It’s Official: Aaron Rodgers Out

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Aaron Rodgers

No Rodgers against the Pats on Sunday.

After leaving the door open on Friday, the Packers made it official on Saturday that Aaron Rodgers will not be available to start Sunday night against the New England Patriots.

Rodgers did not get the medical clearance he needed to resume play after sustaining his second concussion of the season last Sunday in the Packers’ 7-3 loss at Detroit.

A team spokesman informed reporters of the decision late Saturday morning, a couple of hours before the team was to leave on its trip to New England. The spokesman said Rodgers had not advanced far enough through the concussion protocol to play, though he did not say how far along Rodgers is.

The means Matt Flynn, a 2008 draft pick, will make his first career start for the Packers. The team also signed quarterback Graham Harrell from its practice squad and placed safety Anthony Smith on injured reserve.

Rodgers is expected to accompany the team to 11-2 New England, and will likely be available on the sideline to help Flynn, who completed 15 of 26 passes for 177 yards and one pick after replacing Rodgers last weekend in Detroit.

The decision ends Rodgers’ streak of regular-season games started at 45 and marks the first time since 1992 that the Packers’ backup quarterback has had to start a game.

Flynn took virtually all the snaps with the No. 1 offense in practice this week, and the team’s game plan has been designed for him.

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16 Comments on "It’s Official: Aaron Rodgers Out"

  1. Boston

    Awesome, this should be a fun blowout to see in person. Wonder how many $8 beers I can kill before I leave at the half…

    • Buddy

      Awesome, this should be a fun bloodbath to see on T.V. Wonder how many Patriots will be injured before Boston pulls out of his Boyfriend’s ass in the 3rd quarter. Stupid cocky East coast fuck face!

      • Boston

        Hey dumbshit, I’m a Packers fan. No one here hates the Pats more than me. I’m pissed because my team finally comes out east and our QB is injured. I’m not taunting you, moron, I’m bitching about the misfortune.

        Also, seriously making fun of Sam Adams? Miller is water.

  2. Richard

    Now that he’s been KO’d, officially, does that mean they’ll give him imaginary Championship Belt to somebody else?

  3. Pat Magroin

    The Packers just released an image of Aaron Rodgers new helmet.


  4. Vijay

    Hey, a 9 and 7 record is looking like a real possibility now. The Pack have no chance unless Belicheck decides to start resting starters.

  5. Buddy

    Tom Brady needs the Claymaker to slam his ferry ass on the ground and break his vagina. We won’t win but that doesn’t mean we can’t put a good licking on them physically. I hate those chowder eating lobster fucks and I hope our D shoves Wes Welker so far up Brady’s premadonna ass that he shits red white and blue for weeks. So all you crab fuckers excited that Rodgers is out better not overlook the Packer D. They want Patriot blood this Sunday night and I would love nothing more than to watch in slow motion Brady’s teeth fly out of his narcissistic head.

  6. Richard

    Funny. These bums couldn’t even handle Drew Stanton last week. Brady will destroy them. Gisele could probably play QB and Patriots would still walk out with a double digit victory.

  7. big t

    I don’t care who is starting at qb for gb. Anyone who thinks this is gonna be a blowout is wrong. Our D is gonna show up sunday and play lights out. Think dallas game last year. MARK MY WORD!!!!!

  8. Jenkins, Zombo, Jones, Finley, Grant, Barnett, Rodgers, Bigby and many others hurt…and missen Jolly all year hurts too…the NFL is all about who can stay healthy. Just look at Oct. 17th vs. Miami…side note: i will be near black out drunk by kick-off. Go Pack Go.

  9. Brad

    Rodgers needs to play – what would Lomabardi have had to say about it? We were still in the playoff hunt, but after Sunday I doubt it.

  10. Brad

    Also, I read this on another comment board but I’ve been thinking it too- “Yes. Also, given the cumulative nature of concussions, I find myself thinking of last year, when Rodgers took a merciless beating and NOT ONE FLAG for roughing or helmet-to-helmet was thrown on his behalf. I don’t know that I’ve seen one this year, either.”

  11. iltarion

    Drew Stanton and the Lions just beat Tampa Bay at home. That gives the Packers a clear road to the playoffs even with a loss tonight. So, in hindsight, resting A-Rodge ended up being a pretty smart move for the Packers.

    The Giants game is practically a playoff game now. For both teams.

  12. zubi

    difficult getting a RELIABLE quarterback these days….aye packer fans :), someone who can start every game for, O let’s say 15 years……

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