Favre Still Has It Out For The Packers

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We'll miss you Brett.

Remember when beating the Green Bay Packers wasn’t about revenge for Brett Favre?

We totally believed him.

Anyway, we thought he got the revenge he didn’t want last season when his Minnesota Vikings beat the Packers twice.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough.

Maybe his butt hurts because the Packers destroyed his poor-ass excuse for a team twice this season. Maybe his vagina is sore because the joke that is the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre are nowhere near the playoffs and the Packers still have a shot at a wild card. Hell, maybe he’s pissed because everyone knows he has a small dick, now.

Whatever the reason, Favre still has it in for the Green Bay Packers.

After the Chicago Bears pasted Favre’s Vikings on Monday, Favre had the following exchange with Bears defensive end Julius Peppers, according to Peppers.

“I talked to him after the game,” Peppers said. “I told him it was an honor to play against him.  He said, ‘Likewise. . . .  Go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks.’”

Your petty behavior will never get old, Brett.

Keep holding that grudge.

Oh, and congratulations on a fine final season.

Now I have something perfect to remember you for all time.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

50 Comments on "Favre Still Has It Out For The Packers"

  1. Clay Toporski

    Just when I was about ready to forgive and forget, he pulls this crap. Forget it now. The guy is a dick and deserves the ass beating he received this season. I’m glad his Vikings are going to be the suckiest team in the NFC North for a long time. Guaranteed they are in last place the next 3 years.

    • Favre is the Man.

      It is hard when your hero isn’t on your side anymore. How do I know he is your hero? If he wasn’t, you would not care what he says or thinks.

      You guys are acting like a pile of fags here don’t you think? “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..Brett said he wants us to get beat…whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

      I have to agree with you on the assessment of the future. We’re fucked in Minnesota. You’ll probably be 6-0 against us in the coming 3 years.

      • Wow

        This has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve read on here.
        Let me get this right: if you care about what someone thinks or says that means the person you’re interested in is your hero?
        Wow- that’s dumb. It’s posts like yours that makes my name fitting.

        So, everytime you (Farve is the man) care about what someone says or thinks that means to you that person is your hero? Unless you’re going to maintain a silly position of “well, I never care what anyone thinks or says”…. which would be obvious bullshit.

        As a matter of fact, the fact that you’re responding to Clay Toporski shows that you care what Clay thinks or says….. so by your standard Clay is now your hero.
        I guess that means you’re acting like a pile of fags (you’re the entire pile in this case, kiddo).

        • Favre is the Man.

          If you’re offended about what someone says about you…then yes, you must hold him in high regard.

          I don’t know you nor anyone on here. I’m merely pointing out what a bunch of faggy whiners you are.

          • Wow

            You completely missed the point.
            I’m using your standard to show that everyone you respond to on here…. and all of the time you devote to posting on here just shows that all of these guys are your heros. And you’re in turn just bitter towards them.
            Again, all your standard.

  2. wayne

    The Packers look brilliant for not tolerating the “Favre Act” ………a lesson the Jets and Vikings have learned the hard way………and one which Favre just can’t bring himself to understand. Oh Well,,,,,,we’ll never forget you, Brent!

    • Favre is the Man.

      It’s Brett, not Brent you ignorant fuck.


      You’re the only one I haven’t responded to yet…so here is yours…

      Did you feel “brilliant” after Favre beat you twice at age 40! Again…he was 40! That had to hurt.

      Ha ha ha ha ….

      • Wow

        Favre is the man said: “If you’re offended about what someone says about you…then yes, you must hold him in high regard.”

        You might reply back with a forced chuck, FITM, but your actions show that you are simply offended by what people here are saying. So again, Wayne must be your hero too.

      • Madcity Packer Fan

        Felt great when we beat your gay team twice this year. Understand this…Your team has always sucked no matter who you are desperate enough to get. Why not try for Peyton Manning next and fuck up his career too! We had fun beating your team with Favre on our side and beating your team with Favre on your side. Either way blowing the Vikings OUT at the metro dome was classic!

