Check Out These Tools From Atlanta

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Look familiar?

I can’t say I’m terribly offended by this.

I’ve always hated the fact that when I tell someone I’m from Wisconsin, they usually say something like, “Oh, you’re a cheesehead.”


No I’m not a cheesehead. I never have and I never will wear a foam wedge of cheese on my skull. I’m simply from Wisconsin, which you should recognize, is fucking awesome, unlike people who wear foam wedges of cheese on their head.

That being said, some idiots in Atlanta decided they should jump on the the foam headgear idea and rip off the Green Bay Packers cheesehead.

What you see above are iceheads.

That’s right.


For everyone’s favorite non-offensive, non-descript, no-personality quarterback Matt Ryan, AKA Matty Ice.

Does anyone else throw up a little in their mouth when they hear someone refer to Ryan as Matty Ice?

This isn’t to say Ryan isn’t good. He’s solid — like Phil Simms was solid.

He doesn’t make mistakes and does what his team needs to win.

Is he great?


Can he hold Aaron Rodgers’ jock strap?

I doubt it.

But hey, Atlanta needs to grab onto whatever it can. They only have one pro sports franchise that’s ever won a championship.

I say let them have their rip-off foam headgear. It’s unoriginal, just like the player it honors.

We’ve got the Green Bay Fucking Packers.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

28 Comments on "Check Out These Tools From Atlanta"

  1. AZPack

    Agreed… I live in Phoenix and that is all that I hear when meeting someone. Never have liked the whole Cheese Head thing…

    Really hope we get another chance at Atlanta.

    Ryan over Rodgers for the probowl??? Really, how many injuries to starters has Matty Douche had to deal with this year?

  2. I hope that Natural Ice, a uniquely shitty beer, is getting royalties from this because that’s where the name stems from. It’s just one long running crappy beer joke.

  3. Chuck Cole

    EXCELLENT ARTICLE, I HATE being called a fuckin cheesehead too. My boss went to WIS & brought me back all this cheese shit,…cheese tie, cheese necklace,…fuck that…

  4. Madcity Packer Fan

    Natty Ice..good beer when your broke. I fucking hate it when I go out of state and some asshole calls me a cheesehead. I have never wore a form cheesehead, I have never thought of wearing one, I have never had anyone suggest to me that it would be a good idea to wear a cheesehead, and it just wouldn’t happen. Yes people we make cheese here but it doesn’t mean the people that are from Wisconsin are fucking bathing in it unless your some find of food freak. Can’t wait for the game this Sunday!

  5. Abe Frohman

    One of the late night talk show hosts called the Canadians “Ice Holes” during the Calgary games. I’d like to turn that phrase for this particular scenario.

    Ryan is a good quarterback. More importantly, he’s got a good ground game to back him up. Rodgers is a GREAT quarterback. Think how much better he’d be with an actual ground game that defenses had to respect. Ryan was clearly outplayed by Rodgers in the Atlanta game, in my opinion.

    a pet peave of mine is when grown men go by children’s nicknames. Matty Ice? Scottie Pippen?

  6. Jimminy glick

    Anyone remember a few years ago when William Henderson was running with the ball and leveled Urlacher?
    I’m debating with a friend that this ever happened.

  7. Vijay

    If you all have ever watched Jaywalking on the old Jay Leno Tonight Show, then you know exactly why people say dumb things like ‘cheesehead’ to identify people from another place other than where they live. People are bred to be overtly stupid these days. Are there smart people? Sure…they read this blog :0

  8. Buddy

    Atlanta should boast a wedge of foam covered in bird shit and have it read “Shit Birds”

    I get the cheese head thing from those trite humored Minnesota turds. I am not a cheese head. I’m just from Wisconsin. I’d like to get a wedge of foam shaped like a boot that says “If you call me a cheese head I’ll kick your fucking balls up into your stomach you ignorant prick”

  9. nurseratchett

    Oft imitated, never duplicated….the Lambeau leap is now performed at stadiums all over the NFL, so why not rip off the cheesehead? Get your own fucking ideas.

    I have to admit I have a foam wedge of cheese. It is on my mantle (the entire living room gets converted to a Packer’s shrine when OTA’s start) However, I only wear it as a rally hat when REALLY needed, and only at home. I also remove my pants. (this rally tactic also seems to keep my hubby interested in the game)

    As much as they give us shit, they all want to be us….GO PACK GO!!!

