Favre Fined For Sterger Incident

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Jenn Sterger

Sterger got her wish... kind of.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was fined, but not suspended for his role in the Jenn Sterger incident, a story first reported by Jay Glazer.

Surprisingly, the fine isn’t for violating any NFL policies. Michael David Smith has confirmed Favre has been fined $50,000 for not cooperating with the investigation, which took nearly three months.

There is still much we don’t know, but what we do know is this.

Sterger accused Favre of texting her pictures of his dick and of leaving voicemails for her, which were sexual in nature, when they both were members of the New York Jets organization. The NFL began investigating Favre for sexual harassment when Deadspin released this information in early October.

Favre admitted to leaving the voice messages, but denied sending the dick photos.

As the investigation dragged on, Sterger’s representatives — supposedly disappointed in how long it was taking — first threatened to sue if the NFL didn’t discipline Favre and then threatened to release additional damning information to the public.

Whether Sterger is happy with this outcome remains to be seen, but Favre will ride off into the sunset with not only a terrible, injury-filled season under his belt, but a black mark on a name that’s seemingly golden everywhere other than Wisconsin.

Too bad.

Check back later. We’ll update the story as more information become available.

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12 Comments on "Favre Fined For Sterger Incident"

    • jeremy

      Right, they’ll likely try to return to being Packers fans now that the Joe Web era has begun in Queensland, but we all know they are f*&^*g traitors.

      • jeff ircink

        buddy – voyeur? haven’t been on here all season. just wanted read TP’s take on the Favre/Sterger news was.

        and jeremy. we have to comment or you’d never know were were here. so you sorta have to want us to comment, in a way, no?

        and no – i’m staying a Vikings’ fan.

  1. jeff ircink

    none of you wanted me commenting here. so i complied. do you WANT me to comment now?

    Favre vindicated!!!!! ha….sweet music to my ears. that bitch gets what she deserved – no money from Favre, bad publicity and no career and no future. was it worth it, Sterger? the extra 15 minutes of fame? cunt.

    jeremy and madcitypackerfan….there. i commented. happy?

    • jeremy

      No one said we wanted you to comment, we are surprised that you hadn’t. But thanks for enlightening us with the news Favre has been vindicated. We’ll see if Deanna shows up in public with him now.

  2. Buddy

    Jeff is a total packers voyuer, what a butt plug. Mabe he should watch the Timberwolves they suck less than the Queens, even though they lost to San Antonio in OT after being up by 21 points in the 3rd Quarter. Mabe for thier sake the target center roof will collapse.

  3. iltarion

    A $50,000 fine is vindication?? Hahahaha… Good one. Usually the woman keeps the strings on the money purse, and the wife typically isn’t too happy about opening it up to pay a fine for hubby texting some chick that looks like the wife except younger and with bigger hooters. You all can just take my word on that. Hahaha…

  4. Abe Frohman

    what we have here is a political solution. Brett is not guilty of inappropropriate behaviour other than essentially lying about not texting her pictures of his junk. If you read that sentence several times over, it makes even less sense each time.

    a $50K fine for a guy making $20M a year? please….Brett spent more on lawyers.

    oh and Jeff, we don’t know that Sterger did or didn’t get money from Favre. If she did, it would almost assuredly come with a stipulation that this not rear its head again. If she goes away without pursuing this further, my money says she was paid under the table.

  5. BB

    What amazes me is that all we’re getting is the messages and “alleged photos” sent by Favre. Where are Sterger’s messages? We have not seen or heard any of this skank’s messages. And if Goodell could not conclude that there was any sexual harrassment, I’m guessing her messages don’t exactly fit her accusations (even though she has never really made any accusations… god this story is stupid). We’ve only got one side of it. I want to know what this floozy whore was saying back to him.

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