  3. Favre is the Man.

    What a bunch of piss babys you packer fans are. Brett gave you the best years of his life and made your team competitive when it was anything but. Your team tossed him under the bus. I’m shocked he stuck with you as long as he did.

    • Buddy

      Favre left Green Bay because he couldn’t get Moss. He finally got Moss with the Queens and did nothing because Moss is a piece of shit. Did you forget about that you dumb fuck Viqueen fan. If I met you in person I’d kick you in your nieve little vagina you fucking clown.

      • Favre is the Man.

        You must make your mom proud when you talk like that.

        Yes, Moss is a class-less POS…but was hell of a football player nonetheless. He is probably past his prime now which leaves him a POS instead of a POS and a great football player.

        The problem with Packer fans is the 10-year old playground mentality many of you have. You really need to get a life and grow up.

        Many of you treat Favre like you treated Lombardi after he left. Football is a business and a sport. Its ok to have rivalries and kid around like Favre and Peppers were doing. The fact that so many of you are offended by what Favre said to Peppers makes the rest of the world laugh (at you).

        Oh yeah…tell me which junior high school you go so I can drop in and teach you some manners.

        • nurseratchett

          Calling fans on a fan site “piss babies” and you are going to teach someone manners? Will you be teaching us manners like, oh, I don’t know…
          shitting on a fan base that supported a player through drug addiction, through many mediocre and even a few really BAD years, through his wife’s bout with cancer, through season ending tearful shouldistayorshouldigo diatribes?

          WE didn’t shit on Favre, even when we should have. WE THE FANS of the Green Bay Packers didn’t slight him until he made it his mission to treat us with as much respect as a crack whore offering blow for blow-his issues with Thompson have nothing to do with what he CALCULATINGLY and PURPOSEFULLY did to a fan base that supported he and his family through all of the above and more.

          If these are the kind of manners you want to teach me or any other PACKER FAN on this site, no thanks. I’d be better off take etiquitte lessons from Peter Griffin.

          • Favre is the Man.

            1. This is a fan site? So you’re fans of Brett then? Doesn’t seem so. Every time I land here, someone is whining about Favre.

            2. I call em like I see em. You guys need something more in your lives.

            3. There are plenty of normal people that have become addicted to pain killers after being prescribed them be a physician. I believe you should cut some slack on this one.

            4. Are you suggesting you are the only fan base that has ever cheered on a team with a losing record? You stood by him? Fuck you. What choice did you have if you’re truly a fan.

            5. So the score on hurtful comments is…

            —This site and its many well-spoken authors 10,343…

            —Brett Favre 1.

            6. You supported Favre and his family because he kept you on the map and you don’t have anything better to do with your lives.

            7. Brett is a probably a cheating pig of a husband. But then again, I believe his wife knew this when she married him. She knew what she was getting or at least should have known. She can go cry in her piles of money. Let’s face it, if she put out a little, perhaps he wouldn’t need to go looking elsewhere. Ok, that’s probably a bit harsh.

            But this is between Brett and his family. He probably messed up bad…but its probably hard to resist when you’re a testosterone machine and a two-bit attention whore practically begs for men to lust after her. Funny that nobody blames the woman in these things. I heard she had great success in gathering similar phone messages and videos from others. She is just whore looking for an easy pay day. It isn’t gonna work. Roger is making sure of that and I’m glad.

  4. Kozak

    That’s just his dementia talking after the head injury the Bears gave him.

    And congratulations Brent, you shit on your legacy in Green Bay, and managed to make yourself a national joke, and hated from New York, to Minnesota as well as Chicago. Well done sir, well done. I hope the Pack gives out #4 next year to some nice talented rookie and never retires it with your name, you don’t deserve the Ring of Honor.

    • Favre is the Man.

      Think what you want…but Favre’s popularity here in Minnesota might not be what it was in 2009, but is still very very high.

