McCarthy Changes Tune: Door Open For Rodgers To Play

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Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers could be cleared if he passes medical tests tomorrow.

Just about everyone was ready to declare quarterback Aaron Rodgers a no go for the Green Bay Packers’ game against the New England Patriots.

Not so fast.

Today, Rodgers attended practice for the first time since suffering a concussion on Sunday. Coach Mike McCarthy said Rodgers is working his way through the medical process, the first step of which was being cleared for a cardiovascular workout.

“He’s progressing through the medical process. He was able to attend probably three-quarters of the practice today, and he’ll continue to work through that process today and tomorrow,” McCarthy said. “I’m hopeful to make a decision by tomorrow, but the door is open for Aaron Rodgers to play in the game. It really comes down to two things. No. 1, he has to be cleared medically, and Dr. John Gray will have the final say on that. And if he does make it to that point, then myself will make a decision on whether he plays or not. Right now he’s still working through the medical part.”

Obviously, Rodgers was cleared for the workout, today. McCarthy said earlier in the week he’d make a decision on Rodgers on Saturday. If the quarterback was unable to start testing today, he would have no chance of playing Sunday, based on McCarthy’s timetable.

The second step of the medical process — Rodgers shows no affects of the concussion the day after the cardiovascular workout — should ultimately determine whether he gets the green light.

One positive sign — Rodgers doesn’t appear to be showing any visible signs of the concussion.

“He looks good, would like to play. But once again, him and Dr. John Gray are working through this, and until he’s cleared medically, then it comes to me,” McCarthy said.

Matt Flynn, who’s taken all the practice reps with the No. 1 offense this week, would start if Rodgers can’t go.

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9 Comments on "McCarthy Changes Tune: Door Open For Rodgers To Play"

  1. Buddy

    It looked like Rodgers was ready to continue the game against Detroi. He looked pissed because the buttfuck league made him sit because of thier pussy rules. I had a concussion where my head bounced off a telephone pole hard as fuck I blacked out and felt like shit for a few hours after going to the hospital. After that I felt fine. A Rod is fine and should play this weekend. He just got screwed by the league and thier lame rules. Brent had several concussions, he’s still playing.

    • jeremy

      Did you compete in a sport were your split second reactions based on reading a 3000 square yard field with 21 other elite athletes going full speed meant winning or loosing right after you had your concussion?

      Am I the only one who remembers Rodger poor play for two or three weeks after his previous concussion?

      Why do you mental midgets think sitting at home and screaming at the TV and internet is the same thing as being an NFL professional?

  2. iltarion


    I agree with Buddy here. Though I understand the NFL’s liability concerns, the concussion issue is nearing hysteria. This rule of a player showing any signs of even the mildest concussion having to sit out the game actually encourages defenders to take shots at QBs. I mean, why not? The shot Landon Johnson put on A-Rodge was clean, but it was also unnecessary. A-Rodge was going to the ground when Johnson put his shoulder in A-Rodge’s back. A-Rodge knocks his head on the turf, and boom, just like that the Packers are without their starting QB. Johnson practically won that game himself, though it might have been some sort of justice that he was injured even more seriously later in the game.

    We have all had concussions. The mild ones where your head spins for a while and you see some stars, we probably kept right on with our days like nothing happened. Sure, there are the severe concussions where you blackout and have memory loss and can’t sleep for awhile. Those are a different story.

    Both of these concussions for A-Rodge appear to be the mild variety. In both cases, A-Rodge was lucid immediately afterwards. In the Washington game, he actually walked off the field after the play, apparently unaware that he even had one.

    My concern with A-Rodge playing at this point isn’t medical. It is the fact that playing against a Bellichick defense with limited reps and little film study is not a recipe for success.

    On the other hand, since a loss this week all but dooms the Packers’ playoff chances, they should seriously consider playing him.

  3. Madcity Packer Pan

    McCarthy! Cut to doctor said this doctor said that shit! If we get blown out because Matt Flynn gets raped 6 ways to Sunday by the Patriots it’s because you didn’t fucking bring your A(rodge) game! Play him.

  4. Taryn

    Having never had a concussion,don’t remember hitting my head even close to that hard but that aside, this is the game that would make Rodgers the WINNER we all feel he is and shut the mouths of all the assholes who,rightfully so(sigh),say he can’t win the must win game.
    He has to show who he is,what he is,and where he plans to be for a long time in the NFL and more so with the Green Bay Packers and Fans.HE should be demanding to play, even if he has to bribe the Doctor.

  5. Richard

    Rodgers is a top 5 NFL QB playing behind a Division I-AA offensive line with 3rd string running backs. What a waste. Fire these idiots in charge and hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

  6. Russ

    its over bears win packers look for respectabiulity and final season stats now players can play for contracts etc

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