They Can’t Do Anything Right In Minnesota

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Yeah, I know.

We’re piling it on the Minnesota Vikings, but if their fans weren’t such a bunch of ignorant, loud-mouthed shitfucks, well, we probably would have already moved on.

My point is, they deserve every last kick we’re going to give them while they’re down.

They’ve worked hard to earn it.

So, the Vikings are featured in the early national game against the arch rival Green Bay Packers and they can’t even spell a guy’s name right.

Not just any guy either — five-time Pro Bowler Kevin Williams.

Williams. That’s a tough name to spell, especially for someone from Minnesota.

Kevin Williams

Minnesota, where, on average, they read at a third-grade level.

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10 Comments on "They Can’t Do Anything Right In Minnesota"

  1. dwight

    i like the comment on the picture. at least they weren’t a packers fan or else they wouldn’t have even got that close to spelling it right

  2. fuk yu

    You are retarded bro. yea the vikings are shitty this year. i’d hardly say the packers are kicking us when we’re down. I say its about time Rodgers stole a win in the metrodome (because it prolly wont happen again). The vikings may have good and bad years, but the packers are consistently mediocre. you tell me which is worse.

    • bobo

      Really. You really don’t think that Aaron Rodgers (arguably the best quarterback in the NFL right now) will win _ever_ again in his career in the Metrodome? That is just silly. Expecially considering that they play that game every year, it is likely to happen again.

  3. Abe Frohman

    I noted that before Troy and Joe commented on it. The W was a little wrinkled and I initially thought someone’s last name was “Villain” Then I noted the number, knew it should have Williams, and started laughing my ass off.

    You’d think he could get one at one of the shops at the humpty dump. He probably didn’t notice, either.

  4. Cheesybrat

    If they needed help with the spelling they could have checked out Tramon’s jersey, that is how its done!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Washington kurt

    What a douche bag this guy is. I’ve been to both Minnesota and Wisconsin. You can have your cheese and cows pal. Cheese must be easier for you to eat with the lack of teeth. And packers fans are as classless as any fan base I have ever had the misfortune of sharing a stadium with on game day. So step off your high horse you hick your cronies from Wisconsin are by far not better than anyone, Minnesota included.

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