      I know its hard for you guys to give him credit for what he did for GB. Perhaps after Rodgers slips off into anonymity in a year or so you will spend some time looking back on actualy history and see the truth…Favre was the Man.

      • nurseratchett

        Anonymity like Fran Tarkenton? That man hasn’t been heard from in decades but came back on the scene just to talk smack about Brett Favre.

        (In case you haven’t been a ViQueens fan that long, Fran used to be your quarterback.)

        If Favre’s popularity in Minnesota is still very high even after assisting in bankrupting your franchise and just full on embarrassing your team, then I can only assume Vikings fans are also very high. Keep smoking that shit, y’all are gonna need it to ease the pain!

      • Kozak

        I hope he’s SO loved in Queenville that you convince him to come back one more time, of course after he skips all the mini camps and preseason. That way the Queens can wallow in another season of fail, just like the preceeding 50 years.

  5. Nate

    I like how Packer fans like myself can’t let it go…what is wrong with some of you? Favre is in Minnesota now, has been for over a year now. Get over it already. We are better then them this year and honestly i think it is solely injuries to the vikings o line that have destroyed their season. That and lack of effort from their defensive secondary. We should just worry about our own team and how we beat the giants and bears. People always talk drama with Favre but it is because of sites like this that their is drama. You make the drama.

    • Wow

      no…. “we” don’t make the drama.

      Favre is the one who said “Go beat the Packers”.
      Do you really not get concepts like loyalty? And don’t give the “Loyalty? There’s no loyalty in sports” canard. There damn well is some sense of loyalty at least in the minds of the fans, and that’s what really matters.
      You can say “fuck loyalty” but then don’t be stunned when fan appreciation in the NFL is tantamount to what it looks like in the NBA.

      • Wow

        Not at all.
        Favre screwed over his loyal fan base to stick it to a GM that will be forgotten in less than 5 years after he retires.

        Favre’s actions are those of a child.

  6. Wow

    Anyone know if Favre has commented on the quote?
    Knowing ESPN and the need for a story I’m sure they sent someone to talk to Old Man River right away.

  7. Buddy

    Brent is still bitter because he did’nt get his way with Green Bay. The dumb fuck Jets and Viqueens spoiled him like a little kid and gave him everything he wanted. All he did was help the Packers he never singlehandedly won for us. We have always had a good franchise. Favre was easily replaced by Rodgers by a long shot. If A- Rod had been born sooner the Packers would have had 5 superbowl wins in the time Brent quarterbacked for us. He’s better and smarter than Favre, end of story.

  8. andy

    Hey Farve is the man, no your wrong we gave him a lot and guess what? He’s getting what he deserves. Now we have a good qb and a good backup if we need him. Don’t say he’s the man when he’s actually a woman with how many things are wrong with him this season.

    • Favre is the Man.

      LOL. You must be at the top of your class too. I think I understand most of what you wrote though.

      I know it is hard at 15 to understand how team dynamics change from year to year. Is Brett a better qb this year than last? Probably not. He is and has been one of the greatest ever. The problems with the Vikings are…poor coaching and out-of-shape offensive linemen who couldn’t pass-protect against 7th-grade girls.

      We won a lot of games last year because of Favre and in spite of poor coaching.

      Brett ended up with a 20-year career of doing what he loves more than anything…playing football. 99% of football fans across the US will agree that the game was better because he played. I’m sorry you don’t understand that now…but I hope you will someday.

      • Wow

        You sure make alot of excuses to vindicate every mistake Brett makes.

        Brett is not and will never be bigger than the game.
        He’ll be known mainly as a stat QB. While guys like Brady and Montana will always be held in higher regard.
        And in a short order of time his stats will be lapped by Peyton Manning. Especially the ones that matter: most passing yards and most touchdowns. And Peyton will do this in a much shorter order of time than Favre was able to hit those marks. Aside from the fact that as a stat QB – Peyton still has the better win/loss ratio than Favre.
        So, putting it into that context – even during his day Favre is at least behind two much more able QBs in Brady and Manning.

