The Best Rivalry In The NFL Is…

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We’re biased, but we obviously think the best rivalry in the NFL is the Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings.

Frankly, I wouldn’t piss on a Vikings fan if he were on fire and I felt that way even before a long-time hero decided he needed to stab an entire fan base in the back.

That being said, people in other parts of the country probably feel differently.

This being the week of two decent rivalry games — the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets vs. New England Patriots — we thought we’d pose the question to you.

Since we probably already know the answer to the first question, we’ve got one that doesn’t include the Green Bay Packers. If you’d like to make a point as why a certain game is the best rivalry in the NFL, please leave a comment.

If I’ve missed a rivalry that should be considered, please let me know.


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9 Comments on "The Best Rivalry In The NFL Is…"

  1. Boston

    It’s Pats/Colts, although Packers/Vikes is a close second. The Favre thing obviously makes it a big deal, but it’s not like we’re dueling in the playoffs every year.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sad sack Vikes can’t even win a poll for best rivalry. They are straight garbage not to be rivaled but beaten. The storied history of playing Da Bears is obviously the only real match up in our division.

  3. iltarion

    Packers – Vikings all the way.

    1) the rivalry has to involve typically good teams

    2) the rivalry needs to involve teams and fan bases that hate each other, preferably due to close proximity

    3) the rivalry has to have history

    The Cowboys-Redskins is excluded by #1.
    The Raiders vs. anyone is excluded by #1.
    The Patriots vs. Colts is excluded by #2 and #3.
    The Steelers vs. Ravens is excluded by #3.
    The Jets vs. the Patriots is excluded by #3.

    Top 5 Rivalries – Hate

    Packers v. Vikings
    Bengals v. Browns
    Eagles v. Giants
    Raiders v. Chiefs
    Cowboys v. Redskins

    Top 5 Rivalries – History

    Packers v. Bears
    Cowboys v. Redskins
    Miami vs. Jets
    Packers v. Cowboys
    Cowboys v. Steelers

    Top 5 Rivalries- Good teams

    Colts v. Patriots
    Packers v. Vikings
    Steelers v. Ravens
    Cowboys v. Eagles
    Colts v. Chargers

  4. Justin

    I hate the bears, led by the crybaby QB Gay Cutler. Seeing them lose is almost as good as seeing a Packers W, almost…

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