Jerry Kramer Wants You To Enlist You

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Jerry Kramer

Kramer will run the Packers sweep on you if you don't participate.

That’s right, you.

Green Bay Packers legend Jerry Kramer is organizing what he hopes will be a nationwide fundraiser to help former NFL players in need and he would like to enlist you.

It’s all pretty easy if you’d like to participate.

All you have to do is round up some friends and go to a bar to watch the Sunday night (Dec. 5) game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, send out some tweets with #NFLVFR and maybe try to pull a few bucks out of your crew to support one of the charities that support former NFL players.

You can also just donate some money to one of those charities — NFL Alumni Southern California Chapter Dire Need Fund, Fourth and Goal Foundation or the NFL Alumni Green Bay — if you’re so inclined. More information is available here.

Yes, it’s tax deductible.

Why does all of this matter? You can read Jerry’s open letter to fans here.


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

6 Comments on "Jerry Kramer Wants You To Enlist You"

  1. Nick K

    Maybe some of these idiot millionaires who play now can throw into this cause. God knows guys like Jerry are the reason their rich. Real men played football in those days and the premodannas should show their thanks.

  2. Vijay

    This country cracks me up sometimes…we worship soldiers and football players as national heros and then simply toss them into the garbage heap after their careers are finished. Case in point- NFL PA should step up and handle this issue for retired players. Do they? Sort of…but really, let’s leave it up to us hard working American fans to continually pay the tabs for others and protect the NFL’s quarterly statements…AMERICA!

  3. Nick

    I don’t understand this at all. Those with a financial interest in the NFL, players, coaches, owners, teams, sponsors, players association, former players, agents, and the league should do this. They make the money. As we all know, fans don’t make money going to football games. In fact, they charge us an arm and a leg for a beer. Fans are the only reason they have or have had jobs in the first place. Why now are we again asked to do what those who profit or profited from the sport should?

    Kramer is a legend, but he is barking up the wrong tree.

    • Ron Williamson

      What you say makes sense, so you suggest doing nothing for these guys? I don’t like someone else dictating my values. Maybe the teams and league will be embarassed into doing something more for those in need, and you can be a part of the change.

  4. I disagree…. They play football for a living… It’s a talent based profession no doubt however what have they done to actual contribute to society other than entertainment? Nothing… Granted I will say charities and what not that they donate to and raise is nice even play 60 is a great idea however they play football.. If they wanted a better retirement they should have become dentists.. But that’s just me being cruel and heartless towards someone who could have done something other than be famous and play with a pigskin.

  5. ay hombre

    Yeah…I have to agree. It’s almost appalling for him to go to the fans and ask them for money.

    Where’s Ochocinco? That guy is always trying to raise money for something. Where are all the players?

    The more I think about this the more it pisses me off.

    “My goal is to motivate the fans of the NFL to do their part. It’s time for NFL fans to step up and do the right thing. ”

    Whatever. I hope he sent this same email to every current and multi-millionaire retired player too.

    Barking up the wrong tree indeed.

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