly called or challenged and the Packers are ahead 7-0, then I would assume it is far more likely that when we had 1st and goal from the 9 that we would have run the football instead of going pass, pass-INT. Oops.

    Even more than on the offensive line, I put the blame for the running game this week in MM’s lap. James Starks had success last week running out of the inverted wishbone and the offset I. MM junked those formations this week and went back to the same effin formations that we have done shit in all year. Maybe our offensive line could run block better if they knew what RB and what fricking formation they were going to be blocking in this week. Pick an effin RB and formation and STICK WITH IT.

  9. iltarion

    Regardless, the Packers have a platoon’s worth of players on the IR and are probably 9-7 at worst. So, no, I would like to see Gruden here too, but it is not going to happen. MM isn’t going anywhere.

  10. jeremy

    “On fourth-and-1, Mike McCarthy called for a deep pass to Jennings.”

    I was already having fits on the first play of the last drive when they handed off for no gain letting almost 40 seconds run off of the clock before the next snap.

    • jeremy


      They are just not going to fire him with all of the injuries this year. Sadly it will also be the same excuse that allows him to keep hiding from his problems.

  11. Chas

    Here is my spare change. For what ever reason McCarthy believes himself to be much more of a coach/playcaller than his record shows. You play to win the Game. Hell how many 3rd and 1ones have we seen when Rodgers is in and a 30 yard pass is dialed up and not completed! Why,Why! If you want to be thought of as a good,smart coach, whims, and maybes don’t get you there. Smart, time tested percentages do. The blueprint is the Patriots. Short high percentage passes, mix of run plays and only take a shot when its there.. Dink and Dunk works. Sad to say but we need a running back and possibly a coach for 2011-2010 is looking to be over.

    • ay hombre

      Well said…I forever stated that MM has absolutely no fucking idea about game theory, probability, and statistics. How else can we explain him not allowing the Bears to score a TD late and instead handing the win over to them.

      Or what about not calling time out or challenging the Tony Gonzalez play that led to Atlanta scoring a crucial TD at the end of the half.

      Or what about him not challenging the Gregg Jennings play this past week?

      It is hard enough to win in the NFL with all the injuries, salary cap, parity, and other bullshit each team has to deal with…but it’s fucking impossible to win when you have a coach that has no idea how to calculate win% in key situations. It’s like the guy has never considered unique situations before they occur because without exception he fucks it up everytime. EVERYTIME!

  12. Nick

    This concussion thing really has me worried. The NFL is getting crazy regulating it and making guys jump through hoops to get back playing. And, from what I have read so far, it only gets worse for players who cont. to get concussions with what seems like minor hits.

    As much as it pains me to say it, we may have to deal with something in Green Bay that we really never thought about, quaterback durability.

  13. iltarion

    These were mild concussions, fortunately. A-Rodge was lucid shortly after both of them. On the other hand, of course a concussion of any kind is a bad thing. This is definitely something to worry about.

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