        • Favre is the Man.

          I see news headlines in Google News every night. I like to read Viking and Favre news. When I saw this headline, I had to read more. It brought me to this site. I’ve followed links here before…and it always gives me a chuckle to see what you clowns write.

          I disagree with your assumption that stats tells the whole story. People love him because he is tough as anyone who ever played the position and can sling the ball with authority and accuracy when given reasonable protection…and he plays with passion and has fun.

          The funny thing is that I’m positive your tune would be completely different if Brett hadn’t found life after GB. He just hurt your feelings and you guys sit in here night after night and whine and cry. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

          • Wow

            Chief, I’m a Colts fan.
            You might want to go easy on your assumptions.
            And yes, if Peyton did to Indy what Brett did to GB – he’d be just as hated.
            If Brett never would have left GB how would I have felt? Maybe indifferent…. but, I would have had more respect for the man.

            I find it more amusing that people act stunned of what Favre did. When Favre went to the Jets I clearly recall most of the Packer fans being happy for him. Wishing he could play there, but wishing him the best with the Jets.
            Going to Minnesota? Pal, you’ve got to be willfully moronic to not “get it”.
            Even your beloved Fran Tarkenton “got it” when Favre made the move to Minnesota.

  9. AZ Pack

    He’s the one that has to live with throwing the ball away to the other team in last few minutes in 2 of the last 4 NFC championships. Great job Brett! You’re definitely leaving with dignity, ya shit head.

    • Favre is the Man.

      No doubt that will haunt him. That said, the situation where he threw that pass would probably have not occurred if we had a better coaching staff at the time and league officials had done a better job. I have no doubt that we would have won the superbowl in 2009 if NO hadn’t had any less horseshoe up their asses.

      • Wow

        so what you’re saying is:
        If Brett wouldn’t have screwed up then he wouldn’t have screwed up.

        Makes sense.

          • Wow

            Or you…. who is even worse…. because you concern yourself with what we think.
            So, from your position, you’re a parasite on a parasite.

          • Wow

            Well that’s a dumb thing to say (conveniently…. consistent with many other things you say here).
            And it’s a dumb thing to say for this obvious reason – games are won in the 3rd quarter.

            You vindicate everything Brett does by pointing to other corollary issues…. and then claim that those corollary issues are actually more important than Favre’s own fuck ups. Now, maybe given one time that might work. Let’s say Brett is usually Mr. Clutch-Jerry West of the NFL…. and he typically doesn’t fuck up when the game is on the line.
            But, sadly, with Favre that is not the case. It would be safe to say Favre is the anti-clutch player. It would be save to say Jerry West would implode in Favre’s presence.

            Favre has a consistent record of screwing up big plays in very important games. A big reason why, in that vast stretch of time that is his career, he has only been able to win 1 superbowl. Hell, Jeff Hostetler was able to win 1 superbowl.

    • Nate

      If you remember though it was a 12 men on the field penalty that pushed the vikings out of field goal range and forced brett to make a throwing attempt. Maybe you didn’t see the game, so i thought i would help you out.

  10. Iim

    Wow just owned Favre is The Man on every exchange. Bravo Wow.
    I’ve seen some embarrassing e-beat downs but this one was something nice.

  11. nurseratchett

    1. This is a fan site? So you’re fans of Brett then? Doesn’t seem so. Every time I land here, someone is whining about Favre.

    I do believe this site is called totalpackers.com. Brett Favre is no longer a Packer. Perhaps you misunderstood the link when you clicked it? If you “land” here, as you say, then you might want to run diagnostics on your computer. Like most of us, I think you come here on purpose, although I don’t think you & I have this site in our favorites folder for the same reasons. I personally have never “landed” on a ViQueens site by accident or on purpose. I’m a Packers fan.

    If you’ve been a ViQueens fan for any significant amount of time, I’d venture a guess that you berated and hated Brett for more years than you’ve supported him.