  10. DevilDon

    The beauty of it was that it was meant as an insult and they turned it into a craze.
    Nope, never catch me wearing any of that shit. MAYBE cheese shoes though.
    Matty Ice? meet Donny Death.
    It’s like a cartoon.

  11. Gravedigger

    The cheeseheads are stupid and make anyone stupid enough to wear one look stupider than they probably are.


  12. Cheese Sux

    We are the Atlanta Falcons that did, if I remember correctly, beat Green Bay this year. The year that we just finished ranked 1st in the NFC….wasn’t Green Bay like 6th??? Just sayin

  13. Clay Matthews is secretly a woman and I'm one of the tools in that pic

    I wore it to support a friend who is launching a small business…..AND I LOVE MY FRIGGIN FALCONS!!! I think it’s funny that you degrade your own fans for them wearing what they want…in support of one of the greatest sports franchises in history that I respect.

    I was also at the GB game and watched Anus Rodgers score on a one yard plunge, spike the ball at the fans in the end zone…then do the heavy-weight belt move to the fans like you see most no-class players do. Then…..with 54 secs left in the game…..MATTY ICE marched down the field and scored the the game winning touchdown…right thru that SWISS cheese you call a defense.

    Would like to say we’ll get you back in the dome and humiliate the Packers again….but everybody knows the Eagles are going to stomp a mud-hole in your ass this weekend.

  14. I am one of the guys wearing one of the ICHEADS BABY! We thank you for our publicity, No shame in our game just representing our pro bowl quarterback! Quit drinkin that HATORADE and join the movement GET YOU ONE, TWO hell buy the whole family one!!!!!!!!! GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!

  15. Richard

    Hey now, no reason to be hatin on Rodgers for the imaginary belt celebration. Oh wait, nevermind. That’s probably the most arrogant celebration since Joe Horn grabbed a cell phone out of his shoe.

  16. Sheegan

    In response to all the Falcon fans: Aaron Rodgers is as classy a QB as there is in this league, taking pot-shots at a guy who has handled all the issues and distractions he’s dealt with such graciousness is just plain classless. It’s one small arm motion that he does to celebrate touchdowns, get over it. It’s nothing compared to most other touchdown celebrations I’ve seen. At least he had the originality to come up with his own celebration. Congratulations, enjoy having Matt Ryan for the next decade, an equally classy, and very solid QB, though nowhere near the caliber of Aaron Rodgers on the field. Good luck in the playoffs, if you run into the Packers again, you’ll need as much of it as you can get – likely more of it than you needed to win last time.

  17. K the Icehead Man

    You talk like Aaron Rodgers has some sort of great post season history….congrats…he just won his FIRST play-off game. I guarantee you Matt Ryan is every bit as good as Rodgers… know it too.
    We beat you last time and we’ll beat you this time. IceHeads will prevail!!!

    • Sheegan

      And newsflash – Rodgers carries his team, Ryan is a game manager. There’s a huge difference. If you actually watch the games (and understand them), it’s obvious. For example, the New Orleans game – when the run got shut down, Ryan couldn’t do anything. They had one successful drive all game. Rodgers had no running game against Atlanta (aside from his own 52 yards rushing), who have a better defense than New Orleans, and he threw for 350 yards without an interception. That’s why everyone outside of Atlanta considers Rodgers a top 5 QB in the NFL. Ryan might eventually become one, but he isn’t there yet.

  18. I am sooooooooo glad the baby Rogers and packers are coming to ATL again so we can beat them for the second time this year. All our guys had a nice rest and ready to kick GREEN BAY IN THE BALLS AGAIN. Matt Ryan is 20 and 2 at the dome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on ICEHEADS VS THE CHEESE HEADS BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!! Matty ICE is about to be 21-2 at the dome!!!!

    • nurseratchett

      I love you Iceholes….can’t think of ANYTHING original…..ripping of a bad beer phrase for your quarterback, ripping off the foam cheesehead, and calling names recycled from 3rd grade! Love the “baby” Rodgers comment. Is he a poopy pants too? Maybe a booger eater?

      Does your mommy know your on the internet?

  19. Your lame booger eater just like poopy pants Rogers, ATL is gonna Corner KEE his ass back to Lambo a loser once again. See how much you will be talkin when you lose Sat night lololololololololol. The DOME WILL BE ROCKIN AND ICEHEADS BE IN THE CROUD RISE UP ATL RISE UP!!!!!! I predict sissy Rogers to get a 3rd concussion this year because we gonna cloud up and rain all over his ass

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