Bears Won’t Rest Their Starters

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Lovie Smith

Lovie wants a bye.

The Chicago Bears have already wrapped up the NFC North title, but that won’t keep them from playing their starters in what may or may not be a meaningless game against the Green Bay Packers, on Sunday.

In all likelihood, the Bears will be playing for a first-round bye in the playoffs, unless the Minnesota Vikings somehow beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday night. If the Eagles lose, the Bears would clinch the No. 2 spot in the NFC and a bye.

If the Eagles win, as expected, the Bears will need a victory against Green Bay or a Philadelphia loss to Dallas in week 17 to maintain their hold on the No. 2 spot. A Bears’ loss coupled with two Philadelphia wins drops the Bears to No. 3 and another date with the Packers the following week.

“For us, we would like to get the bye,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said at his Monday news conference. “And that’s what we’re playing for. To have an opportunity to sweep our division, of course, is big for us. There’s a lot of things for us to play for.

“We realize that things could happen. We could have the bye before that. We’re not thinking that way. We feel like we have to beat the Packers to accomplish our regular season goals and that’s what we’re going to go to work to do.”

Smith has also made a big deal of beating the Packers. When he was hired as coach he famously stated his No. 1 priority was to beat Green Bay.

He’s done a fairly decent job of it, too.

Smith is 8-5 against the Packers, including a 4-2 mark at Lambeau Field.

So, don’t expect anything other than the Bears’ best effort come Sunday.

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13 Comments on "Bears Won’t Rest Their Starters"

  1. nurseratchett

    Fine, bring on your “starters”. You will lose either way.

    The Packer team of late is NOT the same team the Bears played in week 3. Week 3, we were still reeling from key injuries as well as a lack of offensive rhythm, yet still only lost to the Bears by 3 & in my humble opinion, beat ourselves. We’ve proven ourselves a better team than the Bears. Not only with our wins, but also how close we played tough teams that the Bears either barely beat or were beaten by soundly.

    Put your starters in, lose, deal with your injuries, & have no bye week to recover.

    GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jeremy

    The Bears may not be pretty but there are some things they do very well. They are one of the best tackling teams I’ve ever seen. Their players don’t run up on guys and hand slap at them like little girls the way most NFL teams tackle these days. They get low and hit. They have great special teams blocking and coverage, Hester may be the best kick returner ever and Robbie Gould is an excellent kicker who puts Mason Crosby to shame.

    I think the difference in this game will be the QB’s. If Rodgers throws on rhythm the way he did against the Giants, the Packers will win.

  3. The Beurs are better than expected…i hate to admit it, but i like watching them play, especially when they loose…the Pack is still better tho. I dont ever balme a game on the officials, but we got ‘Mafiaed’ in week 3 and Detroit got hosed in week 1…plus the Beurs are healthy and very lucky.
    Their defensive front seven is good but their secondary is suspect. Green Bay is better. Even with all the injuries. The Beurs have a below average offensive line and poor recievers. It should be noted that the Beurs have 3 assistant coaches that were former head coaches.
    This should be a fun couple of games. Go Pack Go.

  4. Wow

    The Bears are crap.
    Any other season they would have lost to Detroit in the first game of the season. Completing the 1st act my ass.
    An insane amount of penalties that were only getting called against the Packers in their 3rd game. Over a hundred yards of penalties and the Bears only won by 3 points?
    Almost lost to a team that GB blanked (the Jets) and in the process made Mark Sanchez look like Peyton Manning.
    Got their ass handed to them in their own stadium by the Patriots who the Packers almost beat with a friggin back up.
    A close win over the lowly Bills who the Packers embarrassed by out scoring them by 27 points.

    They’re well overrated.

  5. Buddy

    * Pressure Cuntler to force turnovers
    * Stop thier run game dead in it’s tracks
    * Kick away from Devin Pester
    * Exploit thier secondary
    * Mix in run plays effectively
    * Protect A- Rod
    * Maxamize time of possession
    * Do plenty of Lambeau Leaps

    Green Bay 35 Duh Bearse 16

    * Rinse, Repeat next week

  6. Buddy

    Oh and by the way the Nawlins Aints beat the Shit Birds in thier imbred dome to melt Matty ice’s 19-1 home streak. So No. 6 seed is looking mighty tasty right now. Looks like bear is back on the menu boys, and possibly a two week special. If we win the next two games we can enjoy an ice cold beer paired with bear jerky and cheese in the Div. playoff game possibly against the Dirty Birds. So start thinking of some recipes for falcon meat. I would recommend a lot of spices to cover that shit flavor. Anyway enjoy the game fellow optomistic Packer fans, I thank you for your positive attitude towards our beloved GREEN BAY PACKERS! GO PACK GO!

  7. iltarion

    Yadda, yadda, yadda, Lovie can say they are playing for the bye, all that BS, but the fact of the matter is the urgency isn’t the same. Playing for a bye is nothing like playing for your playoff life. Basically, this IS a playoff game to the Packers, while it is a positioning game for the Bears.

    If the Bears stay close, their maintain their intensity, but if the Pack gets a lead by two scores or more, don’t be surprised if they back off.

  8. Andy

    They just said they like the packers this week over the bears.. we are finally being recognized at the end of the season for being a good playoff team. I think the packers could go far if we keep our offense healthy and hope our WRS do work… I think we also could be the falcons. When we played them they were one of the best in the NFL.. we could easily beat thewm now.. we are hot and hard to stop after the giants.. bring it bears

  9. Killa

    Thats all talk. Atlanta plays the early game sunday. If they are blowing out Carolina like they should be, Lovie is a fucking idiot if he plays starters for longer than a half. We’ll see if he really sticks to his word, but I dont put much stock in any Shit-cago scum talk.

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