    I strongly suggest post your comments about Deanna (that’s his wife’s name) on Brett’s official site, and see how Favre the Man responds to you.

    Please keep it coming, Favre is the Man, this is almost as much fun as debate team in college! Apparently our team’s debate opponents were pitiful, as I never got to respond to such amazingly intelligent phrases like “piss babies” or “pile of fags”, but then we were required to stay on subject.

  12. Madcity Packer Fan

    Favre is the Man.:

    It is hard when your hero isn’t on your side anymore. How do I know he is your hero? If he wasn’t, you would not care what he says or thinks.
    You guys are acting like a pile of fags here don’t you think? “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..Brett said he wants us to get beat…whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”
    I have to agree with you on the assessment of the future. We’re fucked in Minnesota. You’ll probably be 6-0 against us in the coming 3 years.

    Queen fans are already a pile of fags…silly purple fruit topping.

  13. Madcity Packer Fan

    Favre is the man…let me give you a little advise…A LOT more people going to comment and they will not stop until your pink laptop blows up. Yea we love our team and hate yours. Good luck man!

  14. andy

    Good he’s done. He had no idea what he was saying. He’s scared. Haha. I think he really likes lyiing. Hey at least he’s gone and we have moved on from Brettney favre

  15. ay hombre

    You know what. I was born and raised in Green Bay. I bleed green and gold. I think we made the right decision getting rid of Brett when we did and I thought that from the get-go.

    But I think the hatred from Packer fans towards Brett is completely misdirected. Do you honestly believe Brett wants to fuck over Packer fans? No he doesn’t. Indirectly he does because all of Brett’s hatred is guided towards Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy. He doesn’t want to see them succeed. Really can you blame him?

    Packer fans need to realize that the ego of the superstar athlete wants nothing more than to exact revenge on the men that fucked him over. The moment Brett no longer was a Packer…and possibly before that, his goal was to fuck over NOT the Packer fans…but the men responsible for ousting him.

    Wayne Gretzky…who was like God in Canada, wanted out of Edmonton the moment he heard the owner (Peter Pocklington) was even considering the possibility of trading him. That was it….cut and dried.

    I doubt Wayne considered the fans for even a second. His ego was damaged and he exacted revenge on the men responsible for that. Brett although more diligent in being a thorn in the side of the Packers is really no different. I bet Brett would root for the Packers bigtime if MM wasn’t coach and TT wasn’t GM. He loves the Packers and hates those two.

    Let it go….you too Brett.

    • Abe Frohman

      I’m going to respectfully disagree with you. I tend to think that the NFC Championship game against the Giants was the nail in Brett’s coffin. I think he came away from that game thinking “I’m too old to play in this shit any longer.” I therefore think that the whole final retirement crap was an attempt to go to Minnesota at that point. In that light, I completely believe that the tampering charges against MN had some basis in fact. But because Brett is somehow “good for the game” that Goodell had to give him a get out of jail card – just like he’s doing now with Sterger.

      I think he was probably fine going to Tampa and playing for Gruden, but being sent to NY where it’s also cold and the offense was completely different from what he was used to was the final FUCK YOU, BRETT! that Thompson sent him. Because it wasn’t on Brett’s terms, his ego he simply can’t let it go. I also believe that TT and MM were both sitting there thinking “If I would have benched Brett for Rodgers, we win that game and go to the Super Bowl.”

      I have completely moved on and am quite content with Rodgers as our starting QB. Brett’s going to do what Brett’s going to do. I’m thankful for the time he gave us (and was paid like $98 million for) but I am very grateful we sent him packing when we did.

  16. Nate

    You both have made very good points, and respectfully to you as well Abe, it is always hard to say if one guy played over another what the outcome would be. With Rodgers maybe we did go to the super bowl that year, but also maybe we didn’t with Rodgers and Favre gave us the best chance. With Favre came passion and love for the game, and I still haven’t seen a more passionate athlete. Then again, brett favre is an era, where as the Packers live forever.

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